Monday, October 23, 2006

Such a busy weekend.

We had a great, busy, fun, exciting, exhausting weekend. I finally wrote about our Friday in the city. (AK had no school and Jeff only had two patients to see) We went bowling in Chinatown, the Smithsonian Portrait gallery, Iwo Jima memorial and to Ft. Myer. You can read about all our adventures here.
I am loving having my new camera and was thrilled to see two ads for it in Family Fun magazine which helped me confirm my decision. I was so stressed.. Nikon/Cannon. It is a fun place to learn about photography with some many things to take photos of.

Since we did our D.C. thing on Friday, Saturday truly became a special day! (listen to song here) We got a lot of cleaning done, cleaned the car inside and out, organized closets. I made Mindy's granola, Las Cruces Halloween burritos and Pumpkin muffins.I Finally finished my ribbon holder. A month or so ago I found this white shelf outside a store with the word "Free" on it. Can you imagine what this does to me? We were walking with our strollers so could not take the huge shelf. We took the pieces that we could and made Annie Kate hold them and then Jeff went back for it later.
I drilled holes along the side and bought some wooden dowels to hold the ribbon. I can't decide if I am happy I now have them organized or sad that Jeff can see my ribbon sickness.

Sunday was a great day. It felt good to have the house so clean.Jeff taught the lesson, which is always great because it causes great discussions for us. We had a roast cooking in the oven during church (always a good thing) Carrot souffle, spaghetti squash and riced potatoes.

Jeff went hometeaching to his family that just had twins. Henry and Isabelle. They are so cute. I monogrammed these blankets for them.
While my machine was running I did this blanket for one of Jeff's attending from Vanderbilt. A little different for me using a picture on a monogram, but I loved this bird and wanted to figure out how to use it. Also the letter Z, L and T were hard to put together, so I opted for the two letters on the left. *** bird is from Bunnycup kids mini designs.
We took a Halloween walk around our neighborhood with light sticks on Sunday night. This neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween. Caroline got made on the way home and lit up the neighborhood with her best scream for the whole way home! Man that girl has got some lungs.

I have high hopes for a great week. I am getting so excited for the holiday!


Jill said...

Why does it seem like your weekend had more hours than mine? You guys always manage to fit in so much fun stuff.

Your ribbon holder thing is amazing. Is it floor to ceiling? I'm confused. It's got a ton of ribbon on it though and that's just plain pleasing to see.

Do you have a wholesale account for blankets? You give so many away I hope you've got a connection for getting good deals. Of course, you are the bargain-finding queen so I'm sure you've got a good plan.

Why did Caroline get mad during your walk?

stefanie said...

I love the ribbon storage... clever as always! I think I need to make a trip to DC to have you take me to the ribbon outlet. I don't have nearly the collection you do, but I sure wish I did.

Where do you get your energy? Such a busy weekend! I don't know how you do it.

Kristi Brooke said...

it is floor to ceiling. the only room it would fit in is the basement laundry room because the ceiling is not finished.

michelle said...

Baby blankets that are minkie AND monogrammed?! It's almost too good to be true.

I love love love your ribbon rack. I need one with that many levels!

michelle said...

Hang on, I need to know what Las Cruces Halloween burritos might be...

Kari said...

I'm addicted to reading your blog! It's so fun to read about all your adventures in DC!!! Maybe one day I will get to visit there, you are so lucky to LIVE there!!

mimi said...

Kristi, would you publish your carrot souffle recipe. It is so good, and every Sunday I wish I had it. Dad doesn't like carrots, but he loves your recipe.

Tasha said...

ID on't know why you were saying last week that you don't think you are a good cook, because you are always making things that sound delicious to me!

I am in such need of ribbon storage like that! Great idea!

Bevan said...

Who do we contact in Cruces to get the Burrito Recipe?

Liz said...

Your tower of ribbon is awesome!!! Love it! Post all those recipes, they sound great!

Cristin said...

OHHHHHH...I'm dying over the ribbon holder...and!
You know I need one of those too...for all that outlet ribbon!!!! What an amazing idea...

(I had to look at the photo again, I love just looking at all those fun ribbons...)
The blankets are beautiful...just great!

Amanda said...

I am jealous about Chinatown. I love Chinatown...whethor it's DC, Toronto, San Francisco or NYC. So much fun!

Jennifer said...

You do have a sickness and I adore it! The little bird incorporated into the monogram is adorable and I plan to copy it extensively! I'd love to hear more about this "carrot souffle". Wow!

Anonymous said...

im with do have a sickness..i wish it was contagious!!??! just sneeze in an envelope and send it my way already!!

i LOVEEE the ribbon holder! how dang cute is that!?!??! and free- my kind of girl!

i also LOVEEEE the baby blankets!!!! too fun!

i too love a GOOD camera!! they are worth EVERY penny! or 100 dollars rather?!?! heheh

amy m said...

When do you have time to do all this? Seriously. I obviously need a good time management program.

Your ribbon organizer is brilliant. I have been trying to figure something out in my space, but have been unable to find the hardware I need. Right now they're all on a long dowl on the top shelf. Not so easy to use.

I'm excited for you about your new camera. So you went Nikon? You won't regret it. Buying a nice camera was one of the best things I've done for'll see.