Friday, August 11, 2006

Stacy is shrinking

I have a good friend right now who is shriking. Due to her recent condition, she has some clothes that no longer fit her and felt they needed a good home. (she has the most incedible taste so I am oh so lucky)
She has these one pair of pants that I have always coveted. They are navy blue and make anyone who wears them look 5 sizes smaller. I borrowed them once for a trip to Florida and wore them everyday. It pained me to give them back to her.
They now slide off of her skinny little body and so she has graciously given them to me. YEEHA!!
So today I got this yummy package with some of her fabulous clothes. She sent some treasures for Annie Kate starting school and stickers for Caroline to ease the pain of her stitches.
I most of all loved the drawing from her sweet and incredible intelligent daughter Ellie.
Thanks Stacy. I love them and hope next year I will be sending them to someone else, but in the meantime, luky me!


stacys said...

Looking at your pictures I wasn't sure they would fit you. You are looking so thin! I think you might be shrinking too. All the stress of moving might have some "good" side effects. Glad you got it okay. The monkey mail was HILARIOUS. Ellie couldn't stop laughing. Of course I had to send one to Mark and then to Laurie and Jan. I could spend all day with that. Thanks for always keeping me updated on the next cool thing.

Jill said...

I wonder if your mailman is going to ask for a raise after adding your family to his route, that's a lot of extra mail coming in these days. It looks like a lot of fun stuff. Getting the IKEA Catalogue is always a treat.

Jana said...

I love inheriting clothes. Unfortunately, I used to get them from my cousins, and they live pretty far away from me now -- so I'm on my own buying my own clothes now.

michelle said...

How fabulous to get clothes that you love -- especially that pants that make you look even better than you already do! Now that is some good mail for sure.