Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Caroline decorating the tree with Jeff this year
She Photographs on Tuesday

Challenge: Favorite Christmas Ornament

At the beginning of the month we decorated our Christmas tree. We bought a fake tree last year for like 80% off and while I was hesitant to make the jump into not having a real tree, when it took us seriously 5 minutes to set it up with the lights, I am sold!
But my husband does a great job or making decorating the tree so much fun. I am a perfectionist so times like this can be punishing for me. I want them all in the right spot. He keeps me under control and lets the kids pull out the ornaments , talk about each one and put them on the tree. the night we decorated the tree this year.

Each ornament brings such awesome memories back to life. Our best wedding gift was a box of ornaments. She gave two of each kind to represent the two of us joining our lives. They are some of my favorite ornaments.
2002 - in New Mexico
But the ones from my childhood really bring out the awesome feelings in me. A few years back my mom put out all the Christmas ornaments that she wanted to get rid of. All 6 of us kids were invited to sit down and starting with the oldest pick an ornament until they were all gone. The catch was there was NO TALKING allowed. I have video of it somewhere, but can not find it! It is the funniest thing you have ever seen. It was as if all of us learned some new form of sign language. We all were laughing so HARD!! In the silent exchange these next two ornaments were two of some that I left with.
This was one my mom made and is now probably 30 years old.
I just love it!
if my siblings read this no take backs...
this dough ornament is one from a series that my mom and dad would buy at a craft fair every year. My sister and I did an great job and dividing these up, we both feel very tender about these ornaments and I was thrilled that each or favorites were not the others. Every year these are the last ones we pull out and my girls always say, "These are the ones we are not allowed to touch right?" and I say Right!

Then the last item I must make mention to is one I keep with my Christmas items, even though it could sit out all year long. I love bringing it out of the box and remembering one of the best Christmas's of my life! Even better than the Christmas I got the Holly Hobbie Record player. It was given to me by my friend Stacy.
It is to remember the Christmas her daughter was born.

She and her husband got the phone call of their lives to jump in their car a few weeks before Christmas and drive a state away to come meet their daughter. They may have had a few days, but I remember it as just being one. They packed up and took off with only an undecorated Christmas tree left in their home. The few days they were gone me and a few friends did the Christmas Home Makeover of a lifetime. Everyone woman at church had an assignment, from filling the fridge with groceries, to bring over ornaments, a bassinet, buy curtains for the baby room, diapers, wipes etc - you name it! That house was buzzing the whole time they were gone. What is such an amazing part of the story is their daughter was patiently waiting for them just hours old in the arms of my friend Mindy. My circle of friends had truly become a circle.
The night they came home the house was seriously lite up like a Christmas tree. We had candles burning in every room, the tree covered in Pink with photo ornaments of their new daughter, pink food all over the house and Christmas music playing. We hid out on their back lawn watching them walk in from the window. I just remember seeing them hold her in that room and crying. I will never forget it.
in my looking for my other video i found one of some of the photos from that great Christmas.

Lelly, you have done it again, your challenge has brought out some wonderful memories. Thank you!


Jen said...

what a sweet story! how blessed you are to have such a great circle of friends who comes together for one another. that is a gift for each one of you! that story gave me chills in a good way! :)
i love those ornaments, too- it's amazing how much feeling can come back by seeing one item- and it's kind of nice they only come out once a year- that way we don't rub the specialness off of them. :)

Elizabeth said...

I loved the peek at your ornaments. And the great story.

carlo said...

ornaments are such a special part of tradition for me, too. i had so much fun with this spt.

why am i not surprised to read about stacy's pink christmas? you are so amazing! i am sure she will always remember that Christmas, too. so sweet.

Shawna B. said...

Between this and your Primary Program post, I am a sobbing mess! Thank you for these beautiful stories. A very touching way to start out the day! Now, I'm off to the races .. much to do today! Hpoe yours is a a good one.

Jill said...

I love SPTs because they get us to document all these things that probably wouldn't get written about. You have so many good things here. Ornaments as a wedding gift are a great idea! I hope you find the video of your and your siblings dividing up those ornaments.

How wonderful for Stacy and her husband to come home to so much thoughtfulness!

Melinda said...

What a great story about your friends. THat is so great you made that trip home so memorable for them.

I love that idea of sharing the ornaments but no talking. I don't know if that would work with my brothers and sisters.

Andie said...

What a sweet little pink Christmas story. I'm hiding sniffles behind my desk at work this morning after reading it. Such a beautiful story from all sides.

Jenmomof4 said...

Tear check???

anyone else have tears in their eyes??

What a great post.

climbingrocks said...

oh my gosh!!! the ornament picking. That was a FREAK SHOW!!! i think i picked one ornament, no, i think i just sat back and laughed. FIND that video!! it should be on funniest home videos...

lelly said...

what a great story, and awesome childhood ornaments, too. it's so funny to see the '70s and '80s style ornaments that we all had back then.

i am constantly amazed at what you and your friends do for each other. it's truly amazing!

Jinii said...

I have to say that I got choked up reading the part about your friend and her baby. You are an amazing woman with so many wonderful stories to share! Thank you for letting all of us have a glimpse into your life.

Missy said...

Wow - that story is tremendous! It brought tears to my eyes - what a fabulous gift they received that year in the form of a new daughter AND an incredible circle of friends!

michelle said...

I love that story! A once-in-a-lifetime experience. And I love the photo of your 3 girls.

Kath said...

What a sweet story. Again, your post has left me in tears! Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

That Christmas was awesome. It was very cool to be a small part of that Christmas for Mark and Stacy. Kristi, you were amazing putting all of that together.
Stacy...if you read this...Hi!! Hope you are doing well!