Saturday, August 26, 2006

Renaissance Festival
I really have no idea where to begin on posting about our big activity of the day. I have many photos that I could put on her but must refer you to our gallery with them all.
I had seen online (thanks Stacy for the hint) that today was children's day at the Renaissance festival. I thought it would be fun for the kids to go.
Our family went to one every year in NM growing up and my mom always found the greatest finds there (ie the coveted dough Christmas ornaments)
So, I did a little convincing to get Jeff to go. I am seriously laughing right now while I am typing because I don't know what to say. It is times like this I wish Jeff had a blog, because his take on the event was so funny.
I will make a list of what we saw and did.
  • adults riding on elephants
  • people gnawing on turkey legs
  • jousting
  • Annie Kate got chosen from the audience to be in Robin Hood's play. Photo was taken for the local paper and she received a ccertificate for her performance.
  • many people with a wooden or pewter cup hanging from their belt ready to be filled with beverage throughout the day
  • a very cool may pole
  • candle making and hand waxing. (it is where you dip your hand in wax and make a statue of your hand
  • lots of men in velvet tights
  • a place where you could buy a hard boiled egg wrapped in thin sausage dipped in nuts, and the line was long!
  • men in full body armor walking around. It was so hot!
  • and walking out we saw the festival's king and queen and people running up to take photos. ok so I took their photo but I was not running to do so.
Jeff said if he was to make a recipe for today he would say take a little J.R.R. Tolkien, mix a bit of Goth, a sprinkle of Marilyn Manson, a pinch of peter pan and a speck of dungeons and dragons. It was an interesting crowd for sure, but we soaked it all in and the girls had a GREAT time!
mom it was a little more intense than the one I remember going to.

Has anyone ever been to a Renaissance Festival?


Jenny said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I remember there always being a renaissance festival in Arizona and wanted to go, but never did.

Amanda said...

I was seriously laughing out loud picturing the turkey legs, men in velvet tights, eggs in nuts, people rushing the king and queen...I would be all over that. I probably wouldn't have been able to stop laughing all day long. I am so glad you guys went to that. (You know its fancy if there's turkey legs involved!)

Heather said...

They have a fairly large one here in Arizona. It lasts for almost 2 months (of Saturdays and Sundays). When you mentioned the turkey legs it made me they also have steak on a stick. Literally, a big piece of steak on a stick! I haven't gone in years, but we may have to check it out this year.

Amie said...

I have never been to one. I love all the pictures of your day and hearing what your family is up to. You must be quite convincing to get Jeff to go.... Jimmy would say "you go and tell me about it."

Jill said...

This is yet another activity that I wouldn't have wanted to have anything to do with. Your pictures are great and totally capture the event (what's with the creepy guy wearing the mask crouched down by the tree?). It's fun that you do these things, but again I find myself wondering how you can stand to be out in the heat, with the crowds, and all that craziness. I keep forgetting that you're fun and I'm not.

Robyn said...

I really don't know where you get your energy to take your kids all over D.C. but they are so lucky to have you. Amen to Jill's comment about the heat.

By the way, my father in law loves those eggs wrapped in sausage. I think they're called Scottish eggs or something. My mum in law makes them for him. I'll pass, thanks.

Love the photos

Kristi Brooke said...

the heat was killer!!!!!!!! we kept saying why are we out here. But when it is hot everyday your only other choice is to stay inside and watch movies, in the basement, in our soupies, with yummy drinks and snacks and... what were we thinking!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love to go to the festivals when I was younger and wish they had them here. So cool Kristi- you guys are so fun and should get bonus points for braving the heat! said...

Looks like you all had GREAT fun!! Love looking at the pics :o)

Elisa said...

Annie Kate looks so cute on stage with that huge crown! Her expression is priceless.

I have never heard of a R Fair in Utah, but maybe I am not hanging around the right circles. You know the tight wearing chicken leg circles.

christina said...

i think im crafty challenged??? i saw the carmel apple thing and thought SO CUTE! so i went to the photo i missing a step?? why the carmel apple on a plastic cup?!?!

can you give me a link or explain it for a challenged crafty wannabe!

Kristi Brooke said...

ok. i didn't do a very good job of explaining my caramel apple making

you dip the apples and then cut a hole in a plastic cup and put the stick in then put it in the fridge for 1 hour.
This keeps the caramel from all dripping down the apple and going to the bottom.
you take them out of the fride and put them in a plastic gift bag and tie with ribbon.
christina i hope this helps

amy w. said...

We went to a Renaissance Festival last spring and had a wonderful time. Sam was in the height of his knight obsession and, well, Sophie is ALWAYS into princesses. We rode the elephants, watched the jousting and bought wooden swords and princess costumes. Good for you! And by the way, I served in Annapolis for five months, LOVE Annapolis! Love living through your trips!

TX Girl said...

I cannot believe how adventures y'all are in DC August heat. It all looks so fun. Your kids are going to love and remember this time so fondly.

mom said...

Oh such fun!! I would have braved the heat just to see AK preform in the play. The pics are so cute.

I'm happy that you have good memories of the faires that they had in Las Cruces. They were held at a monestary with monks walking around looking like Little John in Robin Hood. It was always the first weekend in November, and beautiful weather. Those were great times. Tell Jeff he will learn to love going. Yeah, what is up with the little person under the tree?

Kristi Brooke said...

mom hate to be the one to break it to you but we won't be going back.
it didn't have the robin hood feel like when i was a kid,
i don't think i could get jeff to go back to that if he got paid to go.

michelle said...

You are a much more dedicated mom than I am. Or maybe just much more fun! I have been to D.C. in August, and I think I would have totally been in the basement cuddled up with a cool drink and a movie! Your kids are having such a plethora of cool adventures. I'm kind of glad my kids don't know that's an option, it would make me look so very bad!