Friday, September 15, 2006

a week of great mail!
How could I not document such a great week of great mail. The above card is one I finally scanned that Jill sent me awhile ago. She sewed it with her incredibly valuable all black Viking sewing machine (she has no idea how cool it is)

Awesome labels from Jill with my initials. I love my initials especially in lower case.

wonderful handmade cards from Tasha with very cool stickers of such. Thanks so much!
This great article from Paige about New Orleans from the church News. Thanks so much Paige, my NO friends had told me about it but I had not yet seen it.
A surprise package in the mail from an anonymous sender! What?? How can I thank the mystery person. Help me find them!
Does anyone recognize this smiley face???? I know it must be their signature move. Thank you to whomever sent this to me. The Pink m&m's are so wonderful.

Then I also received this package from Jenn. It had these yummy muffin mix and cookie mix from Lehi Roller Mills. They make the best mixes (my mom buys them a lot for gifts) they come in fabric bags which I think is such a nice touch.
For those of you who have seen Footloose it is where Kevin Bacon was working at the beginning of the movie and where they had the ever so cool confetti prom. ahhh I love that move!
Thanks jenn that was so nice of you!

I feel giddy with good mail excitement. Thank you so much. Any mystery mailer... I will find you!!


Dana said...

The Good Mail Fairy definitely left you some awesome goodies!

I have wanted to send you good mail too but then I remind myself; there is not a single thing in this world I could send Kristi that she couldn't make better for herself....LOLOL!! :P


Claudissima said...

that is crazy...good for you...and pink m&m's who would have thought--if not only in Valentine's

Kristi Brooke said...

dana, that is what adds to the beauty of jill's gift. she said even though you can make these yourself, I am making some for you.
I guess it would be the same for you if someone made you some jewlery. gifts like that are some of the best of all.

Jill said...

What a great load of good mail! I'm so excited for you. What's up with an anonymous package? Very mysterious. That sort of thing would drive me crazy, but it's fun too. They obviously know you if they're sending you pink m&ms. How fun.

Dana said...
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Dana said...

True enough Kristi, true enough!

Expect the Good Mail Fairy to make a delivery to your house very soon then. :)

Angie said...

Lovin' the good mail. I had to go and double check to make sure I hadn't sent you your good mail that I have for you. I got the same pink m&m's for you but have been a little slow getting them in the mail. Now I don't know if I should send them since you already have some. I have no idea who the mystery mailer is.

Kristi Brooke said...

angie, M&M's did I say someone sent me M&M's.
hee hee.

Kristi Brooke said...
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Amy said...

Great week, Kristi! With all the giving you do, you totally deserve it.

pam said...

What great mail, I love your initials too and I'm in love with the lower case, I hate making capital "R" for my last name so lower case it is!

I love the anonymous, what fun.