Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our sweet Caroline
Today our "Sweet Caroline" was born. She would have been our sweet Henry Benson if she was a boy. I will never forget saying goodbye to Annie Kate (age 5) that morning and crying so hard knowing our little twosome was changing.
She had a very easy time coming into this world thanks to the wonderful Dr. Rush (worshiped by most of the women in Nashville) She was 7 lbs 13.5" and born at 7:03 pm. I remember trying to deliver her before my nurse left at 7:00 because she was so awesome.
I had printed two of our little handouts for hospital visitors with both names since we didn't know what we were having. ( i can not find a photo of those stinkin cute things my friend Stacy S. made)
I came home to the most incredible home thanks to my friend Paige who had the house decked out in pink everything! She will never know how much that meant to me, i sat in my house and just cried with joy.
It had been 5 years since we had a new baby around and if felt so new only this time I was not so nervous and enjoyed every minute. Annie kate loved having her suck on her finger.
Caroline's eyes were just as beautful and big as they are today. (did you know that your eyes are the only part of your body that stays the same size as the day your were born)

Caroline has taught me the principle of patience, I don't have it yet I just know I need it. She is so creative and carries many items in her purse and a reason for all of them. She is strong and very gentle. She has taught me there is no reason to rush to do things and to take my time. She has taught me to pray for everything. She has taught me that growing up does not have to happen so fast.
I love little Caroline and treasure my memories of the day she was born. Girl I can not wait to watch your grow up.
Sweet caroline
Good times never seemed so good

walk down memory lane


Liam said...

Happy Birthday Zarzine! (Let's go hide behind the neighbor's house and eat cookies)

Amy said...

Caroline was such a beautiful baby! And you look ridiculously good in those pictures for just having had a baby. It's so evident that you love your girls. What a sweet tribute to the birthday girl.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! It's fun to read about your experience. (I'm always amazed that people can wait until they deliver to find out the sex of the baby.)

How has Caroline taught you to pray for everything? That's an interesting thing to know.

Kristi Brooke said...

Caroline's prayers last 5 minutes, she prays for everything and it reminds me there is nothing too small to pray for.

my cousins, my church, my teachers, President Bush, Thomas Jefferson, George WAshinnton, Magic Fountain, my soupie, my pink kitty, Sally Jane's birthday, my birthday, Annie's birthday, dad's birthday, mom's birthday, my bed, my pillow, Jesus, my bike, my helmut... these are some of the standard every night list in her prayers.

Heather said...

How adorable! Happy Birthday Caroline. Have a wonderful day!

Jill said...

Kristi, thanks for answering my question about Caroline's prayers. It will be a perfect example for my primary lesson today!

Liz said...

What a sweet little baby girl she was...and she is still so sweet isn't she? Hope she had a great birthday!

SEC said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline. I love hearing about her little antics, and her beautiful eyes are so precious. I get a kick out of hearing her laugh, and her little voice is one of a kind!! Tell her that we spent the afternoon with her Mimi and Grampy yesterday, and they saw the Magic Fountain and how it works by saying the right words. We had a wonderful visit. We love you all so much!!

Tasha said...

I'm totally crying. That is such a sweet post for your sweet Caroline. She's an amazing girl, and a lucky one too kbc, because you are her mom.
Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!

Encore Dance said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!!
She is so cute and so lucky to have a loving creative mom! You have the cutest Family! Hope her day is full of "good times"

becca said...

Oh so sweet! Happy birthday to little Caroline! She was just so precious and what a sweet post!

Mindy said...

what a fun birthday post. The Memory Lane photos were delightful to click through. I love pictures of new born babies in cribs- they are unbelievably small!!! How quickly we forget....ah so cute! You'll have to click and read this post every time she draws with makeup on your carpet or decides to decorate Sally Jane's hair with gum--it will be a great way to get the warm fuzzies back!

Jenny said...

What a sweet post. Your girls are and still so cute and beautiful. I remember when Annie Kate was born and how pretty her little face was. I couldn't stop staring at her! Happy Birthday to Caroline.

michelle said...

I agree with Amy, you look way too good for just having had a baby! It sure is hard to go back to babyhood when you've had a long break from it, and hard in some ways to see your oldest child no longer be an only child. All those raw emotions involved with the birth of a child -- so fresh. Thanks for taking us back.

p.s. I thought the reference to prayer was because she tries your patience so you're always praying for help!

Elisa said...

I am crying too! I can't wait to get all the birthday celebration details.