Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's in your wallet?

So here is my wallet. It is clean and new and a gift from Mother's Day. (and to think Jeff never reads my blog, here was my major hint in January)
I have many things in my wallet but here are a few that say something about me.

I am sentimental.
I got this membership card in 1998. It is for the Girl's Club. I have carried it with me since I got it. My niece who is now a teenager came up with a girls club for all the girls in Jeff's family. On the back of the card it has a list of cute rules of what it takes to be in the club. My relationship with the girls in Jeff's family has been a incredible blessing in my life and carrying this card is a reminder of that.

I am Lazy.
To avoid having to write my phone number down on little slips of paper or email someone my address, I carry Mom Cards (like business cards) around with me. I got them for free from Vista Print and then splurged the $5.00 on the silver case to carry them in. It has all my information on it and saves me lots of time. ( credit to this idea goes to my friend Stacy, really all my good ideas stem from the think tank in her studio) You can get cute ones from Doodlebugs or Stationery with Style.
I like a good deal
These are my Ritz Camera photo cards to get cheap but great prints. I prepaid for the 300 prints this past Christmas to print my photos for my cards. By buying two years worth of photos at once I will be saving money in the long run. So this year's photos are already paid for. I am such a nut!
I am in love.
This is a photo of Jeff when he was... well I don't know how old. My sister in law, Julie, sent it to me when Jeff and I were engaged and it has been in any wallet for 13 years. I love this guy so much and just love seeing photos of him when he was a kid.

I enjoy wholesale shopping.
I love mastering the items that are worth buying at Sam's and Costco. Here are a few: Bleach, batteries, lettuce, printer cartridges and milk.

I am spiritual, love history and treats.
My Temple recommend was surprisingly in my wallet, I never seem to remember where it is, I love my church.
My annual pass to Mt. Vernon. I hope we have one every year we live in the D.C. area. I have been about 8 times this year.
Marble Slab club. two more stamps and I get a free cone. I have you tried the nutter butter mix in... peanut butter lovers beware!

We are a Military Family.
I would never thought I would have a military ID. I love having this. I feel a sense of pride using it and always do when I need to show photo ID. Jeff will only be in the Military for 3 more years and it has been a blessing to us in so many ways. This also could go under my thrifty category, I can not believe how many military discounts there are out there.

Lelly, thanks again for all you do for the wonderful weekly challenges.
This is journal-ling at it's best!


Matt & Heidi Maxfield said...

Kristi- your blog (as usual) is great! I love the free business card idea, and I'm also a huge Costco fan. They just opened a new one in Louisville!

Rachel said...

It was so fun to peak in your purse and see all the fun and interesting things you have! A very cute wallet, indeed! I love pics of my honey when he was younger,as well. I do like the business card idea and might have to look into that one more. Thanks for the Baptism photo idea. What are the social graces as far as taking pictures during a baptism? I wouldn't want to take away from the spirit. If you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts, my e-mail is Thanks so much...I know this weekend will be amazing and I just want to make sure I capture it just right!

Laurie said...

I loved the soldier tribute yesterday, and I am lovin your wallet today! So cute.

Elizabeth said...

Very telling indeed. Thanks for the look into that cute wallet.

Amanda :-) said...

What a beautiful purse!

Argh! An annual pass on PAPER? I'd be scared to death of losing an annual pass on a bit of paper. Are you allowed to laminate it? Gosh, I'd just expect smthg like that to be a bit more sturdy - but then I worry too much about piddly things.

kristi brooke said...

amanda:)funny you said that, i had thought the same thing when we got it.

lelly said...

beautiful new wallet!! i love it when a good hint pays off!!

the girls club card is adorable. i have this whole new picture of you flipping through your wallet for one of your cards/memberships/IDs.

michelle said...

Great challenge, great post! It does tell a lot about you. (And so glad he was paying attention to your hint!)

Rebekah said...

I love Ritz Camera! I was introduced to them when I lived in DC. They do the best development out there, and you have to love those white borders.

Price Cream Parlor said...

CuTe wallet! So fun that he reads your blog and caught such a great hint for Mother's Day!
LOVE the girls club card and that you still carry it! That is lovely!

amy m said...

of course it would have to be the cutest wallet ever. Thanks for the glimpse. I need an all girls club card.

carlo said...

fun look into the kristi i visit so often.

annalisa said...

I should have guessed I'd find an adorable bag on your site! The pocket that has my coupons and punch cards in my wallet is overflowing; it fell out the other day. I'm like George on Seinfeld: one more card and the contents of the wallet go flying. You need to upgrade your Costco membership! Well I did when I was taking my sister, but if you don't get the difference in savings back they'll reimberse you the difference. Cute business card ideas. said...

cute wallet :o) a fun post! I love the girls club membership card !!!

Mommysmart said...


I think that our wallets are related. ha ha! I also carry mom cards for the exact same reason and I am a double warehouse member.

I had to write about my wallet once, too ( Funny, huh!

I love the girls club card. It is such a blessing to love your in-laws!

Fun post!

katherine said...

it's always interesting to see what's in someone's bag. You have so many cute items! I know that you are fairly new to the area and you may already know, but if you have a military ID you can use the military resorts that are around here. May I recommend Fort Story at cape Henry (it's close to Virginia Beach and it is the actual landing place of John Smith). They have dolphins that swim past the beach many times a day (especially in June and July). You can rent kiyaks and row out to the dolphins, last year a few jumped right behind us. It was thrilling.

Barb said...

That was a great show and tell. I really like the girl's club card. That could work well in the next generation in my family.

Jill said...

It's so enjoyable to see all the different things we all carry in our purses and wallets. It's cute that you carry that junior high photo of Jeff. I'm glad you got your hinted at wallet thingy for Mother's Day, we never got to read about your Mother's Day since you were in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

seems just like yesterday that you were so excited about your pink and green printed wallet! I need to get rid of mine and find a new print i like. i have never seen the pint you have. xoxo