Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It was a red cross day
Today was Annie Kate's wax museum. She was Clara Barton. It was a really fun project and I am amazed at all these second graders who memorized 3 minute speeches. We saw Abraham Lincoln, Mia Ham, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth and many others. (photos here)

Jeff only had to go in to see one patient this afternoon so he was able to come which was a real treat for Annie Kate. Her achievement day leader was so nice and came to all the classes to see her girls even though she didn't have a child in the wax museum. And she was nice enough to offer a photo of Jeff and I.

This was Clara in her frozen state. You would push her big yellow button and she would recite her speech. She did this for an hour and a half straight as different classes and parents came in.

After the wax museum, me and the little girls went downtown with Jeff. As Jeff went in to see his patient me and the girls went to the National Museum of Heath and Medicine.
What I noticed about walking in is how familiar Caroline is with museums. I think she almost knows what she is getting herself into. Nothing will be too entertaining, nothing is moving, there is no food and it is a lot of walking around and looking. We walk in and she says to me, "where do you start, this way or this way?"

We started in the civil war section. A great place to start. I was so excited to find Dan Sickles leg. He was injured in Gettysburg and had his leg amputated. When it was cut off he asked for a wooden box to be made lined with velvet and have it sent to this museum. He would come visit his leg every year on the anniversary it was cut off. I was sad it was just the bone, in my mind I was thinking it was going to be in a big glass jar. I had learned this story this summer and it was fun to find it.
I saw the bullet that killed President Lincoln. (Jane I thought of you and how much you would have loved this part of the museum)There was an amazing exhibit called "Scarred for Life" it had different people with big scars. They had painted their scar with globs of paint and then put a piece of canvas over the scar and then it made a piece of art. It was very interesting. If you have a large scar or know someone who does you might find it interesting.
This was my favorite thing. It is over a hundred sheets of hanging plastic with a section of the body painted on it but all together looks like a floating body.

On a sad note our Clara Barton came home very sad. Her Mt. Vernon field trip was cancelled due to projected snow and cold winds for tomorrow. Jeff had signed up to go with her class. This is all she has talked about for weeks. She came in the house from school, ran to the calendar and saw the word Clinic on next Wednesday, knowing he couldn't change his schedule. She sat on the stairs and cried. It took us awhile to get out of her what was going on. Her heart was so broken. He took her to Starbucks for a little Hot Chocolate and cheer her up. She is still really sad. It is hard seeing your kids disappointed. But Jeff said his famous 3 words "Get over it" of course with a follow up hug!

Annie Kate's Speech
(you can just skip to bottom with cool way to say Happy Birthday to your friends)

I am Clara Barton. I was born on Christmas Day in 1821, in North Oxford Massachusetts. Because I was the youngest of five children, I received lot of attention and education from my family.

I was very, very shy, except when it came to helping others. Today I am remembered as a true humanitarian, someone who cares greatly for others.

I first learned to take care of others when I was 11. My brother David fell while building a barn and was injured. I slept in his room for 2 years and took care of him until he was back to good health.

In 1860, when the Civil War began I recognized that the sick and wounded soldiers needed help. I set up different ways to help them. I even went on the battlefields.

During a battle I leaned down to give a wounded solider a drink. I felt a twitch on my sleeve. I looked down a bullet gone through my sleeve and killed the solider. This did not stop me from helping other soldiers.

I was not a trained nurse but I was very caring and helpful. One winter I took a chimney apart and heated up each brick in the fire and put them next to the soldiers to keep them warm.

I started the American Red Cross. The Red Cross flag is the Switzerland flag switched. You can visit my house at Glen Echo Park and while you are there look and see what I used for the ceilings. I spent my 90 years of life serving and helping others.

A huge Happy Birthday shout out to Stacy! if you have not seen her blog header today don't miss it!! Seriously her blog header is a treat at the beginning of every month.

My new birthday tradition is calling my friends on their birthday with my new musical talent. (Stacy got hers at midnight last night) Playing Happy Birthday with the touch tone keys on my phone. Do you want to do it to? You can do almost any song. Check it out here.


Jill said...

Poor Clara, how sad that her field trip with Jeff is a bust. At least he got to come to her wax museum day and they got a daddy/daughter hot chocolate date. That sounds good to me.

You really called Stacy at midnight?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Kristi--I LOVED this post. It was so interesting. I've just transferred the information to my "trips that Kristi suggests" folder. That plastic body is incredible...and the traveling leg? Oh my, that's kind of sweet.

Ahhh...thanks for thinking of me at President Lincoln's spot. It plain warmed my soul. I thought of you as I saw an Idaho Spud today, too. I wonder if they passed in the thought ozone.

I'm so glad you're a traveling photographer, it's like having a personal National Geographic.

And...please tell Annie Kate I learned so many new things about Clara Barton thanks to her.

Jeff's "get over it" attitude made me smile. It's a useful motto for the long run.

stacys said...

I have to say your musical talents on the "phononica" are truly inspiring. Yes, Jill, she did call me a midnight and was the first to wish me a happy day. What more could you ask for in a friend? (I'm kind of a night owl so it wasn't too risky.) Tell your kids if you were grouchy today it was my fault!

Annie Kate's project looks amazing. AK-I can tell you worked really hard on this. I wish I could have been there to punch your button and hear your speech. Great Job!

I think your blog should be called "Pinkpedia". I learn so much about American History from reading it. Thanks for all the education. I feel like my brain cells aren't atrophying at such an alarming rate anymore.

Mandy said...

I loved your post today. Annie Kate looked so cute dressed as Clara. I'm so sad that her trip was cancelled. That is such a big deal, especially if she gets to spend time with her daddy. Poor thing.

Michelle Alley said...

What a great experience for your daughter, both her project at school with her father at her side, and your experience at the museum. Sounds like a great day!

It's hard to see your children disappointed, it would be nice if we could fix everything for them.

Barb said...

The wax museum idea for a school project is such an undertaking. The research, the memorizing, the repetition. Awesome. Dare I suggest this idea to my kids' teachers?

So sad about the field trip. My kids have gone through that exact same disappointment. I liked the hot chocolate / buck up contrast. A little sympathy mixed with practicality from Dad. I know another dad like that.

The site you posted at the bottom of the post was priceless. I'm considering it for the ward talent show next month.

michelle said...

the wax museum project is such a cool idea! So glad that mom & dad could both be there. By the way, you are so beautiful and so photogenic!

Pretty sad about the field trip. So hard to see our kids be crushed like that...

Cristin said...

I love the wax museum concept. Every time we've gone to one, I've been so impressed with the children, their memorizing skills, and the interesting information! I leave having learned SO much!!!!

Great job Clara! :)

lelly said...

i am amazed that annie kate and her classmates are doing this project. how amazing for them, and all the visitors to their wax museum.

i don't think i'd be much fun at the museum of medical history.

wasn't it recently we were wondering about the little clause on annie kate's permission slip to mt. vernon? i'm so sad the trip got rearranged. i love jeff's reactions.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Oh, how I loved this project! When we lived in Texas - our then 4th grader had to do this. I was amazed at the talent of these children and their ability to memorize such speeches that they would continually repeat. I made an electronic button that would buzz when someone wanted to hear his speech. It was hilarious.
So sad about the missed field trip with Dad! Those are few and far between! - Nice to try and soothe that pain with some hot chocolate!
(costume looked great!)

tracy m said...

Found your blog through Bek at Design mom.... very excited to peruse through your archives. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

tracy m said...

p.s. was that handprint Jerry Garcia?

Amanda :-) said...

Oh, so much info in this post, Kristi, I don't know where to start!
Your charity shop find for AK's outfit was perfect, wasn't it?

(What DID Clara Barton use for her ceilings?? Suspense is killing me!)

I'm disappointed for AK that Jeff can't join her on the rescheduled trip. That's just painful to read. He's got a good approach to healing though, hasn't he? Chocolate! Mmmm!

Liz said...

Wow! I am impressed at AK's speech, her costume, her performance! What a great thing for the kids to do!

That museum looks really interesting too!

So sad about the cancelled field trip! Poor girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. :)