Monday, October 02, 2006

Halloween Traditions

The first Monday of October we have our Halloween safety Family Home Evening lesson. We invite one family over to have the lesson with us and make haunted gingerbread houses. (Hochs if you are reading this we missed you!)
Tonight we had the Pratts over. They have been a huge help in helping us move in and get adjusted to our big change.
We made jumbalaya for dinner with Rita Gomez's recipe, YUMMY!. Cornbread (which is really cornbread with poundcake so it is so tasty) and apple crisp from the apples we picked on the farm today. My new little garage sale dishes were perfect.
We sat outside and were loving this east coast fall weather. The kids made their houses which surprisingly held together quite well. Caroline started sucking the black frosting out of the tube and now has black teeth.
We had our lesson and played the game we do every year. I love watching Annie Kate remember each of these traditions and say things "like oh this is my favorite part"

For traditions are truly a way to welcome each holiday and remind children and adults of great times they once had, so the bad times are harder to forget.
Photos of the night.
The haunted house kits are on sale for $7.99 right now at Michaels craft stores.


Amy said...

I loved your pictures! It looks like the kids (and dads) had a lot of fun putting the gingerbread haunted house together! It's so cool that Annie Kate has good memories of holiday traditions. They're things that will get passes from generation to generation. Itsn't it cool to know that someday your grandchildren and great grandchildren will experience some things the way your children did? In this world of quick paced changes traditions are even more important for keeping us and our children connected to our families.

Stephanie said...

I love your tradition!! What a fun idea. The pics are just darling. I think my kids would love to make one of those houses. I would have fun. Thanks for sharing your fun tradition.

Laura Huston said...

What a wonderful tradition!
Your kids are adorable.

Laura Huston said...

The only address I have is the - Maybe try copying and pasting? Dont know why it's not working for you. Anyways the cards are cute (for a simple solution)- I'm looking at the "ribbon" design but want to maybe glue on a scalloped red ribbon around the perimeter before sending out.

Laurie said...

I like this idea. Will have to try it out. The picture with the ghost peeps - mmmmm....we like those. So cute.

Jenny said...

Jambayla yum!! What fun traditions.

Tasha said...

Will you share more about your Safety FHE? Is is Halloween Safety, or general safety issues? I love getting ideas from you, this is probably why my family came later, so I could learn all these things from all of you fab moms!

Tasha said...

PS My Halloween people are Lori Mitchell people afterall, not knockoffs. Sometimes you and I are on such a same wavelength it scares me, well it should scare you more since I am such a nut ball... I get very flattered by it!

Jill said...

How do you already have friends that you want to invite over? We never invite people (other than family) over. I don't know if it's laziness, insecurity or a combination of the two but I never think to do it and really don't have anyone to invite. That's kind of sad.

Your pictures are darling and those haunted houses are so cute. My kids would love to do that. I wish we lived closer and you could invite us over.