Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gift from spencer!
Today in the mail i got a total surprise. my brother spencer sent me this enlarged and matted print of my sister and I. I don't think i had ever seen it before. I do remember these coats. I love that there are so many photots of my sister and i in the same thing but different color. ( i tend to just make all my girls excatly the same)
what i love about this photo is it reminded me of our front door we had when we were growing up. i loved that front door! i loved that we always had red chili's hanging everywhere. I love my sister's expression on her face, it is so cute. and i love that there is snow falling. in Las Cruces, NM it happens about every 12 years. What a fun memory to have.
thanks spence!


Jill said...

Darling photo--what a thoughtful gift for Spencer to send.

Tasha said...

Ok, my brother never even calls me back, and I am dang sure he has no pictures of my sister and I (who is also named Heather, btw)... Spencer gets major points today! Great pic!

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Sweet, so I now have a couple extra points!
The funny thing is I found it rumaging through all of mom and dad's stuff.

Strike one up for the USPS! They got that to her next day when I paid for 3-day... or did I. Is 3-day normally 54 dollars?!?!?

michelle said...

What a thoughtful gift! I can't imagine my brother ever doing anything like that...