Friday, March 16, 2007

Highlights of the day.

  • my neighbor finding Caroline 2 blocks down the street in her pj's, in the pouring rain walking to her friends house at 8:00 am. (she was almost there)
  • finishing a embroidery job for a local High School. I now have Preschool tuition to start saving for and it felt good get that done.
  • jeff had the day off
  • all 4 girls in the family had Dr. appointments today at Walter Reed. we had urine samples, blood drawn and 6 shots given amongst us
  • my appointment lasted 2 1/2 hours so jeff got to see what it was like to take them all by himself... a bit crazy
  • everyone is fine
  • a little commissary shopping to find German, chocolate treasures for the girls Easter Baskets along with Easter advents from Germany.
  • we had an ice storm today and now we have a inch of snow on the ground
  • should be preparing my talk for Sunday
  • going to watch The Holiday and snuggle with my soupie while Jeff and Annie Kate are at the movies


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Even your ordinary days have tons of variety in them :) Have a fun evening with your movie and blanket.

Julie said...

Now I feel a little better about my neighbor coming and telling me that Tyler was in the street a few weeks ago(not a good feeling). How do they escape?

Nice to have those Dr. appointments over with. And also good for the S.O. to sometimes experience the craziness that comes with juggling young kids by yourself.

I can't believe all of the ice/snow you have had this year. Isn't it almost spring? said...

The story about Caroline reminds me of how AK used to like to stand out in front of our condos in Bellevue and watch the water rush into the huge drain out in the street... remember? Your girls love the rain!

I am interested to hear about this embroidery business you have going. Tell me more... if you are truly taking orders for hire, I have some work for you!

stacys said...

Ack! So scary! Glad it was okay. You gotta love Caroline's independent spirit. That girl is going to go places in her life! Thanks for sharing life's tidbits.

Jordan said...

Glad Caroline was returned home safely! Whew! A determined little girl, it seems. Sounds like the perfect evening--a movie and a snuggle.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing night tonight after that day. I have never seen Easter Advents. I love the German Christmas ones though.
Frohe Ostern!

Jill said...

Wow a 2.5 hour doctor appointment, that doesn't sound good. Hopefully you weren't wearing a paper towel and freezing in the exam room for an hour until the doctor came in. I always bring a book with me just in case, that way if I wait a long time I feel like I was granted the gift of solitude/free reading time.

Jamie said...

you amaze me- you're so quick to leave everyone holiday wishes!!

happy st. patricks day to you- hope you're wearing green!!

Amanda :-) said...

Bravo, Kristi! I admire any woman who can fit a hunt for quality chocolate into her day!

Barb said...

I get a sense of accomplishment just reading everything you did today.