Thursday, January 31, 2008

and the winners are:
I was unable to access blogger yesterday so the winners are being announced a day late. And yes I did say winners - that Lilly Lane could not just pick one but added three more to her winning list.
Here you go....

*Kim Sue: "Know" I love her quote she posted on her blog about her new word of the year. "If you don't know where you are going every road will get you nowhere"-Henry Kissinger

*Carlo: "Progress" I love how her word takes on 2 different meanings: making progress or to progress (so many possibilities with this word)

*Staci: "Mold" Such a funny word and choice until you read why she choose it! She is focusing on part of the definition of the word: "a distinctive nature, character or type." She wants to be a distinctive person and stand out. There is no more hiding in the background for her. I love the charge she is taking for the new year.

*Chanel: "Remodel" She says she is taking out what she doesn't like and is replacing it with what she really wants in her life, but not to worry...her husband is staying! So funny! Simple word, yet the meaning pushes you into action and I really believe she will get life changing results this year from this one word.

so if you are one of the winners email to claim your prize. And don't forget to brag about your winnings on your blog, we will all want to see your pendant when you get it..

If you want to order you word of the year in a pendant you can use the same email and you click on their website to get the price list(great prices by the way)

Thanks Lily Lane you were so generous! I cant' wait to watch your business soar!


michelle said...

Woohoo! 4 winners! Congratulations to them all.

Jill said...

Congrats to the winners! I hope they'll all post their loot when they receive it because I really want to see it.

carlo said...

Oh my goodness! The how awesome that they picked 4! Thank you Lilylane. WOW!

I am thrilled to be selected and wanted to thank you for sharing this with us, Kristi.

The possibilities are endless when I think of gifts and occasions perfect for these lovely pendants

Kim Sue said...

I am SO excited that I won!! I am so glad you teamed up for this give away - I can't wait for this good mail! Thanks.

Chanel said...

I am so excited!!!!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

I can't wait to post about it!