Friday, March 30, 2007

Good Mail

before you read this, just think about what it would be like to type all this up & add photos and then watch it delete before you eyes... yes that was my morning.

How can I not brag about my good mail this week? I love running to my mailbox and discovering treasures and love wrapped up in envelopes. I have sent a plethora of good mail this week in very odd packaging that I hope will make it through the mail and not get sent back and it has been wonderful to think of the smiling faces when they find what is inside.
I really want to start taking photos of what I send to remind myself, I have said that to Jill 100 times and still I get too excited and package it in the mailbox with out any photos.
I am a total padded envelope recycler(not a real word). As some of you may have found out. My goals is to resend any padded envelope that gets sent to me, so I know that I am keeping the good mail cycle flowing. If I ever have any envelopes laying around, I know it is time to pass on the goodness.
Here is some tangible generosity I found this week.

A darling black and Pink card from Heather S. She had knit me a scarf this Christmas, and i had finally sent her a thank you and then she sent me a thank you for my thank you. She is the very nice gymboree hunter of the shirt months ago in Arizona. She is an original Pink Christmas gal from 2006.

My mom sent this thank you card that was pretty funny and I loved seeing that she has her own good mail labels from Jill.
Jill, sent a thank you for some attire for Whitney and it reminded me that, that was some of the most exciting mail I sent all year. I love sending something and just thinking of what they will think when it arrives on their doorstep.

Ms. New Home owner Amy W had a birthday recently and can now wrap herself up in ribbon and bows and she wrote me a thank you to tell me so!

Liz also had a birthday and wrote a nice thank you. I have not see Liz for over 6 years and I was amazed recently at her memory of when I had my gal bladder taken out. You have a quite a memory my friend.
Mindy shared her favorite Easter treat! My kids asked what is in there, I totally lied and said, "oh Nothing!" thanks Mindy.
In my love for stamps, Amanda S. sent this package covered with old doll stamps. These are some of my mom's favorites as mine too. Where did you find them? I love using many stamps on the front of packages. I am afraid she may have over stamped, but loved how many there were on there. On the good mail blog, there is a link to calculate your postage.
If you send mail regularly I strongly suggest a home scale. I use mine every day!

She sent a great jump rope that Annie Kate will wear out for sure. a darling notebook and the best! glitter eggs! girl did you make these? i love the idea of glitter plastic eggs. Thanks so much for your Easter wishes and I know you will be having fun at your house. She is so CREATIVE. Have you seen her scrapbook room?

Julie sent me a Superman plate that is PINK! I don't know if I really am superman but the plate will give me a reminder that I can do my best! She knows i am not fan of cell phones and so gave me a cell phone charm to give me a hard time. Julie, if i find my cell phone I will put it on there just for you! The card she made was such a great idea with tying the card shut on the side. thanks for my fun pink package!
she has also recently posted the "how to" make the roll recipe to teach your children about the Resurrection. this is a great Easter Sunday activity.

Later in the week my mom sent a fun package for Sally Jane's birthday which is tomorrow. She threw in a few things for me. Oh i am so lucky. I really can't post everything because you may become insanely jealous... hee hee, but here is a sampling. These cute spring boxes.

this stuff is liquid gold at our house. Mom where did you find this. we have been out for weeks!

and I loved that she passed on a book Jill sent her, she read and paid if forward by sending it to me. I am also thrilled about Sarah's quilt.

I also got a letter back from the Stake Presiden't wife who spoke at our R.S. conference. I had sent her a note with a self address envelope wondering if she would copy down a quote I was not quick enough to write down. She sent me a wonderful letter with the quote.

"through the power of the Spirit, we catch a spark from the awakened memories of the immortal soul, which lights up our whole being as with the gory of our former home."
Joseph F. Smith


Amie said...

Holy Cow! That is quite the stash of goodness.

I recycle padded envelopes too but try to make it look like they aren't completely haggered. Now that I know "it is cool - Kristi does it" I will be doing it unashamedly. (I hadn't thought of it in terms of keeping the cycle going, just being cheap.)

I use my scale (technically a food scale) all the time too. A must have!

Taking outgoing pictures is a good idea, it is hard to remember what you sent, who you forgot, etc. I am always too excited to finally get it out to think about pictures.

Jill gave me Sarah's Quilt last summer. I enjoyed it, read These Is My Words first (if you haven't already, it is my favorite). Enjoy.

carlo said...

i love the recycled envelope and did the same thing to anne. it is fun and feels good to have one more use of something that would be trashed.

great good mail and i am with you on the "vanished post" train-- blogger was hungry this week. Ate my nearly finished vacation recap on Wednesday and I did want to cry (and if you have seen my recap you will understand-- it is terribly long) Argh, blogger.

Kristine said...

I understand what you mean by envisioning someone receiving your mail that you have sent to them. I have been doing that ever since I sent packages out on Wednesday.

I also talked about good mail at book club on Tuesday.

Getting the word out is half of the battle. Sending something just convinces someone how important it is!

donna said...

WOW!! What great "good mail". Good mail always put a smile on my face. Enjoy all your fun treasures:)

"through the power of the Spirit, we catch a spark from the awakened memories of the immortal soul, which lights up our whole being as with the gory of our former home."
Joseph F. Smith

What a wonderful with the quote. Thanks for sharing it.

Jill said...

Can you believe I have never thought to reuse a padded envelope before? I feel like such a chump. It's a particularly great idea if it reminds you to send something to someone else because you have it. Genius!

I'm so glad you have such a great flow of good mail coming in. How cute of Heather to send you a thank you for your thank you. (Good mail sending would never end if we all did that.)

What is that peppermint stuff? It's so cute that your mom sent those books to you. Take Amie's advice and read These Is My Words first, then Sarah's Quilt. Also, The Stone Diaries is one of my favorite books ever.

Laurie said...

Neat, neat, neat. I love the spring boxes and the peppermint wash looks particularly appealing. I bet that is the best scent in the tub.

Thanks for sharing the padded envelope idea and the weight scale. That would help me a lot.

Check out the bunny baskets I posted today. I can totally see you making these.

Elizabeth said...

I recycle my packing material also. It sames so much money in the long run.
That quote is beautiful. I love that I can just cut and paste everyone's great quotes.

Natasha said...

So fun to see all your good mail and all the creativity that went into the things you were given. Can't wait to see pics of Sally Jane's b'day tomorrow!

Julie said...

Oh my, I LOVE that quote. Thanks for sharing! Glad you liked the plate. As you have seen, I am recycler of padded envelopes too (I just sort of thought I was being "cheap,"- but would also like to pretend that I was doing it to help the environment. hee, hee. I definately like the "pass it along" idea better.

Shalyce said... get more mail than anyone I know!

andrea said...

We got together last night with Ken and Heather Hainsworth and I showed them your blog. They loved seeing it.

Amanda said...

Kristi--Thanks for appreciating the stamps. I am an avid collector and decided to start using my stash of stamps. I thought of you when I saw the dolls so you now you have them. However, I did not overstamp because a full sheet of old 32Cent stamps is the exact amount needed to mail a package priority from here to there! Cool, huh? I like that! Have a happy day!

Amy said...

I love your quote at the end. And wow wow wow to all the Good Mail. You ARE definitely a super woman of sorts, Ms. Kristi!

Jessica Cornman said...

You are so lucky!!! I'm so jealous. The Good Mail concept is so awesome. Have a great weekend!

Amanda :-) said...

Had to laugh at you fibbing to the girls about the chocolate eggs. A comedienne over here in the UK said in an interview that she loves to drink vanilla milkshakes, but won't let her daughter drink them. Her daughter is so young, when she sees the glass with the remaining streaks of milkshake dripping down it, she asks, 'What's that?' and her mum says, 'Bird poo' - ooh, that's so mean! But I laughed out loud.

I sent out my first Good Mail thing today to Lelly and concocted my own 'Good Mail' label. The girl at the Post Office counter had a good look at it - so the GM bug has reached UK shores now!

michelle said...

I love the padded envelope idea...perfect! I have been thinking about readinh Sarah's Quilt. I think I
will pick it up tomorrow while I am out. You got some serious "cute" good mail!

Jenny said...

That is quite a good mail stash. I love the pink superman bowl. Too cute. I remember when you got your gal bladder out. It really seems like yesterday (even though it was over 7 or 8 years ago) Funny I remember I made you a stir fry and you guys thought we made you authentic food. I should of lied and said we did-- hee hee. It was the best easy bag recipe in the freezer section.

That Sarah's Quilt looks like a great book. I may have to check my library for that one.

Jenny said...

Oh, and we have some peppermint gold around here--we love that stuff too.

Sheri said...

Wow- you sure are loved! Thats just a sign of the great influence for good you have in people's lives.

Michelle A. said...

It's so great to see your good mail efforts being turned into good mail for you! I can relate to work being deleted and having to start over. Hope you've recovered!

Tasha said...

Isn't it amazing how good it feels to get little gifties in the mail? I am also committed to recycling my envelopes and I ofte wonder what people think when they get obviously used ones in the mail. Glad I am not the only one re-circulating them!

michelle said...

Those doll stamps are amazing!! I have never thought to recycle padded envelopes before either, it seems so silly now that you mention it. I will start!

michelle said...

p.s. loved Julie's card! I swiped the photo to use for future inspiration...