Thursday, May 03, 2007

no couch potatoes here.

Our fun filled weekend last weekend all started off with sending my daughter to school looking like this. Last Friday was Wacky Friday and they need to dress accordingly. We put chopsticks in AK's pony tails and they worked better than the wire for Pippi Longstocking at Halloween. In the middle of the day I realized I had sent her to school and had not made her a lunch. Spending the morning dressing wacky was a little distracting for me, I forgot to feed my kid.

My brother Bevan and his wife Amanda came into town for the weekend. They made plans to come into town even before they knew they would get to go to the best concert in town this weekend - John Cougar Mellencamp! he dropped the Cougar but I seem to have not.

this photo courtesy of The Washington Post
It was at Walter Reed in the Old Red Cross Building. The building had lots of character. We all estimated that there was less than 150 people there. It was up close and personal.
this photo courtesy of The Washington Post
His band was great and the violinist you see in this photo was awesome!
We went with our neighbors, our friend from New Orleans, Eric and my brother and his wife. I had told them all that I become like a statue at concerts and really don't get into music like my personality my lead someone to think otherwise. But for some reason when those High School songs started a playin' I turned into a giddy school girl! It was so much fun!

does he not look so good for 56!

Amanda :) this video I put on just for you. It is Pink Houses.

I don't know if there would have been any other performer that I would have known so many of the words to the songs. When he started singing Jack and Diane - I surprised even myself with how excited I was.

just a little a little photo to add to "me in d.c."
Our friend Eric was nice enough to take the photo, but I wish I would have now insisted he was in it. Other than him not being in it, it is the greatest photo because you can still see the 80's musical bug that is still on our faces!
The night become complete when we made a stop at Ben's Chili Bowl. Please, Please if you are coming to D.C. put this on your list of places to eat! My favorite is the chili cheese fries, with the cheese and chili on the side to dip the fries into, the half smoke split with mustard and onions and a banana chocolate shake. Oh my it was so good and yummy.then make sure you sprinkle some of this Texas Pete Hot Sauce it is on every table. Bevan and Amanda brought us a huge bottle and we put it on everything!

Annie Kate's Spring Fair was on Saturday. It was small and in the parking lot, but Annie Kate said "this is one of my favorite things we have done since we moved here" The cotton candy was free, pink and unlimited so what could be better!
Annie Kate did a little rock climbing, jousting, plastic necklace winning and cotton candy consumption.
They had lots of old fashioned carnival games and Caroline had difficultly understanding you just pick one prize, I think she dug three out of the bucket.

Caroline and her cousin Liam - these two are like twins - in looks and personality.
Liam and Caroline rode the train

Paddle boats.

we then went to ride the paddle boats at the Washingtonian Center. Annie Kate has been asking to do this since the weekend we moved into town. She was thrilled.
Bevan's family looked so stinkin cute on the paddle boat and in their life vests. Dang my brother is cute!
They were much faster than our slow boat. We had a great time and it was wonderful to do it before it gets so hot that you may be tempted to jump in the dirty pond.

Saturday night Jeff and I went to Manassas Virginia to go skating with the youth from our ward. I have not been roller skating in about 4 years. I forget how much I love it. It also brings back some fun childhood memories. I had the most awesome blue and yellow tennis shoe roller skates as a kid. I can still remember the day I tried them on at the store.
Jeff skating with one of the kids from the ward
Jeff and I are fair skaters, but we totally skate like the 80's. I don't really know how to describe that or what that looks like, be we were laughing at ourselves - we kind of had the groove on. We skated around and around holding hands... it was cheesy but sweet.

One of the houses near our church building. This patchwork brick is so cool

Today was ward conference. We have a new Stake President and it was great to meet him. He came in and talked to the kids in primary and was so cute with them! He looks young, really tan, does triathlons, wore a pink tie , knew how to relate to kids and really brought the spirit in the room.
Caroline and her cousin Liam sat on the front row and were so fun to watch. They came to the front of the room and sang "Popcorn Popping" and it was like something out of a church movie. If the stake would not have been there I would have whipped out my camera which was next to me.


We took Bevan and Amanda to Arlington National Cemetery after church. I just love this place. I have not been back since last summer and not dripping in sweat makes this place so much more enjoyable.

My Arlington tips are pay the $6.00 for the tour bus. The place is huge and if time is a constraint it will be difficult to see it all without it. And you can always walk around but having the bus option is so nice.

And if your name begins with the initial A - H take your photo in front of the letter at the Memorial Amphitheater.

Sally Jane in front of President Kennedy's grave.
Sally Jane's white dress still white even after church and running around
now that is a Sunday Miracle.
One of my favorite photos of the day.

So busy, wonderful weekend! This weekend i may just sit on the couch and eat potato chips.... oh no I can't just do that. i hear the ribbon outlet calling my name, "Kristi, come visit me"


the baker family said...

Whenever I read your posts about DC I have a huge urge to start planning a trip there. I should get on the ball and start making plans to visit my brother in law in Virginia. It sure looks like a fun time was had by all on your adventures. Thanks for sharing! Denise

Holly said...

Loved your post about your weekend activities. I think it's wonderful you are living in so much history AND taking advantage of it for your whole family! Thanks for sharing.

I had blue and yellow tennis shoe skates too!! They were rockin'. You brought back memories!

carlo said...

now that is a lot of fun packed into one weekend!

love the crazy hair. we have that day too.

speaking of the ribbon outlet, where is it? dc? maryland? and is it actually called the ribbon outlet? lol.

Ashley said...

Wow, fun weekend! I love that you mentioned the stake president wore a pink tie.

Anne said...

There's a roller rink in Manassas? How have I not heard about this?! We'll I'm actually not surprised, I'm not very aware of my surroundings. I love roller rinks, I should go someday! Great idea with the initials at Arlington Cemetary. Next time I go I'm definitely doing it. I still haven't gone to the ribbon outlet. Someday...

stacys said...

sounds like so much fun! So glad you posted. *wink*

Liz said...

I just love Ak's hair. Lindsey wanted me to do something like this for wacky wednesday, but I didn't have anything with which to do it. Now I know...chop sticks! THank you!

Your family always has such fun times!

Michelle A. said...

You have been busy! I'm so glad you got to go to the concert. It looks like you had such a great time! My last concert was Tom Jones - but alas - I didn't bring my camera. Thank you for your good mail - it was really sweet and I just adore the ribbon you sent. I have one bright beautiful day!

Jill said...

What a jam-packed weekend (and post). I love your self-portraits and think the one at the concert is fabulous. You look tantastic and pretty.

I think roller skating as an adult is hard. I felt so out of control doing it, but I know exactly what you mean about 80's skating, I'm all about that. "I'm coming out..." I had the blue and yellow tennis shoe skates too.

Your photos are so great, I always feel like I'm experiencing D.C. right along with you.

Price Cream Parlor said...

To think that John is 56 kills me! Seriously, time passes too quickly! Isn't it funny when the songs start playing how instantly they flash us back to a time period in our lives? Crazy! What a fun weekend you had! ANd, you look savagely tan in those photos!!

Creole Wisdom said...

You always seem to have such fun adventures, I enjoy seeing all that you get to visit!

I love the chili place, it sound delicious. And what interesting bricks outside of that house, wow!


donna said...

John Cougar Mellencamp WOW!!!
What a fun weekend:)

Rachel said...

I am constaantly fascinated by your blog and all the awesome things you see and do in DC! What brought you to DC? Where are YOU originally from?

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a mutual friend, Karen, and I have loved reading all of your fun ideas. I was reading to my daughter this morning and this book reminded me of you: "Pink Magic" by Donna Jo Napoli. It seems to fit you so well, maybe you already know about it, but if not you NEED to go read it. Its all about good, pink mail. said...

I love John Mellencamp. I was fortunate enough to go to the CMT Crossroads taping of he and Kenny Chesney about 4 years ago. It was incredible.

I have a funny story about trying to teach myself to drive a stick shift while I was listening to one of his albums that I will have to share with you sometime.

Amanda :-) said...

I couldn't get the link to work, Kristi! But I watched the 'Pink Houses' video on YouTube and I like the song, but man alive he can't dance for toffee on that video! Hilarious! Is that 80s dancing? *shiver* I don't want to think about 80s dancing too much before bedtime! haha!

Caroline's face with the funfair ducklings is adorable. Yay to taking more than one!

michelle said...

Love the John Cougar Mellencamp concert -- I can't drop the Cougar either. I would have totally remembered those songs from high school! You haven't been roller skating for 4 years?? For me it's more like 20. I'm impressed that you guys still remembered how to do it.

I always love your me in d.c. pics. So great.

What a busy girl you have been! The initial photos are too too cute...

deidra said...

We were just thinking about favorite DC eats. We highly recommend 5 Guys, Hard Times, and when on the HIll-- Tortilla Coast (all you can eat fajitas on Saturday afternoon...mmm!)