Thursday, August 17, 2006

love those catalogs.
today I got one of my favorite kids clothing catalogs. Although I have never ordered from them. (I found many of their clothes at goodwill and garage sales in Nashville) I just love getting their catalog in the mail. It is free and so darling. If you are looking for a special occasion dress they have great ones too..
You can order the catalog here.

Darling thanksgiving smocked bishop

Love this Pumpkin Mary D.and this pink and black witch is so cute! she has green and black stripped tights.


becca said...

I have never heard of that catalog and the clothes are very cute! I love your pics from yesterday, it is neat that you can walk everywhere and the buildings are so cool! You are the most fun mom ever, you take your kids somewhere every single day, which I just can't imagine! My husband and I took our girls to see "Cars" and they both freaked out (neither of them liked the movie)and we had to leave early! I am just in awe of all that you can do with you two little ones.

Dana said...

Now that we have a girl coming, I think a whole new world of fun clothes catalogs is on the horizon. :)

TX Girl said...

ahh- Orient Expressed. I'm totally going there tomorrow. I gave one of Christmas napkins out last year to my friends.