Friday, January 04, 2008

Way to go Iowa!

Is anyone else just addicted to Cable news like me. I am just so in love with our country right now and fascinated how our whole voting system works. I learned a lot this year about the Iowa caucus and want to slap my knee and say "gosh darn I like it"
News reports say those who voted were three times what they were in 2004 and that over 75% of the voters met either all or one of the candidates running. What just an absolute unique scene in our country.
This year is going to an amazing year in the voting scene and a huge piece of history. Don't stand by but jump in and get involved.


Rachel & Ryan said...

Did you hear about the soldier who came home from Iraq and met Chelsea Clinton at the airport? He said there was only 3 things that scared him. 1) Osama 2) Obama and 3) Your Mama!

RoRo said...

Yes we do keep up with news here (Fox News Channel all the way!) and it is an exciting time, I just really hope Hillary doesn't get any further!!! I love the previous comment:)

Amy said...

I learned a lot about the Iowa Caucus this year, too. It's a very interesting event, isn't it?

Roro, I don't much about Hilary, but I do know that I don't want Huckabee to get any further. Have you seen his ad with Chuck Norris?

Jill said...

I listened to NPRs coverage of the Iowa Caucus yesterday while undecking our halls and I was riveted. I'm not usually into politics at all, but this election is going to be exciting.

andrea said...

I DVR'd five straight hours of fox news coverage on caucus night. Now I can't wait for New Hampshire. I'm supporting Mitt Romney all the way. My kids were devastated on Thursday night because they thought it was all over.

I've also become addicted to talk radio. I love all the analysis.

Nikki said...

We lived in Des Moines in 1996 and participated in the Iowa Caucus. It was so intersting- no secret ballots there! We had a great experience & felt very patriotic!
Here's hoping Mitt takes NH!

Mamma Letty said...

We lived in Ohio when it was the key state in the last presidential was really exciting being in a place where you knew that your vote REALLY counted. It was such a close race and although my candidate didn't get in, I did enjoy the whole living in the northwest I will be excited to see how it is different, besides the fact that all of the votes (mostly) are absentee and sent to us in the mail.
The thing I hope for most is that everyone who votes is making an educated decision and not just voting. Take the time to read the platforms and then decide...not just by the TV ads that really don't say anything important.

robin said...

Amen Kristi! I was really excited about the Iowa results, especially the HUGE turn out. It's great to see our fellow Americans participating in the democratic process. It really made me want to get more involved.

Obama's speech inspired me to be hopeful about a unified United States.

I appreciate all that Romney has done to normalize Mormons, but Huckabee's win is a sign that there's still some significant prejudice out there, unfortunately.

Amanda :-) said...

It's an exciting time for you all, I agree.

I watched some of it on Sky News and saw the tagline on the screen saying 'Voting Caucuses' and thought, 'Har-har! Sky have made a typo. That should say 'Voting CAUSES'.' Then I listened a bit more and realised what it was. Durr-brain that I am.

It was a pity here, that on the day the shock result was being relayed - stupid Britney was jostling for the top news story slot, along with a children's TV presenter who found his girlfriend dead in their home and has been bailed for murder and supply of cocaine. I was astounded that these two spangly showbiz stories were gradually nudging the USA vote results off the top spot. They certainly beat the Iowa story for 'most read' on the Sky website. What are the great unwashed public like??? ;-P

Amanda said...

I actually googled "caucus" because I knew it was a big deal, but not really how it worked. Amazing and fascinating. Terry and I stayed up way too late watching it all unfold. It is a very exciting time and makes me feel so proud to be an matter what my political persuasion.