Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Palm Gifts
I got an exciting email today. The owner of The Palm Gifts website emailed me and has offered a discount to any of my blog readers. This is an awesome website that reminds me of everything I love about the south.
I highlighted a few of my favorite things that they sell.

They sell these awesome backpacks, that can be monogrammed. Caroline has the frog one but I love the mermaid one.They also have monogrammed pacifier holders. None of my girls used a pacifier but all had one of these. These make great baby gifts and are a wonderful heirloom piece.
I have one of these rings and love it. I actually lost it at my mother-in-laws house this summer. She luckily found it while moving her furniture. I wear it all the time.

Ok, last but not least. These monogrammed clogs are so amazing! I have never seen these in stores, but think they are amazing.

So here is the link. The Palm Gifts

enter Everything is Pink in the optional instructions and you will receive a 10% discount the whole month of October.


Amy said...

Thanks for passing the deal along! I'll have to go check it out.

Jill said...

How crazy is it that they're offering discounts to your blog readers? You're famous!

Jordan said...

You should start one of those shopping magazines!! You always have such fab finds. Good luck with the costume sewing. You are so talented and energetic!

michelle said...

Ooooohhh, I LOVE the ring and the pacifier holder!!!

Tasha said...

I was just going to email you for the place for those backpacks after our trip! I need a backpack that Evie can carry herself in the airport!
Thanks so much!

Tasha said...

You are absolutely right, my dream would be if Kristi opened up a botique! It would be absolute bliss to go in there and surroung one'sself with all of her fabulous finds and I am sure the spirit that would reside there. However, kbs would try to give everything away and probably wouldn't make any money1