Monday, January 14, 2008

Exercise has to be a priority for me,
because there are 100 things that seem to get in the way

This morning the last thing I wanted to do was go running. Here are a few reasons why.

  • It was cold outside.
  • The thought of getting all three of us dressed was exhausting to even think about. (it took me 45 mintues to just get out the door)
  • My ipod did not have enough juice to last a run, and for some reason my computer is not recognizing it anymore and i can't get it charged. ( i need some techno training)
  • My house needs a post-Christmas deep clean
  • The laundry needs to be done
  • It was windy outside.
  • I would be taking my two littles (word I have adopted from Price Cream and I love it)
  • The thought of pushing that double jogger in the cold wind!
  • Could not find the Garmin - I am kind of obsessed about tracking my mileage
But there was one reason to go.

Thank goodness for the Babyjogger wind guard or else the girls would have really turned into Popsicles.

The weather was warm, cold, warm, cold. I had my jacket on, jacket off, gloves on, gloves off.
good thing the weather was warmer when we ran by the park. I usually detour the park street so they don't see it, but kind of forgot, so I was mom of the year and let them get out and swing a bit.but then got punished because the only way i could get them back in the stroller was give up my ipod. they were singing high school musical the rest of the way. (should I be worried sally jane sings the line "pink prada tote" - yes I should!)it wouldn't be a run without one of my littles (sorry I just had to say it again) dropping their soupie on the street, screaming for 5 minutes, and then me finally stopping to ask them what is wrong, and then me back tracking half a mile to find it.
We went through town center and stopped at Starbucks for some ice water for me and doughnuts & chocolate mile for the girls
(if you are new to my blog - feeding my kids healthy foods is not one of my strong points)
I was thrilled to use some of my Christmas money (thanks mom) to finally buy normal headphones for my ipod. I have the smallest ear canals on the planet and have had a hard time finding ones to fit in my ear that don't cost $100. For the past year I have worn the total 80's headband ones that cost $5.99. So I was totally excited to try them out along with the new pink hat and gloves Jeff gave me for Christmas.
Even though I conquered exercising today, tomorrow will be another battle I am sure to convince myself of such activity. I ran my 5 mile loop through, wind, sun, cold, warm and ended in wind - it was like "weather gone wild"


Price Cream Parlor said...

HA! First to comment! What is up with that? I even had to run a little to the dr this morning. :-0
I have to admit - I have started to exercise. REALLY exercise - you can be thin and still totally out of shape - that is me....but not for long! I love the feeling that I get after a hard workout! (this is new to me! That feeling of being STRONG) I love that you are able to just go and plow through your running even pushing a double stroller (hello! That is a major workout in itself!) Kudos to you today for doing what you needed to do - eventhough it didn't sound that appealing in the first place.
I, too, have small ear canals! My ipod headphones KILL me! I received new ones for Christmas and I am ashamed to admit - I can't find my blasted ipod now!
Enjoy your day!

michelle said...

Way to go, Kristi! I have a hard time making myself exercise even without all of those obstacles! I just ran to Costco with Eva and the wind was blowing so hard -- snow was blowing off of roofs sideways and it was SO cold, I could barely even run from the car to the store... I'm a wimp. I'm glad you documented your victory today.

Jenny said...

I can't tell you how our mornings are so parallel. Most of the time it is knashing of teeth and please mom can't we stay home? I am in the need of a cover and can't find one to fit my double jogger. (I have a baby trend) Are the covers universal?

Good for you for enduring the cold, I am right there with you. Half the time I think I am totally nuts for going, but always glad I do. It's rainy and cold here today and I feel gross for not going.

Now you just need to add a dog with your route :)

Elizabeth said...

I have tracked back many a time not realizing they were screaming about a fallen item.
I have forgotten about our cold Utah morning walks along the Provo river. It is that much more of an obstacle to get out the door. Way to go!
ANd thank you for my book. It is fun to share a love for finding cheap books on sale at the library.

Missy said...

Good for you to go out and do it despite all of the reasons not to!!
Can you tell me about your double jogger?

andrea said...

You are the queen!! I am just on my way to the gym. What an inspiration to read your blog.

Kim Sue said...

you go girl - big pat on the back!

kristi said...

dog? oh my - maybe if it lived down the street and i could borrow it once a week.

kristi said...
missy, here is the link to my jogger.
my theory is you buy the best jogger you can afford, you won't regret the money spent, but they can be pricey.

Liz said...

I just want you to know that every time I read your blog and you say anything about running in the cold Washington DC weather, I quit whining about the cold AZ morning weather. I really do think of you on those cold mornings that I don't want to get out of my warm bed. And then I quit feeling sorry for myself and go. Thanks for motivating me.

What kind of headphones did you get? I'm with you on the small ear canal thing. I wear a headband just to hold the headphones in place so I don't actually have to put them in my ears....they hurt. Then I crank up the volume.

kristi said...

liz, that is what i used to do!
i bought them at brookstone and they were $35.00 they are awesome and have three sizes of ear pieces. my ear canals are the only petite part of my body.

Shauna said...

Hooray for you! Yes, every day is a battle. I am right there with you! I do not have the cold weather obstacle so you helped my perspective! Good for you, braving the cold, that would have been my obstacle beyond my own self.

Traci said...

Such inspiration! I am totally like that, thinking of the other thousands of things that need to be done. You go girl!! Keep it up! I think I need to too!

pjmesser said...

Way to GO Kristi!

crystal said...

My computer won't recognize my ipod either & it's killing me! The battery's dead & I'm at a loss. If you figure this mystery out, do a wee post. Seriously.

I have tiny ear canals, too--that's funny. The earbuds that came with my ipod gave me an earcramp.

You rock for running in wind. Wind is my enemy.

Tasha said...

Hey K- have you tried the ear buds? I love them. I dont' know how much they cost because I go tthem as a gift, just that the regular ipod ones make my ears hurt like crazy. Good for you for making that trek with the girls, in the cold, up hill both ways (just had to add that!)

Anonymous said...

You rock Kristi! I love it when you post about your running because it motivates me even more to keep on going with my two even on the days all the effort to get them out the door doesn't seem worth it.

First thing next pay period I am getting one of those wind guard things! I couldn't go today and was bummed. Now to find the right kind to get...

Liz said...

Way to go Krisi!! I am the same way with those ear headphones, they don't fit in my ears because they are too big! Did the new ones work good for you?

I have to tell you, that today for the first time in hmmm maybe 3 years, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30+ minutes. My legs are not happy about that, but I felt really good otherwise. I am making this a new goal to get in shape again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Elisa said...

I have the same ear canal problem, maybe its genetic. What kind did you get?

I am glad I read this post today (and you wrote it) because I had just though "I have too much laundry to finish to work out tonight". There really is NEVER a good time to work out.

Michelle A. said...

I think your dedication to yourself is wonderful! Even though my girls are older now, I remember the days of bottles, food, and blankets purposely thrown out - tantrums and all that. It's hard to feel relaxed in running when all that is going on! I've been getting up mornings to run - rain and snow! Even running in boots when we were dumped with snow - crazy, but I made the goal and I'm not going back on it! It's cold here too, but I think I'd rather have cooler air than hot blasting sun! Good Job - keep it up Kristi!

Jill said...

Way to go!! I think having to bundle the girls up, put on the windguard, brave the cold and everything else would have kept me inside today. It's so wonderful that you're recognizing that it's not a punishment, but a gift for yourself when you do these things. It's an investment in your mood, your health, your sense of well being and therefore benefits everyone. I'm just getting this myself!

Holly said...

Big, big hooray for you for getting your run in!! Sometimes the "me" factor is the most important reason for overcoming the obstacles for getting out the door.

About your iPOD, do you leave your computer on all or most of the time? If so, try restarting it. I had the same problem trying to get my shuffle to recharge and now that's what I do.

You TOTALLY made my day with your comments today. Wow! Thank you sooooo much!

Esther said...

Love the inspiration! I went to the gym after reading your blog...I was thinking of not going after work but then I thought if Kristi can run in the COLD weather, I can certainly make it to the gym without any problems (it was 75 this afternoon).

Barb said...

I also love to use Price Cream's word, and how awesome that she was the first to comment!
Surprisingly I can still make excuses not to exercise even with all my little at school all day, but you are right it is about ME which ultimately is important to everyone else, because I set the tone for the house!

Esther said...

PS...I love your PINK attire.

Nikki said...

Good for you getting out for your run. If we look around, there is always an excuse that can keep us from doing it. Thanks for reminding me to put MYSELF FIRST.

You are awesome...keep it up


Rachel said...

Now that's dedication!I'm not going to complain anymore about going out in freezing cold weather to DRIVE to the gym (which is warm) and driving back home...ok, maybe I will, but I'll be better!

Amanda :-) said...

Your attitude is spot-on, Kristi. I also highly approve of your method of running en plein air, rather than on a treadmill. You must feel God's good elements! Hahaha.

Here in the UK, you'd rarely see a mum jogging outdoors, and it's even rarer to see one jogging with a stroller. We have some kind of British embarassment over 'being seen' to be trying to improve the Self. I know some mums who run indoors, in gyms, on treadmills, but they'd never dream of running outdoors. I saw 2 mums from school jogging last summer, fairly regularly, and secretly admired them for it - but soon after I heard other mums gossiping about it ('Did you see them running? Down the road??') as if it was really odd. That saddened me. I don't know if those 2 mums sensed the disparagement, because I haven't seen them run together (or singly) for a long time.

Maybe in the Spring, you could tape toy windmill thingies to the girls' bars on the jogger, and they could watch the sails spin around as you jog at top speed! But, yes, while the weather is so bracing, you're best to keep them snuggled up!

Love the pink and the garden pea green, by the way!

lisapow said...

Love this post! Exercise must be a priority and so should you!