Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Good Mail Skinny

So here is the scoop on good mail. I can hear you through your computers saying, "why does she take pictures of her mail and think we want to see it?"
My friend Jill (who is the mastermind behind "good mail") has helped me appreciate the little things in my life by something as simple as recording my goodness that comes in my mailbox. It has spread over into much of my life this year. I notice the little things more, I am more appreciative of what have, not things but gifts, talents, people, smells, leaves etc. Something as simple as "documenting my life through photos" (another Jill thing) has helped me to see how great my life is.
If you and I were to go to the same small event on a farm and then come home to talk about it you might catch yourself saying, "did you we go to the same place?" I would come home with 50 photos of little things, make a big deal about a popsicle under a tree, and ant trail up the barn and pumpkins in a box. It is not that my life is anymore exciting than anyone else's I just treasure the little things,(and why I do this, is a post which is yet to come) which has happened from appreciating good mail. In return I have started to send good mail (which is also part of Jill's good mail system) I just wrote letters today to women who commented in my lesson on Sunday, something I would have maybe not done in the past.
So If you don't like seeing what comes in my mailbox then look away. If you feel like no one sends you any good mail you can do two things today. 1, send out 5 things of good mail and 2, send me an email with your address and I will send you a card. (seriously I will)

this I got from Amy W. Some incredible treasures! Vintage buttons, Scottie Dog (have I ever said how much I love scottie dogs and if I ever get a dog, that is what I am getting) paper and buttons, darling vintage shirt (which I hope to turn into a dress) Lilly Pulitzer fabric. Amy I love it all and happy to be the "Fabric Orphanage" for any homeless or unwanted fabric.
Amy is truly one of a kind. I will never forget going to Amy's house one day and she had painted three little animals on canvas. I said, "I didn't know you knew how to paint". I don't, I thought I would just try it. They were incredible and I admire anyone who will just try it! She also looks great in yellow, runs and has real blonde hair. They also have the best Christmas card every year without a doubt. (no pressure Amy)

This was a wonderful surprise from another Amy in my life. Amy H. I met her last summer at the annual blog party (no pressure Jill) as she was getting ready to have her first little boy. She sent these gift bags to my girls, with this ever so clever note. My girls have loved the Chinese yoyo's and bubbles. We gobbled the chocolate instantly. Thank you so much for your ever kind gesture and creativity.
Amy is a reader! And has such a passion for books. She has a wonderful blog that you might want to check out. and is the first to make the jump to typepad. You go techno girl.

My brother Spencer and his wife Kari sent us all these photos from the reunion and their trip in large 8x10's. He is a great photographer and it was fun to get these great photos. Spencer is my third brother. I will never forget one time when I came home as an adult and he was still at home and we went to church. We were walking up to the door and a older lady fell. Spencer, the teenager, ran up to pick her up and help her. He has always been the one who wants to help and will jump in and do so. His wife is even nicer than him and she is a wonderful mother.

I got this invite to a bridal shower and seriously started crying. It is to a shower that there would be no way I could attend but the fact they thought about inviting me made me feel so good. It is for Jeff's cousin in California. They are doing a recipe book for the bride and having people email recipes ahead of time to make a book. I love that idea. Sometimes when you live so far way from family the littlest things make you feel so good.

Grammy sent these darling socks for Halloween. I love these beaded socks and Annie kate used to wear these up until the first grade. I have tried 3 times to learn how to make them and just can not get it! But grammy we love these socks so much!
Grammy can make almost anything, did you see the cute knitted dress she made Caroline.

I got this darling birth announcement for Elle Brooke. My little niece. The card was so cute with about 8 different parts to the card. The photo was awesome taken by my brother Spencer and what a darling monogrammed blanket in the photo... hmmm. I love my sister-in-law and she is so good to my brother. He gots it good!

I got my quilt squares for my Christmas block exchange from the Nashville girls. They all are awesome, I hope I get it someday put together and quilted. Thanks girls for including me!

I just got this very unexpected (well, kind of she asked for my address) package from the owner of This darling keyfob and headband. I love the headband and what a brilliant idea! The polkadot one is called the Kristi, hmmm.. Thank you so much for your generosity. She is soon to be the mother of three girls and her husband is currently serving our country. take a peek into her store.

I am one lucky girl!


Jill said...

You get so much good mail, I absolutely love seeing it all and love everything you wrote about it. It is so true that if anyone is feeling pangs of jealousy or irritation about then they haven't caught the vision and most likely haven't been sending anything out. Sending good mail to other people is a guaranteed way to make yourself feel better and to brighten someone else's day!

All of that stuff is great, but I must say the thought of receiving an envelope full of awesome photos is very appealing to me.

Anonymous said...

how does one get involved with the good mail giving?

Kristi Brooke said...

seriously email me your address and send out 5 good pieces of good mail and then get a bigger mailbox.

Jenny said...

I think Jill has started such an amazing thing. I am guilty of one to post good mail too. So don't be shy--I think its a great thing to see how much generosity is circulating the world!

I get warm fuzzys sending out as much as receiving. Its a win win in my book!

amy w. said...

Glad you liked my little treasures. It is funny, I wanted them to have a good home! I actually got those buttons in NOLA, so it seemed appropriate they went to you:)

stefanie said...

I LOVE the concept of good mail. I actually have been collecting things for a very special package that I need to mail very soon. I can't wait to hear the response!! said...

I love your response Kristi about the bigger mailbox!!

You know you girls have inspired me to and it has really been a big deal in the past months. Heck, I can not even go shopping anymore without looking around for something that would make good mail to others! My whole concept of shopping has changed :o)

michelle said...

You are a lucky girl, but the best part is how you recognize it and appreciate it! Good things have to follow when we have grateful hearts.

I loved all your good mail and always enjoy seeing what other people are receiving. Spencer and his wife have a darling baby and I love the announcement!