Saturday, March 17, 2007

Doughnuts for Lunch

We took the girls and our neighbors (Carson & Caroline) for a good healthy place for lunch. We have the best Krispy Kreme doughnut shop that is so big and always empty.
They had special shamrock doughnuts for the day.
The kids got to see three kinds of doughnuts get made. Check out Sally Jane and her green bonnet she has worn all day.
Jeff went across the street and got our lunch.... now that is what I am talking about!

our day


Bevan said...

I agree. If there is one thing that Panera has in common with O'Doyle, it is that they both Rule!

Asher likes the apples.

annalisa said...

That's what holidays are about. An excuse to eat treats :).
You are very cute to do such fun activities with your girls for St. Patricks Day. I think I better think of something green to eat for dinner to make up for missing the morning.
I saw your diaper bag in person this morning at Crystalyn's and it is so cute! You did good. She has been very touched by the generosity of everyone. Sorry I've been more a lurker than commentor on your blog lately. I've been rather blogged down :(.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

Elizabeth said...

That does sound perfect. An everybody is happy holiday lunch. The girls look so cute in their green. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Amanda B said...

Liam had a Shamrock doughnut for breakfast yesterday! Yumm-O!

Sheri said...

I wanted to tell you thanks for the Leprechaun Kisses idea, but I noticed you had already posted a comment on my blog before I had a chance to. I think you are amazing and love to read your blog. You have inspired me to start fun traditions with my little ones. Thanks Again

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so good! Thanks to you and your advance posting I actually did something fun this year. I felt like a pretty good mom this morning ;)

Jill said...

Shamrock Krispy Kremes, now that's the sort of thing that might make me feel more festive on St. Patrick's day!