Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

thifting is the reason why I have Purell on my key chain

I chose to focus on the Reuse aspect of today's challenge.
On my 100 list is says:

#4 - I would rather have something old and
sentimental than something shiny and new.

I love to go to thrift stores. I love to dig through good trash and pull something out that still has life left in it. (the wooden high chair I have used for three kids, I pulled out of someones trash in New Orleans) I love to make something new out of something old. I have a hard time throwing things away. My heart jumps when I see a garage sale sign. I make photo galleries of things I have bought at thrift stores & garage sales.

I buy used items to give away as gifts. I recently gave a baby gift to someone that I got at a consignment sale, she loved it and I even admitted it was used.

I bought these silver serving spoons at Goodwill for $.29 cents each. I polished them up and gave them to my sister in law for her birthday.
from the left over brown felt from my Easter Cards, and ribbon from Kacey, I made a holder for them

I also reuse any salvageable mailing envelope. It is a good way of keeping the good mail circle going. I also save all my cereal boxes to ship packages. they are bright and cheery and FREE!

So today I made a goodwill stop to celebrate earth day. (what a new great tradition eh?)
I made a great discovery. I enjoy finding the items as much as buying them. Taking photos of items I wanted to buy, but didn't' were just as fun as buying them. I also thought this would be a good way to promote thrift store shopping, you never know what you will find.
So here is a list of what I wanted to buy but was trying to be thrifty and didn't.

What I wanted to buy

this awesome fabric. It was 4 curtain panels for $2.00

large curtain of lime green, raw silk fabric for $1.00.

brown and white eyelet fabric for $1.00
the lime green and this fabric would have made darling dresses for the girls.

remember the Avon perfume that came in shaped bottles. This find was fun to find.

These little dishes were great, i took a photo, turned away and then came back and a lady picked them up. She thought if they were worth photographing then they were worth buying. Rats!this was so cool. It was a crewel embroidery of a jungle theme. it needed to be reframed, but would have been darling in a little boys room! $3.99
I loved these salt and pepper shakers, but they were too big. 5" tall. $.59 cents each

this talking Ed Grimley would have been so fun to send to my brother Bevan,
but I resisted the $1.99

So what did I buy?
this total 80's Nancy Reagan look alike dress. I am going to cut the top off and put red and white ribbon ties on it to make a 4th of July sundress for Annie Kate.
this great dress up for Caroline and Sally Jane. $3.00darling little tea set. $3.00. They had two. I bought both.
I thought one would make a great gift.

My Thrifting tips:
  1. everything that comes home goes straight to the wash with bleach
  2. I usually walk through the store twice, there are somethings I miss the first time around
  3. when the employees bring out a rack of clothes or anything to put away... follow them, it will be the best stuff in the store.
  4. ask the employees what is the best time of day or day of the week to come
  5. make friends with employees. let them know what things you are looking for. In TN when one of the girls in Goodwill saw me walk in, she would always say, "I have some girls clothes in the back you might like"
  6. anything can be repainted, re-framed, re-sewn or polished. Don't get distracted by the fact it stinks or is dirty.
there it is my love of thrifting in photos and words. I love it!

** What is the best used item you have ever bought? **


Nikki said...

When we bought our 1st house, I would goto yard sale and find goodies for the digs. We had a cute little sunroom and no furniture and one day I found an old redwood deck furniture, 2 chairs and a little sofa, for $10.00. It had chipped paint and no cushions, so I sanded, painted and sewed my own cushions for it. We have since moved and sold that furniture, but I remember it fondly.


sista # 2 said...

The pix are great - I always enjoy your visuals! Something funny...I think of you when driving by a goodwill store!! Serious! All your cool finds inspires me to go on the search for cool vintage dishes & such, just have never taken the time!! The fabric is awesome -did it hurt to pass that up!? The dresses are way cool though! The tea set will make a very unique gift;)
The best used items I ever bought was 2 dresses for Chloe when she was two years old. They were unique and vintage in a way -I bought them big so she got good use out of them for awhile. Everytime she wore these 2 dresses, she received tons of compliments! Out of all her clothes I loved, I saved these 2 dresses! Makes me teary! She's now 12 1/2 and we're making new memories!! -Janae

donna said...

What a great spt.

Thanks so much for sharing those great finds with us. I really need to be better at going to thrift stores. Have a wonderful night :)

the baker family said...

I love goodwill but most of my friends don't seem to understand my obsession. My most recent find was a huge pair of steer horns. Steer horns? you're thinking...they are for my daughters surprise party - it's a western theme and I thought the horns would look great at the entrance to the party

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

My best finds would have to be an early 1900's secretary desk at a yard sale--the glass even has bubbles in it, or an old set of Raggedy Ann and Andy for 25 cents each. I refurbished the pair and sold them for $40 each (kinda wish I would have hung on to them).
I love your yardsale finds.

carlo said...

awesome finds. love the little tea set. too cute.

A. Buchanan said...

best find ever, and I do agree with making my $40 tent that new is probably $400. I have used it a couple times and totally washed it is great!

Im going to take it on mt. rainier, and guess what? They were having a sale on gear that day 50% off. I also asked her where the tents came from and the history...i now know my squeeze for great tents in moab, and will make a point in stopping there on my trips home!

Jenny Dahl said...

I've been inspired by your finds at the thrift stores. I think I'll go take a look for myself! Wish me luck

Bek said...

You have a MUCH better Goodwill than we do. I buy books there and the occasional basket, but don't find much else.. I am determined to go back and look with new eyes from now on....

Amy said...

I love all the pictures you take of your thrifting finds. Very fun.

michelle said...

I think I will make it my goal this month to drop by the thrift store. I think of it, but never take the time. I really enjoyed seeing the wonderful things that you found!

Elizabeth said...

I am a thrift store girl through and through. Your tips are fun to read.
Some of my favorite finds?
A pair of brown crocs for K for $1.
A shiny new red bike for my daughter for $2. (I followed it from the donation bin and cornered the stock boy in the back. He was so nice to tag it for that little.)
And a punch bowl with 12 cups that I just found. I have been waiting for that one.

Brooke said...

I love your blog and your wonderful ideas! I am also a thrift store lover! My best find would have to be my daughters four post white bed for$20! And, the best part I didn't have to do a thing to it.

Jill said...

You have a gift for seeing the future of items that I wouldn't even give a 2nd thought. That's another of your gifts!

I can't wait to see the Star Spangled Sundress on Annie Kate.

Annie said...

I too have an eye for the good stuff. I am a hero at my local thrift because I wrote nice things about them in my newspaper column.

My favorite thrift find is some toy blocks that were made in the former West Germany.

Kelly said...

Okay, I tried this last week with Brynlee looking for a costume for her 4th grade musical, and I ended up with only a freak out fest as my prize. I don't think I will ever try this again unless you come with me as a personal coach! I'm always astounded by what you find, and the potential you can see in things.

Amanda :-) said...'s a toss up between the tea set and the 4th July dress for me as your 'bargain of the day'!

I love them both. Can't wait to see how the 4th July dress turns out. LOL to 'Nancy Regan' description!

We got a brilliant little child's garden chair in a jumble sale last year, perfect size for Erin. She feels so special, having her own little fold-up wooden chair like the grown-ups.

This year, too, I'm hunting down teapots for Erin's 'Alice teaparty' in June. You've reminded me I need to pay another visit to the charity shops this week!

Andy said...

Bah! Ok, so I'm DYING over your little yellow tea set. I collect tea sets. And the yellow is spectacular! Good for you. I'm so jealous!

Missy said...

The best thing I ever bought was a dining room set - a fabulous antique dining room set - table with 6 chairs, buffet, and china cabinet. It was in the Goodwill store in Virginia Beach, VA. We were there while my husband was TAD for a couple of months. We went to browse, saw this fab dining room set and it was priced $500 for the whole thing!! We were thrilled until another shopper advised us to come back the next day for 1/2 price day! Yes, I am serious - we got an entire dining room set (antique oak) for $250!!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

My 16 year old son is into finding interesting coats, ties and suits for church at the thrift store. I have always sat in the car - I suppose if I had your vision of what to look for it would be different. Perhaps next time, I will try it!
I love how you see potential in items. This was a great recap!

mimi said...

Kristi, I love your new finds. Those dresses are fantastic, and the yellow tea set is so cute. You have a great Goodwill there, Girl. Also loved the silver pieces and the homemade cozy for them. Clever.

mimi said...

Oh, bytheway, I would have bought the Ed Grimley doll for Bevan. Go back and get it and I'll send you the $2.00.

Holly said...

Thanks for this wonderful post about thrifting. I have been reading your blog lately and have so enjoyed your posts! Thank you for sharing your creativity and traditions. I am inspired by how you see the future in things of the past.

I love flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, all of it! There is just someting exhilarating about finding something cast-off and giving it a new life.

Angie said...

You are for sure the queen of thrift shopping. I wish we had a decent store to go to. They all are pretty much disgusting around here. You find the coolest stuff.

Susan said...

How do you always find such great things?! I love the tea sets, what luck!

Barb said...

I recently used a kleenex box for good mail - I'm totally into the cereal box idea for the future. Great thrifting tips - and creative girl with the Nancy Reagan----->future sundress. I hope you post a picture of Annie Kate in it.

Diana said...

you are the best thrift shopper I know. What great pictures.

Heather said...

My question did you not buy all of it? That's my problem. I would not be able to decide. Your finds do inspire me to look more that's for sure.

Laurie M said...

You have a true TALENT! I love the purell on the keychain!!

Jenny said...

The best used item I ever bought was a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for Jared in New Orleans. It got three little bodies out of it.

You are definitely the queen of finds! Love that you take your purell with you. So funny.

Rachel said...

Nice SPT! I'm with you on this one! I love little sentimental things and finding little treasures at antique stores and thrift shops. It always leads me to wonder who owned it before and what were they like.

carlo said...

i can't stand how darling that tea set is. it is so happy and made me smile when i popped back over here. too sweet!

lelly said...

i love your thoughts on thrifting. in my home, i currently have the following thrifted and repurposed items: kitchen table and chairs (has been with me since college), a lovely hall bench made from a headboard/footboard from a twin bed, a totally desilvered mirror with a great frame, and a great ladderback chair found on the side of the road.