Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

today I went to get my oil changed on my car. It was just me and Sally Jane (preschool I love you!) The man told me it would be 10 minutes and showed me a corner I could sit and wait. I opted to go across the street to get a drink and the Gas station/food mart and asked him if I could get him anything. He looked at me kind of funny and then turned over his shoulder to see if I was talking to someone else. He then said, "oh no thanks"
I didn't do a very good job of listening and decided to buy him lunch and bring it back to him. It is so fun to give someone something who never saw it coming.

Thanks Jenn for the motivation. You all should do a Random Act next week for two reasons
  1. it is the week of Thanksgiving and it feels good to give
  2. because Jenn is giving something away out of her new etsy shop and you need to do a RAK to enter


Price Cream Parlor said...

What was his reaction to his lunch being served? I love this! I will have to look for an opportunity tomorrow when I am out and about!

Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks Kristi for the plug. I hope I get a good turnout next week!!

It is so fun to hear what everyone is doing to make this world a better place.

Even my kids are getting involved. Rebecca is always saying "Mom, this could be a RAK. Why don't you put it on your blog."

Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!

Amanda :-) said...

Aww, lovely gesture, Kristi!

I have 'Random Acts of Kindness' as my opening message on my mobile phone, so each time I switch it on in the morning it's the first thing I read.

I posted on my blog about a recent RAK which I botched a bit through being judgemental. Tsk tsk. I've really taken that as a lesson learnt.

michelle said...

I love this, Kristi. What a great idea! I'm willing to bet that is the first time that has happened to that guy at work... he must have been very pleasantly surprised.

RoRo said...

Thank you! so inspirational! I wouldn't have thought to do that! Thanks for the reminder to be thinking of others!

I too am curious as to the reaction he gave.

Mary said...

I LOVE that Kristi! What a sweet thing to do!
My most favorite thing in the world is to pay for the person behind me in the drive thru...the boys LOVE looking back to see if they can see the person's face as we drive away :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the idea!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you report these things you do because I keep forgetting to do something big like this. I think this is great!

lisa h. said...

you really are just so sweet! i need to remember to be like you.

send me your email cause i have an idea i keep meaning to share with you, but don't want to post it...

cherl said...

This reminds me of a RAK that I was a recipient of. I swore I would return the favor that same day to someone else but the opportunity never came up and then I forgot. Thank you for the reminder!

I'm also going to try to remember to do this regularly. It's such a great example for the kids to see and do. What a much better place the world would be if we all did RAK regularly!