Thursday, August 31, 2006

out of the best books
Great mail day yesterday, thanks to Jill. A new fun box of books. My husband has almost read all the ones she has given us. (which is about 25-30 books) One day I wrote on my blog that I had to go to the books store and buy a book because we didn't have any on our shelves. That was when I bought the civil war books and To Kill a Mockingbird. (I am sure that would be like me hearing someone say, "I need to go to the fabric store and buy some fabric because I need a project")
The quote on the very cute, well designed card said
"A home without books is a body without a soul"
Jill thanks for giving our home a soul! We love it and appreciate you thinking of everyone in our family.


Jordan said...

What a fun gift, I feel like I need to send Jill some $$ to help her fund her enormous generosity!! So kind.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea- Jill is just full of them. I love the quote.

amy m said...

fabulous. more books. hope you enjoy them...your husband too.

michelle said...

What a happy, happy box! I love that Jeff is reading the books too. And I love Sheep in a Jeep!