Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you only have a minute don't miss...

Laurie gave a great tribute to her Dad, I think a must read for any husband.

Hannah has a great recipe blog that I was talking about here is the link.

Mipper posted some great recipes that are easy to take to people.

Mindy has some exciting news. I don't know anyone more deserving!

Cristin has a darling cleaning fairy idea.

Jill read one of my favorite books. She is such a great note taker when reading.

Crystalyn made the jump and started a blog.

Pink Giraffe's ohh so cute and on sale.

our fun day at the library of congress and yummy mexican.

cute clock from Rosenberry Rooms.


Dana said...

What a fun list Kristi! :)

Amanda said...

Little Caroline running through the massive Library of Congress is quite an image! Very fun. The mexican food sounds delicious.

michelle said...

Great idea for a post!

Jill said...

Cool post.

amy m said...

Can't believe I'm the last to know my friend started a blog.

This post is certainly helping me catch up.