Monday, March 13, 2006

I couldn't wait until Friday to do my first St. Patricks post in case someone is looking for some new ideas for the great holiday. if you are new to my blog, we go a little overboard with holidays in this house, so beware. So here are the things we do for the holiday and my list of things to get ready.
*set out a trap the night before, with something shiny to attract the leprechaun. then in the morning the trap has been closed (of course we never catch him) and there are gold coins left instead.
*We wake up the the furniture in the house all upside down and kind of crazy. because he is such a trickster
*Lucky Charms for Breakfast
*dye the milk green
* I ususally put those shamrock gel things on the mirrors and windows
* i make annie kate a green lunch with everything green, i will for sure take a photo
*we have a green dinner, it always looks so gross, so i may have to come up with something else
*annie kate willing wears this funky green hat to school. two years ago photos
* we put leprechaun kisses in our friends mailbox. (hersey kisses) poem to follow at end of post so you can make them for your friends.
*I did just come across this new poem and idea for a magic treasure box. i like the idea of going on a hunt. I found this on Family Fun website. A great resource for any holiday.
This St. Patrick's Day, let your child in on a well-guarded secret and start treasure box a new family tradition in the process. The fun begins with the legend of the leprechauns and leads to a treasure box filled with goodies and gifts. Here's what to do. On the day before the holiday, read aloud the following tale:

Full of magic and trickery, the leprechauns remain in their hidden world until the night before St. Patrick's Day. On that one night of the year they appear throughout the world to dance and sing and frolic.

Disguising themselves as leaves and grass, and sounding like the wind and the crickets, they come and go unnoticed.

However, it is said that if a decorated treasure box is left empty under the moon, the leprechauns must fill the box with gold or jewels or gifts. But then they will hide the filled box in the most unlikely of places.

If the box is found on St. Patrick's Day, the treasure remains in our world. If not, the leprechauns may retrieve what is rightfully theirs. And though the leprechauns are very clever, it is not impossible to find the treasure because, unknowingly, leprechauns often leave a trail of greenery behind them.

Here is the Leprechaun Kisses poem. A great little something for a teacher or bus driver.
Here's a wee present for you
Full of luck and wishes
Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day
With these Leprechaun Kisses!

I would love to know your traditions for St. Patricks day! I will for sure take lots of photos of the day.


Amie said...

I am so glad you are up and running before Friday, I wondered a couple of days ago how we were going to get good ideas in time! Thanks for sharing, we will do a knocked down version at our house.

Jill said...

I'm not commiting to anything, but may do a little something green for the "big" day.

mom said...

I wish I could be a child at your house this Friday. I'll be thinking of Annie, Caroline and Sally as they find all that the Leprechans left. What a hoot!

SEC said...

I am going to try to give our neighbors some Leprecaun bags of kisses -- great idea.