Sunday, February 25, 2007

snow day

today was supposed to be ward conference and I was actually quite excited about it. It would have been my first time ever doing sharing time for Primary and I was even more excited about that. But we just got a call there is no church today. It is snowing right now and around noon there is supposed to be an ice storm. I can not believe how disappointed I am that it is cancelled, other than the fact I don't have to get ready and can spend the day in my jammies, I just really look forward to going downtown each Sunday. I even have started a hand sewing project that I will do in the car to take advantage of the time and was excited to get started on that.

Looks like we will be having sharing time in our little house with our little family all snugglie in our jammies by the fire!
Have a great Sunday!


A. Buchanan said...

dang...sounds like fun. we have the warmest church, its so great. with our gold plated heated streets snow never brings down slc!

Kristy said...

Bummer you don't get to do all the things you were excited for today. I have to admit though that I really love those occasional days when church gets cancelled and I can stay home in my jammies drinking hot cocoa and looking out the windows.

Kelly said...

We're just having the usual rain fest here. Good luck with the ice storm -- those are so paralyzing. I'm sorry you had to miss your ward this Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful cozy family day instead!

Love those green boots, by the way!

Jill said...

That's kind of fun to get a snow day from church, but it sounds like a bummer since you were so excited about doing Sharing Time. You didn't embroider something for the entire primary did you??

I hope your day of togetherness and coziness was great.