Thursday, February 14, 2008

cute Valentine from Carlo
Whole Heartily

I can't seem to do anything, anything with just half my heart. I am kind of a all or nothing type of person, again why my word is PACE, this year. I remember one friend after my marathon that said to me, "now why did you decide to start running and run a marathon and not just say, this year I am getting healthy" - my answer was simple, for me it is all or nothing. I think this is more of a negative trait than a positive one, but i am trying to find the good in this quality.

So this week has been no different. When I get sick I can't just get a cold I have to get bronchitis and the flu. I have now been down in bed for 8 days and it stinks. When I get sick I can't seem to ever remember my normal life and have such little faith that I will ever return to my late nights sewing and blogging. Again "all or nothing type gal" that is me.
It is hard for me to stop and just let people take care of me and my kids. Jeff has been out of town for a week and it has thrown a wrench in my day to day. Man I miss that guy! I could not have made it this week without the help and dinners from all my friends. The geneoursity sent my way is miraculaous really.
What you won't see in this post is the hours that my friends had my kids at their home, the photos of my friends taking all my kids to church while my other friend took me to the emergency room, the 4 dinners, milk and lucky charms that were brought to my home, the phone calls from people in my church congregation calling to check in on me. Word spreads fast in most Mormon Church congregations and at times when you need the help this is a blessing. My neighbor who took my kids to school and picked them, took over the Valentine party and festivities when I knew it would not happen for me this week. I am a blessed woman and am again grateful to Jill for introducing the idea to me of documenting that through words or photos. Some of the things I do have photos of.
this darling Brighton bracelet sent to me by my Mom - I just go nuts over Brighton and Vera Bradely. Thanks mom.

some Valentine Good mail from Carlo, card pictured above
Julia the Hope Diamond winner sent a thank you and I can't say how much I loved getting a card from New York City (that shows the small town girl in me) I think many people in their lives had dreamed of having a New York City address and it is fun to see someone actually living that life.
Michelle's Valentines never disappoint. The card opens to have the heart float in the circle. Michelle, thank you I love it. You have such a gift for making simplicity - not even close to being simple. Michelle is a gifted gal and you won't want to miss her love letters she wrote this week.
Autumn is jumping on the Good Mail wagon and sent me a thank you for her recent mail - I can't remember what i sent but pretty sure it was ribbon.
Thanks to Kacey who sent me some lovely good mail from her Doodlebugs shop! Have you seen her new web design. so great.
some other good mail was self induced. I found a great deal on Ebay for these great videos. They are scholastic award winning books on CD put to music. My kids love these and we have have watched them all week.
Christmas Season never ends for me until I get my friend Liz's Valentines card. they don't send Christmas cards but wait until Valentines day - I heart this. It makes me want it that much more. She is a great photographer and creative master, so they never disapoint. Thanks Liz - no pressure but can't wait till next year.Flowers from Jeff were a much needed surprise on my doorstep. The whole way that ProFlowers sends their flowers is so cool to me and taking this photo is a great way to journal as I am sure in 20 years this will look so archaic.
"I hope my everything pink girl likes pink flowers"
He does read my blog
Getting a king cake on Monday was such a surprise and so wonderful. Thank you Amanda L (how fun is this I lived in the dorms with her darling husband, blogging is a small world). This was such a welcomed treat. All of us had a piece that night with now baby to be found. Annie Kate prides herself that she gets the baby every year (which gives the receiver good luck) and believes this why she gets a good teacher for school each year. (of course it has nothing to do with the fact her mother convinces her that whomever your teacher is, they are the best teacher)
So for school the next day I put a piece in her lunch and snuck the baby in there. she came home and was so excited to let me know that next year she will again get the best teacher in the school! So thanks Amanda your gift was much more than the king cake.
Also, it was funny to me how much the box smelt like Mardi Gras. That sounds kind of weird but the smell of just the box brought back so many memories or our time there. Not the bad pee and beer in the streets smell but the fun catch some beads smell.
Amanda, I have the best photo of Terry somewhere and was going to put it on this post but was afraid it would be too long before I found it, I will save it for another day when if resurfaces.
This is some awesome good mail i never posted about from Rebecca N. It is a great mirror that says Random Acts of Kindness around it. I was touched she said she thought of me when she saw it. Thanks so much.Jill obviously has a better memory than I do. She sent me this Halloween pattern along with the darling red felt Santa Jammies so I can make my own next year. I told her awhile ago that I would love a copy. But the best surprise was this little saying and photo.Every Mother has a secret wish
With the mother watching her daughter sewing - this is so me!
Thanks Jill I am so appreciative for this good mail package. and by the way your little good mail cards.
Lauralee sent me this awesome magic mirror sticker for the month of February. She has the most awesome giveaway that will get going as soon as I get off my sick tail and make it happen . keep your eyes peeled you won't want to miss it.
Charlotte sent this awesome CD - love it- with a very thoughtful note. She is proof that no matter what stage of life you can send good mail. She is a college student taking the time to send me good mail. thoughtful, thoughtful. Thanks so much.Liz B took a chunk out of her day to write me a very thoughtful note after my interblog memo last week. Thanks liz you are a wise woman! She sent me and the girls some cookies to make for Valentines. a girl at my church found out i was sick on Sunday and dropped this by my doorstep. it is some yummy girl scout cookies and the most awesome ribbon book. She is the compassionate service leader (which means she coordinates the meals and service for the women of our congregation) and she is AMAZING. i am amazed at how much service came my way in just days and I just had the flu. there are some good people out there.I also got my Valentines order in from Prizty Pritz. Oh my they are even better in person
really you would flip off your computer chair if you saw for what a great deal I got these for. One for each girl to hold Valentines wishes. If i was you I would buy some before she wises up that she is really giving these away...

I also ordered this hanging hearts for my kitchen. I was thrilled to snatch it up in her shop before it went to someone else. Yea me!
The day I got it in the mail, Sally Jane was wearing a matching dress and I think because of that she thought it was hers for good. She agreed to let me hang it in the kitchen for the month of February.
This morning Annie Kate gave me this darling wrapped gift for Valentines. She had been so worried that she had not had a chance to go buy me anything with Jeff being gone. Her A'days leaders had put together this frame of the 13th article of faith and her in front of our church. (right in front of the cement beehive, darling!) It is really touching and they really gave her a gift of making it possible for her feel like she had a surprise for me on Valentines day. Her leaders are top notch for sure and I am not just saying this because they may read my blog.

so Wow. I really didn't plan on writing about good mail but I was just going to complain on how bored and sick I have been this week. amazing what documenting the good in life can do to change your mood around. Thanks to everyone who has given me service this week and Happy Valentines Day and I mean it whole heartily.


Elizabeth said...

SO sorry about the double whammy of you being sick and Jeff gone. I am glad you had friends rally around you. Thanks for sharing all these beauties.

michelle said...

That's pretty bad to be so sick and have Jeff gone as well. I'm glad you've been the recipient of so much service and good mail, though! That never hurts your state of mind.

Jan said...

Sending lots of prayers and good wishes for a quick recovery - -sounds like you are being well taken care of. Loved reading all your 'thank you's'. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I believe that we sometimes get sick so others can have the chance to serve and after all your work in your last ward, it seems fitting that your hometown ward gets to take care of you for a while. Take care and get better soon Kristi!

carlo said...

oh my, kristi. i am so sorry you are so sick. that stinks!

i am happy my heart could brighten your day a bit. and the other good mail? fab!

wonderful to know you are in good hands while recouping.

mommy said...

Thanks for the comment you gave me. It is the little notes like those that mean a lot and keep me going. Thank you.

Kristen said...

I really feel for you, being sick and still having to function as a Mom is so hard. I'm glad to hear you had some help from great friends.

Loved all the good mail! Oh nice!!

Anne said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Jill said...

It can be a big effort to document your good mail, especially if you're behind on it or have received a lot (like you do), but it's always inspiring to see the thoughtfulness that's going on all over the place.

I'm glad Jeff sent you some flowers for Valentine's Day. It's just too sad that he's out of town and that you're so sick. It's so nice that the people there take such good care of you.

Lauralee said...

so glad you got flowers. hope jeff comes home soon.. what a week for him to be gone! glad you are getting tons of help. The ER? yuck. I am sorry..
pritzy pritz.. very cute stuff. I will check that out.. and that magic love decal ROCKS! :) said...

I have been checking those hearts out on Prizty Pritz. They are just too stinkin' cute! And yep, your are lucky about that heart garland. That is super cute as well.

Great good mail post. I always love it when you post yours because you get such good stuff!!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Barb said...

I posted the flowers Ken gave me, and he DOES read my blog, so he told me that from how on he is giving me lingerie b/c he doesn't think I would post it :-)
I am sorry you have been so sick, keeping you in bed. I'm sure that as an all or nothing girl you prefer the 'all' over the 'nothing'.

Liz said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kristi!!

Sorry you have been so sick! But, I am so glad to hear that you have had so many angels to help you out with the girls and bring in meals! What a blessing!! I hope you feel better soon!

Holly said...

I am so sorry you have been so sick and your bug didn't read your word of the year. That stinks!

So glad you have been taken care of by so many friends and neighbors. That is such a blessing.

Those hearts are too darling!

Rebecca said...

Like everyone else, I am sorry that you are sick! Sorry that on top of that your husband is gone. But, I am so glad that you have such a great ward who has helped take care of you. What great friends, too! And...I saw your girl scout cookies...if you like the cookies, Wal Mart is now selling ice cream. They have tagalong, samoa, and thin mint flavors! Get well soon!! Happy Valentines!

charlotte said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick lately! That is definitely no fun at all. And I'm so glad you like the CD--it's one of my favorite mixes!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I thought you might be down in bed sick as you haven't posted - so sorry to hear that you are an all or nothing type of gal even when it comes to sickies! NOT FUN! What a blessing to have so many willing people help you when you need it most! Blessing indeed!
Hope you are feeling better....quickly!

Tasha said...

Oh Kristi, the ER? I am so sorry. I am glad you are letting people help you with the girls and with meals. Is Jeff going to come home early at all? So glad he sent flowers! He is a good one!

I know what you mean, its full steam ahead or not at all!

Missy said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. That is the pitts, and ith your husband gone it is doubly hard. What great friends you have! Thanks for sharing your valentine's and good mail goodness with us!

lelly said...

hope you are feeling better. i'm glad you mustered up the strength to blog a bit - i was getting ready to send a reconnaisance team to maryland!!

thanks again for reminding me how important it is to document the small things, too.

Wendee said...

Oh look at all this stuff. Hope you are feeling better, too! - sounds like you have lots of loving hands to help lighten the load.

Shauna said...

Feel Better. You have been going full throttle for a while, your body is saying, please rest!
I wish I could bottle this sunshine and send it, I know it would help!

Jenmomof4 said...

I love all of your pictures and all of your good mail!

You are so deserving of Good Mail! When I log in to my Bloglines I always scoll down to see if you have posted something. It's kind of like Christmas morning when I see that you have a post!

You inspire me to make crafty things, send good mail and Random Acts of Kindness.

So head on over to my blog because I have an award for you to pick up!!

Hope you are feeling better!!