Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Spencer W.

Today is my brother Spencer's birthday and yes he is a Spencer W. The above photo is of him and me... maybe I need to rethink the whole perm thing, YIKES.

One of my favorite memories of Spencer was on my wedding day he was probably about 12. He made necklaces for all the girls in Jeff's family to give to them at the reception in New Mexico. He is very creative and loves photography. He knows the ins and outs of most computers and can seem to always figure out any of my passwords I have. He is very caring and kind. He can usually be seen holding the door for people at church, helping someone on the side of the road or will always tie your fly on your line if you have problems when fishing

this is such a great photo of all us kids in front of the home we grew up in, in Las Cruces. It is all of us encouraging Spencer to ride his little car.

Bevan, Kristi & Spencer July 2006
I love you Spencer have a great wonderful day and go eat some yummy Chili Reno's for me.

You can wish Spencer Happy Birthday on his blog here.


Bevan said...

The spears on the iron gates at our Las Cruces home look like Fluer De Leurs.

Jill said...

No perms! Happy Birthday Spencer!

mimi said...

Great pictures you found Kristi! I don't know anyone with whiter hair as a kid than Spencer. He idolized you even then. And yes, I think the perm thing is history. We love your hair the way it is. And Happy Birthday, Spencer.

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Yeah I wish I had blonde hair too. Fortunately Savannah Grace is now getting the blonde hair.
P.S. It is spelled chile relleno, but I still love you.

bevan said...

Yeah his hair was white. It was Billy Idol white.

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Monie Monie Ride the pony white in fact. Man those were the days!

melanie said...

I know THAT perm was big and bad but seriously they have come a long way. Not every perm I give 'nowadays' is quite that curly and round. I was just saying... in a perm's defense.

I love the bike riding picture. Very cute! Happy Birthday Spencer!