Friday, February 15, 2008

cards the girls got from their Mimi and they carried them around all day.

I still love Valentine's Day
even when I am sick.

I was a little worried on how I would deal with my over the top holiday attitude and not being able to get out of bed - but I PACED myself through the day. Valentines Day at our house is kind of a big event. I kept thinking of the Grinch whole stole Christmas line at the end and how Christmas came no matter what and it with the spirit that made the day. And it was true Valentines Day came and was awesome in a new kind of way.
The girls had donoughts and chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast and found cards from their mimi waiting on the table. They found little stuffed animals left from their dad. (I make that guy look so good and I love it!) They carried those cards around all day.My mailman brought me this darling handcrafted card from Lelly which is now hanging in the middle of my wreath on my door.
He also brought me a letter from the White House. We were all so excited. It is a thank you letter from President Bush for sending him a Christmas card. Did you send one this year? If so you will get one soon. It also came with his New Year's letter that documents the events in the country. While I fully know he did not sign it and probably never saw our Christmas card I just love that his staff appreciates Good Mail.
President Bush gave a speech from the White House lawn yesterday. He finished his speech, said thank you and took no questions or comments. Watching him walk back that man needed a hug. He carries a huge weight on his shoulders - I would never want to be President but I guess I am grateful there are people out there who do. What a huge job!
This postcard from Tasha could sum up my past two weeks. Well said Tasha, Well said!
I got this Valentines package from my mother in law and it was just for me, not even for Jeff. Yea for me. She sent it in a darling valentines bag and just stapled the top. creative packaging i love it.

a girl in my ward, who has the BEST hair cut ever, stopped by unannounced to bring me dinner for Valentines day. (when she came to my door at 4:00 pm I was still in my pj's from Monday and sitting by the front door ever so sad) I found out that she makes one extra dinner a week and then calls the compassionate service leader (the other cute girl who gave me the ribbon book) and sees who might a need a dinner. She does this every week! this is amazing to me. When I make someone dinner it is like a two day event. Getting sick was almost worth it to just learn this about this amazing girl, again with the best haircut ever. cute valentine they made at school, with the heart holding the kisses.

This was Caroline's first year for Valentine Exchange. I was so proud of myself for ordering her Valentines weeks ago from a Pink Christmas sponsor, Polka Dot Press - it turned out to be a good year to not have to make them. Thanks Kim, everyone loved them. I always take photos of the Valentines the kids bring home as I think it dates the time period. There are all those Valentines that represent the popular characters. - that will be fun to remind them of their youth. I wonder what my Valentines would have been, Strawberry shortcake, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars.
These were Annie Kate's Valentines. Idea from Family Fun Magazine.
Such a funny theme coming from a mom who never knows where her cell phone is and only uses 50 minutes a month. I thought this was a darling idea from Annie Kate's teacher to each get a homework pass. Annie Kate's class turned cereal boxes into mailboxes. What was so funny a few weeks ago they each had to bring one in. Not many kids any. So I went to my good mail box stash and sent Annie kate to school with 8 cereal boxes - I am sure they were all Lucky Charms and her teacher fears for health.
someone had asked me recently about sending mail in food boxes. I will say I have not had one sent back yet and they are so great because they are so light. Have you even noticed how heavy mailing boxes are ( i am sure it is for durability) I don't ever wrap them but just put the stamps on them directly. I weigh them at home and use the USPS website to calculate postage and stick them in my mailbox. ( i have not been to the post office since December) Depending on what you send you should be able to keep it at a first class rate which makes this kind of shipping so cheap. I hope that helps. I will say I cam up with some creative mailing today and can't wait for the 10 people who will be seeing it in the mail. Unless the USPS did not like my new idea and send it back.....The Valentine fairy still made it to our house even though we were all sick. Yea for thinking about Valentines in January. Annie kate had made a miniature scarf and hat for the fairy a few weeks ago and had put it out her window the night before. That girl is going to need so much therapy when she finds out about all these fake characters in her life.

So, my thoughts on holiday traditions. Some years you just can't do everything you may want to do. some traditions you may do once and never do again. One year you may have the energy to go over the top, but never again. I say don't not celebrate because you think you may not be able to do it that way every year. That is the beauty of a tradition - it is yours the way you want it. So this year we didn't decorate the gingerwood house. (even though my friend Jen sent me the cutest stuff to do it for my birthday)I didn't decorate the front door. Annie Kate and Caroline in 2004
I didn't take Sunday photos of them in their Valentine dresses...Annie Kate, Caroline & Sally Jane in 2006
Like I could have asked my friends, "ya can you take my kids to church and me to the doctors' and then stage a cute photo"

I didn't make a heart shaped dinner and set a fun table.
Jeff and Caroline and Sally Jane 2006
We missed getting a photo of Jeff wearing his Pink Valentines tie as he was out of town and we missed him terribly.

But Valentines still came and went and it was great in a new kind of way. We felt loved.

How was your Valentines Day?
Would you want to be President of your country?
Did you send a Christmas Card to the White House?
Does the Valentines Fairy find your house too?
Am I still over the top even though I was so sick? -
don't answer that. I think I know the answer

one more thing. those Valentine dresses are one of my favorite Gymboree purchases ever. They are called "Groovy Valentine" and are on ebay all the time. When I originally purchased the dress I only had two girls and then later bought the other on on ebay. They are one of the cutest Gymboree Valentine lines they have made. So if you want one check out ebay.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Kristi, I love the idea of making an extra dinner each week and then asking the compassionate service leader who could use it. That is doable and helpful.

I got a Christmas card from the White House a couple of years ago and sent them one in return. Then we got the acknowledgement letter in you, it made my day it didn't matter to me who read it, either.

I hope you start to feel a WHOLE lot better soon.

tootie said...

Yes, I sent the President a Christmas card this year. You inspired me to do that! :)

Happy belated Valentine's! Feel better soon!

kristyd3 said...

I copied your idea of sending a card to the White House and we received our letter several weeks ago. My oldest child took it to school and told everybody how he was sure that the seal at the top was made of real gold! It was worth it just for that! Thanks for that idea and all the others that I get from your blog.

Elisa said...

Lovely Day!

I so hope you are starting to feel better. I have this superstition about grapefruit fighting sickness. You could try it, but it might only work if you really believe so you would have to put all your faith into it:)

The 5 Bickies said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! We had a great Valentine's Day. I wrote the children letters in a homemade card. We had spaghetti, red heart jello, heart ice cubes and heart cookies. We had mades lots of cookies because of the snow day the day before. That sure helped!

I wouldn't want to be President but like you are thankful that someone aspires to the thankless job.

We did send a Christmas Card to the White House thanks to your suggestion. We got a response several weeks ago and my children were overjoyed. It was very exciting! Thanks for letting us know it was a good thing to do.

We don't have a Valenine Fairy. One blog family mentioned that Valentino and Valentina come to visit. Such cute ideas.

Take Good Care!

Liz said...

You are so fun! Funny, I was going to ask you where you got the dresses - then you mentioned it on the bottom. Thanks for the tip!

michelle said...

Making an extra dinner a week is incredible! That would not be easy for me to pull off.

I love the Gymboree dresses and think I may have to check on ebay for one!

Please get well soon.

Barb said...

The homework pass from the teacher is brilliant. And I enjoy the Froggy books, we only own one. I saw that cell phone Valentine idea on Family Fun, and I am saving it for some year, but my kids had other plans this year.
Your girls dresses are adorable, you always dress them so cute even if you didn't get a picture this year.

Tasha said...

It sounds like you are getting a little bit of your groove back kbc! I am so glad! You've been so sick! I will have to check Ebay, those dresses are too cute. The valentine's fairy didn't reauuy come here either this year because I have Strep.

I haven't sent anuthing to thid President this term. I did his first term in office, I wouldn't want to be the president, but I'd love to have an appointed position.

Keep feeling better!

Nikki said...

What a nice Valentines! You sure make magical memories for your family... big or small still great memories.
Thanks for answering my question about your unique mailings. I'm anxious to see your new idea! Thank goodness you have such a good natured mailman! :)
I agree- the President needs a hug. We'll have to send him a card. My kids would love to get mail from him!
Thanks again for the fabulous ideas! So glad you're getting back on your feet- just PACE yourself. :)

Jill said...

I can't imagine making an extra dinner each week and then taking it to someone, it's such a fantastic and generous way to serve others, but at this point I'm lucky to make dinner once a week for my own family...lame.

The Valentines all turned out so cute. I like your comment about making Jeff look good. I make Randy look good all the time, but he's still way ahead of me in popularity with the kids, it only bugs me most of the time though so I'm okay.

Jill said...


Anonymous said...

Kristi, Sorry to hear you were sick this Valentines Day. I am also fighting this horrible cold. If I may wine a little I was sick in bed for the 13th too and thats my birthday. I managed to pull Love day together and Lily made her valentines and brought all her goodies to school.( I bought Barbies at Target for 90% off after christmas for the girls and Legos for the boys) I didn't do the usual cookie making or a fancy dinner but everyone was together. I hope you start feeling better soon. I know I am praying that the groundhog was wrong and Spring will be here soon! Hugs, Keri

Kara Jayne said...

I want a photo of the "best haircut ever." I'm not kidding!

Elizabeth said...

It's so fun to have the 3 girls in a row to dress in those cute dresses together.
I am glad you shared about the extra weekly meal.

Liz said...

You always get the coolest mail!

I think that is a great idea about making an extra dinner each week. I usually have stuff in my freezer for things like that. I wish I could be on top of it enough to be able to do something like that. The other thing is that it seems like more often than not at least one person in my family is sick each week, and I wouldn't want to spread the germs.

ARe you feeling any better??? When does Jeff come back?

Michelle A. said...

Thanks for the tip about the dresses - so cute! So sorry about being ill during this time - we all know how much you enjoy sharing your traditions. I hope that you are feeling better and so great to hear that you have so many wonderful people watching out for you.

Rachel said...

I am so sorry you've been ill, and with a husband out of town on top of it! Wow! You did a fine job of making Valentine's special anyhow and showed that sometimes we have to let some things go...and it's ok.

I do love the dresses and appreciate all the awesome info and links you often post! Thank you, and feel better soon!!!

Kim Sue said...

we too sent our Christmas card to the President and we got our letter today. Carly was so excited about it and wants to take it to school and show it off. Great idea..thanks again!

Jennifer said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the non-pregnant woman (ugh! can't believe that comment!) who is the reason I sew adorable things and impress myself and others often with embroidery, the reason I over celebrate holidays with my kids (and they adore it!), the reason I blog (sometimes), and the reason I have renewed several dwindling friendships that have now added so much to my life that I can't thank you enough! I've been sick this last week too so I guess you are just my idol in every way-and hey, I'm not pregnant either but I'm sure some wonder...

TheVasquez3 said...

i popped over via the Allen Tribe's blog and i have been poking around soaking up all of your bloggy goodness...oh my, we need to be friends!

i tend to go a little over the top sometimes, but that is what memories are made of right?!


You. Are. My. Hero.

i am adding you to my google reader so i can come back and bask in your mom of the year bloggy goodness...

feel free to stop in and say hey hey hey at our blog.

Melinda said...

The dresses are to die for!! I love them.

I am an all or nothing kind of girl and it is so hard not to do everything I normally do for holidays. I love holidays and try to do really fun and memorable things for them. I have had to learn that it is okay when things don't always work out the way you want them due to being sick or having babies or what over. The kids still love what you do for them.

I love the idea of making one extra meal a week. I feel like that is something I could do. I think I may need to look into doing that. What great way to serve.
Hope you feel better!

Laurie said...

I love Valentines Day too, and have found that I have a natural love for traditions too. We had fun with our traditions this year b/c at least one is old enough to really enjoy it. Thanks for always sharing your traditions.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

hehe! i got my letter from the White House as well today! what perfect timing, as my son just learned all about president's day at his preschool. he was excited to get a letter from George Bush! thanks so much for sharing your idea about sending a Christmas card to the White House!