Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Ridance February

I am so happy today is March because it means it is no longer Februrary. This past month has been a rough one. I felt like I have been sick 20 of the 29 days, didn't run once outside and 12 of the days my husband was out of town. You could say his month was the best of the best and mine was the worst of the worst. Which then my jealously kicks in and then mine gets worse. So good ridance Februrary.
I was thrilled to add my new March picture on my header with a Lebrechaun riding a swan/duck, which seems perfect with Easter being so early this year it is only 6 days after St. Patricks day. April will really miss having a holiday this year - I guess we will have to have a huge April fools day.

yesterday I drove to many mailboxes and passed out our little Lep Day surprise. I even tracked down my maillman so I could give him his in person. I was afraid if I just put in our mailbox he wouldn't know it was for him.
I put the frog and "Extra" gum in a cellophane envelope (the cellophane is so much heavier than on the roll) then tied it with green and while polka dot ribbon. You can buy the envelopes in many sizes at Michaels in the gift wrap section and they are quite reasonable.
The tags I printed about 10 to a page on regular paper and then glued them on to 3x3" chipboard tied with brown and white gingham checked ribbon. (Holly and Emily I knew I find the perfect time to use that ribbon) and wala - little leap day bags were born.
It was a good little project to get my mind off some things this week.

in no particular order some events of the week...
I bought 4 pairs of shoes at Target this week - and 2 were actually for me. I have a hard time spending money on buying quality shoes for myself or anything for myself for that mattter. I even have a hard time buying $12.00 on shoes. I am convinced it is because I am trying so hard to clothe three other people in the cheapest way possible that when gets to me I just would rather not buy anything. since I got rid of 75% of my clothes a few weeks ago,(so much for getting on What not to Wear as they will have nothing to throw away) I do feel like what i have left is kind of dated. I had not bought a black pair of shoes for church in 5 years and they look a bit out of style. I can't stomach buying shoes that cost over $50 and will stick with the $12 special from target.

The good mail Fairy came to Annie Kate this week. I ordered one of Jill's Good Mail kits (personalized stationery, good mail labels, photo stickers, return address labels) from her Etsy Store so Annie Kate would have some stationery to send out. She went through the roof when she found out the good mail on the steps was for her. It is so beyond amazing. I love the photo stickers the best! They are all in her favorite color blue. This is the perfect gift, but especially for girls her age.
Here is the link if you want to order some fabulous items from the Good Mail Queen.
but look how cute the envelope stickers are
"Good mail is Great when it comes from Annie Kate"
charolette surprised me with another CD which was just as good as the first.
Cute packaging of the jelly beans. Thank you! and eat a big pink cookie and mint brownie for me.
carlo sent this note in the midst of my being super sick. she sent a Newspaper article about a new Children's book about Abraham Lincoln.
And Carlo I would have done the same thing of removing the stamp the match the envelope.
Lauralee who is doing an awesome giveway right now(it ends on Monday at noon EST) sent her monogram magic my way for Sally Jane's wipes holder. So if I still have to change diapers (so over it) at least my wipes container will be cute. Thanks girl i love it! you can buy one here.
my neighbor just up and brought me flowers because she heard i was sick - i was shocked. I didn't know we were good enough friends to bring flowers to each other and then I think what does that mean? silly me, you can give flowers to anyone! I am glad she picked me.
I got some great mail on the last day of februrary. It came in a Smuckers Peanut butter and sandwhich box. This is excatly why I love using these boxes and here is my trick. if you can keep the contents under 13 oz then you can send it first class - which is so much cheaper than priority. The box and contents were only $2.15. The food boxes are so thin that you are not paying for a majority of the weight in the box. I loved seeing them on my front porch, but loved what was inside even more. (someone sent me the funniest story about using this box to send mail in and someone put it in the freezer.... who was that?)Jen made a cute pink and white monogrammed tin (you can learn to make one here)with a monogrammed key fob.(you can buy one here) One side says my word of the year and one is my initial K - in a ever so cute curly font. I appreciated any thing monogrammed because for every finished piece you have to account for three where the needle broke, ran out of thread or the hoop moved. Thanks so much this is just awesome.
I got my order from Kramerdrive and just love it. I discovered it from a thank you note that was sent to me and just loved the weight of the paper. I seriously have an addiction for 100 lb paper. It is a great site she is just north of me in Pennsylvania.

Mandy sent me this incredible surprise with a wonderful note on a handmade card. The note was printed on the cute cardstock, which I really loved the look of what she did. She sent flower headbands for my daughters , cute metal buckets sprinkles and even some stuff for Annie Kate. She was thanking me for some ribbon that I sent her but said it was too pretty to use. So I emptied the box, used the same mailing labels that were on the box but just switched them and then filled the box full of ribbon telling her that if the first ribbon box was to look at this one is to use. I hope she uses it all up! Thanks Mandy, you have a good memory about the headbands.
i got some more self induced good mail with my stationery order from Good Things (yea Nashville). I am on a mission to get some Thank You's sent out and this order will help me get that going.
Jen sent me the funniest good mail with some citizen citation's to give to people who ask me when I am due? this was so funny and wished I had had them in my purse the other day at the fabric store. Thanks Jen. Don't you love her stationery custom made by the Good Mail Queen! Shawna B. sent me a thank you for her birthday. It is interesting how different cities totally have a symbol to remind you of where you have lived. there is no who has lived in New Orleans that does remember it there when you see the fleur de lis.
barb sent me this very vintage darling valentine that came out blurry in the photo. but the stamps were just as awesome as the good mail. Seriously the queen in all pink - I will say Canadian stamps are pretty awesome.
very clever idea from my sister in law (spencer W's wife) who used a plastic gift bag as the envelope to send their cute Valentine's card. She used her Pink Christmas labels from Doodlebugs. Thanks Kari the third photo is my favorite!!!

I won a personalized sippy cup for Sally Jane, it is so cute, fro Ellie Bellies. Thanks so much. They have weekly giveaways on their blog so you should check it out. All good things come out of Nashville! I think these monogrammed plates could be my favorite thing in their store!!So just when I thought March would be a turn for the better the first day seemed to follow February style. Annie Kate had her last Basketball game of the season. I have only been to 15 minutes of a game the whole season as SJ and CB can not watch the game with the 6 inches that the parents have to watch the game. Jeff always went as he was the assistant coach. I took a total of 7 photos. I feel like I live in a world not made for kids and while everyone was one, they all seem to drive everyone crazy. Try taking your family to Starbucks to get hot chocolate in the winter. Seriously the door should say no kids allowed, because no one in there wants them. Anyway...
I was fully prepared to go to the game by myself as Jeff is out of town and I even got someone to watch my kids. Annie Kate spent all morning preparing her video camera (yes her video camera she had saved up 2 years to buy it when she was 7) to have me tape the whole game. They had their award ceremony afterwards and I knew I could not handle them by myself. We left the house late and then got lost (I am so tired of still getting lost after two years of living here - GPS failed me today) and could not find the new location of the game (changed because of snow last week) We were so late I didn't have time to drop the kids off and sucked it up to take them in. Annie kate had her heart set on videoing the game in it's entirety.
One of my kids is always crying and I guess i am more used to it than the general public. Sally Jane started crying as soon as we got in the gym and was uncontrollable for a good 10 minutes. One of the refs stuck his fingers in his ears and looked at me to take her out. Even I was amazed by her volume in a screaming gym with basketball game going on. I ignored it the first two times but the third time our eyes met and he knew I saw him. I could not have felt more alone today sitting there out numbered by my two. I tried to video tape by Sally Jane kept hitting the camera. I then felt myself getting ready to lose it (which I totally did 5 mintutes later but at least it was in my car) I got up with tears streaming down my face and went to the other side of they gym and asked one of the Dad's if he would take AK to the awards lunch and home after the game. I could barely talk. I then made the embarrassing walk back to the door to push out my double stroller,that was not made for gym doors, to the car. Sally Jane did not stop until 5 minutes before we got home. She was crying because Caroline was holding one of her yellow wooden fish. I felt horrible leaving and didn't even try to get Annie Kate's attention that i was leaving. I didn't have the heart.
Annie Kate got home and I could tell she was trying to hold it together like I was a few hours before. The mom who dropped her off told me she was a little upset when during the game she looked around and couldn't find me. At the awards lunch the coach had the girls stand on a chair and tell them all the wonderful things about them, rats I would have rather seen that then the game. Then she lost it just like me. "Why did you leave?" You didn't tape the game. She then tells me that during the game she rebounded the ball and dribbled it all the way down the court and made a basket. It was then she looked in the corner and didn't see me. She really started crying at this point. She said she went to the corner of the gym where had been sitting to look for the video camera thinking I would have left it for her to video tape the game. (she is a trusting child) She said, Mom I could have videoed the game when I was on the bench. Her comment Last Sunday about the girls getting all the attention sure made a lot of sense today. And I wonder why she wishes why she wants to be an only child.
oh the joys and pains of parenthood.
To end on a Pink note, Sally Jane got this little poster in Nursery on Sunday that says, "Heavenly Father and Jesus Love me" She carried it with her every where the whole day last week. So I taped it to her bed and every night this week after her prayers she puts her dainty finger under each word and says, "Vevenly Fader and Jesus Wuvs .... (long pause...and then yells) ME!


Amanda L. said...

Oh Kristi! My heart just breaks for you reading about that basketball game! Terry travels a lot for work and I know how difficult it is to try and do things alone...especially something like a bball game with a crying toddler. Someday AK will understand you did what you had to do. I'm with you...good riddance to February. I am dying for some sunshine to life my mood. You did get some great good mail this week and good for you for ending your post on a "pink" note.

Jill said...

I'm sorry February has sucked so badly for you. I hope March is a great month for you.

Oh my goodness, this is a ton of good mail! I'm so glad you posted it. It's so nice to see all the goodness people send you.

I'm so sorry you got kicked out of the basketball game and have to deal with Annie Kate being upset. That's the worst! It's a little bit funny to think about in retrospect, but not when considering how awful you felt.

Kim Sue said...

that bites! I know it feels horrible when you can't be all things for your kiddos. I hope your March has started out better than your February ended.

charlotte said...

Sorry February was such a downer month for you--yay for March! And so sorry about the basketball game--that does not sound in anyway like a good experience.

patsy said...

Oh boy your story about the screaming took me right back in time- not far enough. I am so sorry. I can so relate.

I hope march is 100% better than February!

Ashley said...

I just had my second baby and have already lost it multiple times when both are screaming at once. I don't know how anyone does three kids or more. That story was so sad, but they will grow up and be soooo grateful to have siblings, right??? Motherhood is NOT easy.

sorichfamily said...

Kristi, you are so amazing!! You are such an incredible wife and mother. I really aspire to be MORE when I read your blog!!

I just thought I would share my insight/experiences growing up in the same dynamic. I was the oldest of 3 girls (they were 4-5 yrs. younger) and would frequently wish that I was an only child because my two little sisters were so close in age and they just got along so well. I sometimes felt left out of their playtime or that they were "too annoying and little" for things I liked. And I too was on a b-ball team and had some parent-less games or ones with my mom coming in and out, trying to survive, just so she could support me.

Now that I look back I just appreciate that she made the effort. I know how hard it must have been for her. And I think knowing that she loved me and that I had a great family made me more confident and independent. I wasn't afraid to just be me, even when I was left to stand alone.

But, over time, and with age, my sisters and I have become wonderful friends who talk on the phone almost every day now that we are grown. I couldn't imagine my life without them...and I have so many great memories of fun things we did find to do dance parties, and sleepovers on our floor, playing after school in the backyard, teaching them all they should know about everything, and so many other fun things that only sisters can do!! Plus, my parents added a brother at the end...poor guy!! :)

I don't know if that perspective helped at all, but
I think Annie Kate will achieve great things and love those "little girl's" so much in the process. It'll just take her some time and patience. so...
...Keep your chin up...March is shaping up to be GREAT!! Just remember...PACE! :)

Becky said...

After getting my adorable magnet and birthday card from you today (thanks sooo much!) I stopped by your blog to catch up since I haven't read in over a week.

Your basketball story just made my heart ache--for me and for you! I'm so sad that your February has been miserable and I'm hoping that March will be all pink!

P.S. Love, love, love that you bought a stationery set for AK from Jill!

Natasha said...

March just has to look up for you!

That vintage Valentine from Barb is the sweetest!

Jill made some of those square picture labels for Whitney to give Luci and Luci just loves them. I like all the blue stationery for Annie Kate.

Anonymous said...

I am with you Kristi..yeah for March. I was also sick for the first half of the month!! I am so sure that AK will remember all the great things that you do for her (you inspire me to be a better mother) and one day will look back w/ her sisters and totally laugh at the times like the basketball games!!

kelly a

michelle said...

Wow, this was a loaded post! I don't know anyone but you that could do all those darling little leap day bags, Kristi. I'll bet all the recipients were happily surprised!

I'm glad you got so much good mail to boost your spirits during a difficult time. And I LOVE that you turned around and sent another package of ribbon to Mandy -- perfect!

The basketball game... so sad. I hate the mental picture I have of you trudging across the gym to ask another parent to take AK and just barely holding it together. Motherhood is so hard. Just remember all the cute "sister power" things they do together and know that they will be great friends and appreciate each other and all you do for them!

March just has got to be better for you.

Price Cream Parlor said...

March is YOUR month - I can feel it! I can't imagine being sick most of Feb!
Those Leap Day bags are so dang cute! Wish I would have seen them before the 29th! I will have to hold onto that thought for the next one! HA!
Good Mail goodness! Always a treat! I am LOVING the citizen citation! Honestly - so creative and funny!
Parenting is so hard at times! I can totally feel your pain about the game! Good thing that children are so resilent!

Jenmomof4 said...


I am so glad you enjoyed the Good Mail! I was the one that told you of the story about the MIL putting the box in her frezer! I had sent my LOVE Swap gift in the Smuckers box. That story cracked me up!! said...

I can not wait to read about all the wonderful things March brings to you!!!

Love your good mail posts. they are the best! ... and why did I know know that Kari was your SIL?? I never put that together. I feel like such a DUH moment!

katherine said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough February. I totally get the "not kid friendly" places that should be kid friendly. I've learned to give the "evil eye" back to people (I'm less compassionate than you though). I'm serious when I say that I wish I was at that game so I could've used my newly developed skill of the "evil eye", that ref would've been avoiding making eye contact for sure. (He deserved a civilian citation!)
However, the pink note ending was sure cute. Take care :)

Stephenson Family said...

I think sometimes people forget or just don't understand what it's like to have young kids. We can barely show our face in our library anymore - we have to go at certain times otherwise we get glares and librarians coming over to us to remove ourselves from areas where tutoring is going on. I just think "this too shall pass."

Enjoy the beginning of your March!

forgetfulone said...

Just came across your blog. I'm enjoying it! February - good riddance for sure! I've been sick the entire month. Still not completely 100%. Sorry about your daughter crying during the basketball game. You really got some good mail this month! Love all the cute stuff. Thanks for the tip on food boxes weighing less and being cheaper than regular boxes to mail.

Windy said...

Sorry about the basketball game. My oldest constantly wishes she didn't have a brother or sister. She also begs me to tell her that she's adopted so that she doesn't have to claim the same gene pool as her siblings. What can you do?! Smile and reach for the Prozac/chocolate/or whatever gets you through the day!

Sally Jane's nursery poster story was too precious! Thanks for sharing.

Here's to a great March!

Liz said...

Oh Kristi! What a hard day that must have been! I wish I could have helped you out with the girls! As a mother I totally understand what it is like to have a screaming out of control child. You are right, many people in this world behave like they were never a child once too. It is unbelievable!

I hope Annie Kate understood when you explained to her what happened with Sally Jane. Of course it may take for her to be the mother with the screaming child before she understands. :)

I sure hope March is a better month for you, health wise and mental wise as well!

Thanks for the cute thank you note!

Laurie said...

Thanks for posting all the good mail. I checked out kramer drive and LOOOOVE what I see there.

Hope March is beautiful for you!

I just got your cute, cute thank you note in the mail. Thanks!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

Glad you love Kramer Drive. I think their things are wonderful and they are so nice too!