Saturday, March 03, 2007

just another great Saturday.

Today we went the the final game of our new ward's basketball team. These YM are just amazing. They played against our ward that we have been in, so for a minute we were a little torn, but sat on the side of our new guys and cheered them on. Annie Kate sat on the stage and kept chanting, "D.C. 3rd" We had a lot of people from our ward cheering these guys on, not one of their parents were there and the other side was packed. We wanted so bad for them to win but they didn't.

Afterwards we went to lunch with all of them in Silver Spring to Chipolte Grill. The out going missionary couple took the whole team and anyone who came, out to lunch. They said it was their final goodbye. It was so fun. Annie Kate just loves these guys.

It was a part of town I had not been to but loved it. Some brilliant men redid the entire neighborhood and has given it true life. The sky was so blue, no photoshop here!

It was fun to see the AK give Caroline a piggy back ride down the street.
We went out to Theodore Roosevelt Island on the Potomac. Wow it was great and a National Park we had not been to yet. Anyone coming to visit add this to your must sees. This to me seems like to D.C. what Central Park is to N.Y.
I can't wait to go back in spring/pre summer time when it is green. I kept looking for Anne C. thinking she might be running by. It was just great to be outside and have the girls run around.
Jeff caught a photo of me in my awesome thrifted Willy Wonka glasses that I love!Annie Kate did a little dirt writing.

Afterwards we headed into Georgetown for a little ice cream search. We went to Dean & DeLuca hoping they had some. Have you been in there? oh my the food looked fake it looked so good. Some of the cheese was $15.00 a pound. Great place for cool cookie decorating items though.

We found some ice cream at the Georgetown Park Plaza. Look at how big little Sally Jane's was. What a great collection of goodness. there was every kind of store in there. I went into Anthropologie while the kids were eating and just was in creative heaven.

Just another day soaking up this wonderful historical place!


Jill said...

What a great day out. You guys have seriously embraced your new ward, that's so cool.

Those are cute photos of your day out as a family. I like your Willy Wonka glasses and your cute jacket.

Cara said...

I am so jealous that you get to soak up all that history! Lucky girl I must say! I think I love pink as much as you. My daughter Abby is obsessed. I might have to buy her those pink books you posted about. Thanks for the great idea from Anthropologie. I'll look it up. Don't worry, I'm not throwing pictures away....yet!

Kelly said...

We ate lunch at Chipotle today, too!

I love how you're supporting your new ward. And wonderful photos of your day out. You looked great!

Elizabeth said...

I love reading about your excursions. It makes me excited for the day that I will get out there for a vacation.

Bevan said...

MMM... Chipotle. That place can make good stuff.

Lauralee said...

Love your jacket.. and stylin' glasses! That is great that you go out to support your new ward.. I bet it means a ton to those boys who have no parents there!

Missy said...

How fun! I miss Chipotle from when I lived up in Northern Virginia! We just found out that we are going to be moving back up there this summer! I have just started house and school hunting! We will have to meet up to thrift shop together!
When I was in DC in October, we poked around in Georgetown - in that Dean & Deluca and that Anthropologie too! In Anthropologie, I saw the coolest metal initial towel/coat hangers - wished I had bought them!
Oh well! Now, I'll have another chance maybe!
Sounds like you guys had a fabulous day! Love the glasses!

Kristy said...

I like the picture of AK's writing in the dirt. It looks like it belongs there! Sounds like a fun day!

stacys said... look so stylish in your sun glasses and coat. I'm feeling that Mindy-white-coat-envy! You look great. :) Sounds like a fun day yet again.

Crystalyn said...

love the glasses! how fun to have so many wonderful places to discover. your girls will have so many incredible memories.

Rachel & Ryan said...

how fun! You look gorgeous! I love your hair! The girls look darling, and it looks like so much fun!

Michelle Alley said...

Loved the model pose with the sunglasses and jacket- very chic! Also loved seeing all the pictures of DC.

Have you been to DC when the cherry blossoms on the mall are in bloom? You are in for quite a treat! We loved to rent the canoes their on the potomac - more for summer though!

Have you tried the goodwill on the little river turnpike in Alexandria - they were always stocked with bikes, glassware, antique furniture, Also, I like the goodwill off of route 50 just over into Virginia from DC was always stocked with great stuff too.

amy m said...

Sounds like another great adventure. It's awesome how you guys have taken to your new ward and how much support you're giving.

Love the photos and the one of you...awesome.

Mandy said...

I love all of the places you visit and write about! That must be so exciting!

Great glasses and your girls look very cute, as usual.

lelly said...

oooh, your glasses are hott. (double t intended!)

i agree - d.c. with the cherry trees and the bartlett pears in bloom is heaven! i am so glad i'll be in d.c. when the trees are in bloom!

Anne said...

That picture of you is HOT! I love Roosevelt Island. I went in the spring and everything was so green, it's a very impressive place.

Oh Georgetown Park Plaza, how I miss thee. When I worked in G-Town I ate lunch there every single day. I also shopped every single day in G-Town (only a slight exaggeration). Maybe that's why I'm so poor...

How funny that you mentioned looking for me while you were out. I was in Philly over the weekend, but if I hadn't have gone, I was going to go for a run along the Potomac. Keep your eyes peeled though, when the weather gets a little nicer I'll be out there, although I don't know that you'd want to see me in my little running shorts, not the prettiest sight!