Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day Recap

It seems like Valentines day has not really come yet. We didn't have school so AK's Valentines are still here ready to pass out. I am in charge of the class party and so it just doesn't seem like we have done everything yet. We don't have school again tomorrow so we won't be back until Tuesday because of the the President's Day Holiday.

So, you may be seeing more Valentines Posts next week.

Wednesday we woke up to lots of snow. Early that morning we got 4 inches of sleet, pure ice on top of all the snow we had the day before. We could not open our front or back doors to get out. Currently our car is still trapped in our garage.
This is what it looks like out our front door. I always love seeing these bright colored row houses, but on a snowy day the color is so much more vibrant.

Here are our front steps that only have a 10" width shoveled off because it is solid ice, but makes a great slide for the kids.
My girls had a nice healthy breakfast!
Annie Kate spent most of the day in the snow sledding with friends.
While the little ones stayed inside nice and warm.
We had a nice yummy dinner. Michelle's Chicken Parmesan,
Carrot Souffle & Cran-Raspberry Jello
We had our traditional chocolate covered strawberries and a heart cake for dessert.
There was a silver heart charm for each of the girls in the
cake with ribbon tied on for them to pull before we cut it.
( a tradition I learned about in New Orleans the do in the south at weddings for the bridesmaids)

Jeff always gives the girls in the family a gift after dinner. Sally Jane a Lick-a-stick and Caroline a box of sweet tarts. He gave Annie Kate three mini perfume samples from the perfume counter at the department store.
As for me a bottle of Vera Wang Truly Pink.

The Valentines fairy came and dropped off something for the girls and Annie Kate was surprised it was able to make it in the snow and ice.

It was a great day, not really as I had planned but fun surprises all around. I got some great Valentines in the mail I will post about later.

The night before Jeff and I did Lelly's "Let's Talk" questions. I don't think the two of have laughed so hard in so long. It was GREAT! Thanks girl that was a true gift. I really should have written down our answers on the back of the cards. This will be a new Valentine Eve tradition. Girl you need to sell those next year, I will order 10!

photos of the day and Valentine decor.


Laura said...

I love the picture you took of the icecycles. Nice shot. You are such a good wife and mother and do so many fun things on holidays. Wish I was more like that.

Cristin said...

It looks like you had a fun day! (I LOVE your cake with the heart charms...perfect for your girls!)

BTW, I love the are doing such a GREAT job with your camera!

carlo said...

So sweet, Kristi. I love seeing all of the fun and the smiles.

Your winter scene looks much like ours this week. And instead of feeling like Valentine's hasn't arrived I feel like ours is kind of like Groundhog Day the movie, it continues on day after day! :)

Love your pics-- you have a great eye. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong b/c my pics are not turning out clear and sharp and they look blah on the blog.

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

I am interested in the questions thing you mentioned? What is it and who can I buy it from?

Jordan said...

yes, what kind of questions were they? I'm curious. Looks like you did the holiday up right!--Kristi style--even though your only half done celebrating. Nothing wrong with making the holidays last a few more days.

melanie said...

I wish I could have a breakfast like that everyday! The girls look like they had a wonderful day. I love the look of row houses like that.

So glad you had a good day!

lelly said...

i'm so glad you are enjoying the cards. i've never thought of writing down our answers... it would be interesting to see how our answers morph over the years.

i think coastal carolina was the only place in the east where it was 70 degrees on valentines day!!

did i see "sticks" on those dinner plates? did you make chicken p. a "dinner with sticks???"

amy m said...

I love the days that don't go as planned but end up being surprisingly fun.

I've been hearing about the storm and how cold it is for you the past few days. I'm glad that you were all safe at home enjoying the holiday. I always enjoy reading about your traditions.

lauralee said...

oh the snow... that is fun for a while I bet, but gets old quick... I am glad you are okay and in a nice warm home with power... we had an ice age here, but no power...not fun
you do so much for valentines... I love the charms in the cake, I have heard of it, but you do it! that is too fun! My girls would love it! what kind of charms do you use? I need to remember these things and do them next year! too cute!
Hope it starts to warm up soon there!

Price Cream Parlor said...

LOVE the photo of the row houses! I have always loved those! So glad that you are all safe and warm with all this crazy weather! Looks like you guys had a blast! I was wondering as well about the chopsticks on the plate with chicken for dinner?
When you pull the ribbon from the cake does it have a message on it?
Hope you thaw out soon! - at least by Tuesday for a Valentine's party! :-)

Kelly A. said...

Wow the snow is amazing. Happy Valentine's day it looked like good memories!

Kristi Brooke said...

the charms are from the craft store in a little bag in the jewlery section. 4 for $1.99

the sticks are chopsitcks i got to use for annie kate's party, we were going to play a little game before dinner but it did not quite work out with the little ones who had already thrown them across the room and broke them in half.

Lisa, when you pull the ribbon there is a silver charm on the end.

as far as the questions. click on Lelly's blog and she has more information. she may even publish them all or take orders for a set of cards.

mimi said...

Those pictures are cute of the girls and, the snow, the dinner. What a fun recap. What I am impressed with is the fact that in all that inclement weather you had all the ingredients for such a valentine dinner without going to the store that day for strawberries, charms, sprinkles, or anything else. Or does the Valentine Fairy drive a 4 wheel

Amanda :-) said...

Oh, I love Jeff's present to AK - little perfume samples! That's just enough for a little girl, I think, and a lovely little dinky size for her to handle and stash away. Good thinking!

You got me intrigued over the cake charms, so I Googled it.
Each trinket has its own significance. Unmarried ladies are given the honour of pulling the ribbons, but in so doing they are taking a risk. Not all of the trinkets are happy omens. Two of the worst are the button and the thimble, both of which supposedly indicate that their owners will be old maids (oops for the sewing ladies, Kristi!!). Another bad choice is the penny, which predicts poverty for its bearer. Ehh? However, the young lady who pulls the dime is destined to a life of wealth. The clover and horseshoe (or wishbone) are said to bring good luck. The anchor signifies hope. The remaining three predict a favorable love-life. The heart means "Love will come" and the fleur-de-lys means "Love will flower." But the luckiest young lady - according to custom - is the one who pulls the ribbon with the wedding ring attached, for she will be the one who is next to marry.

Great. Yesterday I learnt what a 'delay day' is and now I've learnt about pulling out dimes and rings!

Mandy said...

It looks like you had such a fun day! It's hard when your day doesn't go as planned, but I am glad it turned out to be great.

Your girls are extremely cute!

Melinda said...

Our valentines didn't go quite as planned either but we still had a great day. THe girls look like they had a blast.

The weekend paper was so funny. It reminded me of a little paper my Ashley wrote. There were questions about what her favorite things about me were and every answer had to do with me having a baby, making the kids do their chores, being pregnant, and having more babies. My husband and I laughed so hard about it.

I love the cake idea with the charms. So cute.

Kristy said...

It sure looks cold there! It sounds like you had a fun day. I bet your girls loved pulling those charms out of the cake. What a cute idea!

Laurie said...

LOVE the cake. LOVE the Let's Talk questions. Glad to hear it was a great day.

Claudissima said...

oh kristi i loved your post today! wow

Kari said...

Love all those snow pictures! I can relate, as that is how we've been in Denver - but not the ice and more snow!!

Thankfully, we are nice and warm now that you are cool!!

annalisa said...

What cute ribbon in the cake idea. Lelly's game looks very fun too. Hopefully she will sell them next year and we can all have them for Valentine's Day.

michelle said...

Wonderful icicle photo! I guess this Valentine's Day was unusual, probably one that you will all remember for a long time. Now the celebration is stretched out even longer! You are the queen of holidays.

So so so glad you are enjoying the recipes!

Jill said...

I can't believe how much snow and ice you guys are buried in, but it sure is pretty. Your enchanted neighborhood looks beautiful all covered in white.

I wish I wanted to make special dinners for Valentine's Day, fortunately everyone was really happy to go to Pizza Factory for dinner.