Thursday, December 20, 2007

My doorstep is getting spoiled.

So look what else showed up on my doorstep today. This is going to make one basketball player downtown very happy this Christmas! woo hoo!

There have been a few things flying out my door in the other direction here are some.
The Queen of Soupies, Jeff's sister, had a sweet little girl last week. The whole reason we call our blankets soupies is because she called her blanket as a little girl her "Soup" So I made a big Soupie and a
"cup of Soup"
(smaller version of the Soupie)
oh my I really should market this one!
Congrats to the new addition.

Jeff will be taking all of his office staff gifts tomorrow. Remember my $3.00 soaps from a few months ago. They are all packaged in the $1.00 felt gift bags from Target dollar spot. and of course for the guy in the office a refill of the M&M's that I am sure Jeff eats off his desk all year long. Photo was taken before the rest of Michelle's wonderful tags were put on them. That means I used EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Michelle. Thank you so much, you should feel so good that your goodness was spread all over the East coast.

And last but not least the Teacher Gift. The best thing ever is collecting a lump of money at the beginning of the year from the parents and giving them gift cards for birthday and Christmas, then the end of the year having $100 left over for the teacher money book. We gave our teacher $150 in gift cards and a basket with popcorn and her favorite Soda. (how would I know her favorite soda one might ask??? remember the quiz of favorite things I talked about doing for your teachers on the first day of school, this comes in mighty handy during Christmas time)

I got this idea from a girl in Tennessee. The note reads:
Pop! Pop! (popcorn inside basket)
Fizz! Fizz! (that is where the soda comes in)
of what a great teacher you is!
Merry Christmas From the parents of
your darling, cute and ever so wonderful
Third Graders!

One year for our neighbor gifts we gave all of our neighbors a bag of microwave popcorn & 2 liter of 7 up with a similar note saying what a great neighbor you is. It was perfect for our tight budget that year.


Traci said...

Your soupies are soo adorable! And that you make one for the mom too is such a great idea. I so think you should market these!!

michelle said...

Cup of soup. You should market those!! Brilliant.

Our Target dollar spot never had those cute bags! I would have bought them if I'd seen them. Instead I got the dollar spot take-out containers for my neighbor gifts.

Your teacher gift does beat all. I'm sure any teacher that sees that is going to be a little green with envy!

Creole Wisdom said...

Thanks for sharing the origins of your "soupies" blankets. The "cup of soup" is another great idea that I think only YOU could dream up.

I still have my blanket and sleep with it as week (eek). But mine is "bankee." : )

Amanda :-) said...

I thought you'd made those little bags! What a find they were!

It must be obvious to everyone who receives gifts via you, the girls or Jeff, that a lot of thought has gone into it and a lot of effort. I love the kind of gifts that people have thought 'out of the box' about.

Gosh, yes, the Soupies are a simple, brilliant idea that you could market. I'd assumed 'soupie' was an American generic term but how wonderful that it has its own little family-rooted story to it!

Shawna B. said...

Kristi, I just love seeing how everyone has come together and helped make a wonderful Christmas possible for the members of your ward. It is so inspiring, and really what Christmas is all about. We did a sub for Santa in our ward, on a much smaller scale, but it is fun to think about what else is possible when you extend it. You, and many generous others out there, are making Christmas so happy for so many.

Merry, merry Christmas to you.

Jill said...

I don't know how you're managing to get all of this done while you're playing Santa for your D.C. Ward. You must be having some Divine help to keep you going, especially with the cold you've been fighting.

Your gifts look great. I love the idea of giving the teacher one great gift basket rather than lots of crap from everyone, but I don't think people here would go for that.

Rachel said...

Nice work on the party! It looked divine! And that Soupie is so adorably you! Pink and green! Nice work on the b&bw soaps and target dollar spot! What a steal!

Michelle A. said...

Merry Christmas Kristi! You always have such great ideas and thanks for sharing them with us! God Bless and have a joyous and blessed Christmas!

Jenni said...

I would love to get a hold of the teacher questionnaire that you give to the teachers. I'll bet that does make giving to them much easier. If you can put a link to it or post it somehow, this class parent would be awfully grateful. Keep up the good work, it is absolutely inspiring what you are doing for Christmas and in your everyday life.

Kelly said...

It's been so inspiring to see all of the wonderful mail you've been getting for your DC ward. It makes me teary!

And your cup of soup is adorable!