Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Challenge : how do you spend your Christmas eve?

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring .......

except for the mom on the sewing machine making her girls gifts!
(does that rhyme?)
me with straight pins in my mouth, a common occurrence for me on Christmas Eve.

You can often find me behind the sewing machine on Christmas Eve. This year I still have Annie Kate's Washington Redskins blanket to make, a new Yellow Soupie for Sally Jane and Caroline's new blanket out of a strawberry fabric that she found and loved at the fabric store. and I even begin to wonder why I get sick around the holidays. (ha!)
this was 2005 - i was out of control and made them matching pig pj's with matching overstuffed pigs that unrolled into a blanket. I was actually finishing the project Christmas afternoon before I gave them to them on Christmas night.

And if you are wondering about my darling Pink Christmas necklace that I have on, in just a few weeks you could win a customized necklace of your own.

The next give away will be after Christmas from

11 comments: said...

we need a close up of that necklace :o)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink pj's!!

Hope you are feeling better.

Elizabeth said...

Love your sp. You are just too cute.

lelly said...

i just set up the table for my sewing machine - now need to actually get the machine onto the table!!

(oh, and buy some fabric, and cut out some patterns, and, and...)

Amy said...

You are a wonder...the little pig p.j's are fantastic!

Mandy said...

I LOVE those pig jammies! They are so cute! I wish I was better at sewing. I would love to be able to make things like that for Ryley.

Jen said...

i wish i knew how to sew period! that's a skill my mom never taught me (not that i was probably very interested at the time...but now, geez!)
i love seeing the things you make- so creative!

Jill said...

That's a cute picture of you. I have to laugh because I have NEVER been found on Christmas Eve (or any other eve) with a mouth full of pins. I'm such the nonsewer.

carlo said...

always cute, no matter what

yes, i vote for close up of necklace, too!


Amanda :-) said...

Yikes, don't do that with the pins! I remember a boy at Junior school nearly choked on a pin he was holding in his mouth, while we were making glove puppets. Urgh, I remember it so clearly. It was so scary. He was okay in the end, TG.

But very cute picture of you anyhow! And the necklace is intriguing!

Why the pig theme? It's really cute and funny, and clever!

Holly said...

At first I thought you were taking a spin on not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...and you had made whiskers or something--and then my brain caught up with itself and I figured out those were pins sticking out of your mouth. You still look cute--even with pins.
You are a sewing QUEEN--even if it's up to Christmas supper.

michelle said...

I WAS wondering about your darling necklace!

I am usually up very late on Christmas Eve finishing something or other. I have often put pins in my mouth like that, but I may have to rethink it after seeing Amanda's comment... I think your girls will remember those handmade gifts above all else -- I know I do!