Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day 2008

I am convinced one of the hidden blessing of me getting sick these past two weeks is to become totally disgusted with the mess in my house. The Sunday that my friends came into my home to get my kids ready for church I was horrified by what state they found my house in and having to find socks in their unorganized drawers pushed me over the edge. I knew it was time to do something about it. So I cleaned every closet and drawer in our home. I got rid of 75% of my clothing - I seriously have like 20 items left. It must have been all that "what not to wear" watching while I was sick. I filled 19 large trash bags of clothing, shoes and stuff that needed to get out of my tall skinny home.
So today we drove to Value Village to drop it off and find some church shoes for Caroline. (they always have the best European shoes there) I had gone to Nordstrom (man that place is so overpriced!) to just bite the bullet and buy her some church shoes and tennis shoes. I found the ones I wanted but they had to order both of them in . The total would have been over $100 and I just didn't even care. I was tired of having her wear her tennis shoes every sunday with her smocked dress. But it must have been fate because the salesman never called me back with the order.We walked into one very packed Value Village. It was crazy. I didn't know until after I checked out that every thing was half off! no wonder. I found these darling double buckle pink shoes in Caroline's size as well as a new pair of Addidas Tennis shoes. Shoe total for both $3.25found Annie Kate a new Lilly Pullizter look alike dress with the tags. The price was $2.50 but with the big sale we got it for $1.25I have been on the hunt for a punch bowl for two friends. One is local and the other is a blogger who I so bad want to find her a cool one and send it to her because of a comment she made once on my blog. I was excited to find one today. It is a great shallow bowl and had all 12 cups, with a unique square pedestal and the glass ladel. This was a steal for $9.00
I wrapped it all up to thank her for saving my behind while Jeff was out of town. Again the power of cellophane and ribbon.While I was taking the photo of the bowl I had to take a photo of my thrifted punch bowl from Goodwill in Tennessee. I have this fear that it will break and I will never have a photo of it. I love this bowl and it was a steal with all 12 glasses for $12.00. I have seen this a few times on ebay for well over $60.00.We had not planned on looking for shoes for Annie Kate but could not turn down these Merrell's for her, they will probably fit this summer. $2.25Poor Annie Kate lives in a Lilly Pulitzer/Preppy - Camoflauge world. She loves the pink and green look I think for me but just wants to wear camo every day. I am not sure if it has anything to do with Jeff being in the army - so has only seen him in his uniform a few times. But these Old Navy near new pants were great for $3.00
We also got her a new Redskins Jersey for $6.00. They have so many kids Jersery's of every single team there in case anyone is interested.

So our Value Village trip was a success. We got rid of our junk and came home with more.

We then went to the zoo. Which added to our thrifty day as the admission to the National Zoo is free. The kids just love it there. With it being free you don't ever feel any pressure to see more than one thing.

The kids did get ice cream which we probably spent more on that than our entire Value Village bill. It stared to rain as I was taking this photo (rain drop on lens) so after our journey to see the mini monkeys we ran back to the car. I got an email from a Pink Christmas gal who lives in Virginia that she saw me there but didn't say anything. Oh I hope it was she was just nervous and not because I was yelling at my kids and she was thinking, "that isn't very Pink-like" So if you ever see me feel free to stop me - I just warn against making surprise visits to my home - I can not guarantee the state of me or my home.
While at the zoo I again was reminded at what a melting pot we live in. At times when we travel back west i always seem to say, "Everyone here looks exactly the same" When I was in Utah last fall in the airport I swore everyone had the same haircut.
But at the zoo I did more people watching than I did the animals. I heard 3 languages that I could not even recognize what they were. It is just fascinating to me and I feel lucky to live here as I know some day we will move and live somewhere where everyone looks the same.

For Family Home Evening we gave each kid a new folder to collect the Presidential Dollar coins that came out this year. The quarter collecting has been such a big hit I thought we would do the dollars too. I also bought the Caldecott award winning book, "So you want to be President" a fun read for kids this year. It is a wealth of information on past presidents and written so any age will want to listen. We gave the girls their first dollar coin.

Hope your President's day was Presidential!


melanie said...

I get jealous (a good jealous) every time you post your Value Village/Goodwill deals. You definitely found some steals this time. Love the punch bowl.

So great to have a free zoo! I don't like the pressure to smell all the stinky animals in one day. But if it were free, only a few stinky ones at a time. Perfect!

Bek said...

Wow.. you do find good stuff!! Great job....

Anonymous said...

Okay, now you know how to shop!!! I cannot believe what you are able to find. Love the punch bowls. When we moved my wonderful punch bowl my mother's) ended up being squashed at the bottom of the box. There are some things that the movers should pack....... Anyway, glad you are able to find such great bargains. I need someone to help me clean out my closet. I do it in small doses as the D.I. (Deseret Industries) is just a couple miles away. Would love to just pitch and throw!!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

A quick trip to the zoo is always fun. I am always taken back with the fun bargains that you find. One day, I hope to be able to find something note worthy to post about. I only seem to go in when my teen needs something silly for school.
Looks like a great new book for the littles! I will have to check that out!

carlo said...

My of my what a great day!

great steals and the punch bowls? lovely, lovely.

how do you find the LP dresses? i am in awe and so excited for you to see another steal. too great

also the fun Quarter books- cass chose one at our school bookfair. we were so excited.

Rebecca said...

You make me want to move to DC!

Julia said...

What a great way to celebrate President's Day. You find such great stuff at Value Village.

I agree with you about how wonderful it is to live in a multicultural town. I think we often forget what a blessing it is. It is funny how quickly I notice the lack of diversity when we go other places.

Elizabeth said...

I have been trying to stay away from my favorite thrift store for awhile. I find way too many deals. I planned a outing there soon before the baby comes. I found a punch bowl last year with all 12 cups too. I just need to find a laddle now.

Jill said...

Your Value Village and Goodwill finds are always mind-blowing for me because I've never been to a thrift store and found such amazing things. Great scores!

I wouldn't mind going to the zoo more often if it was free. How funny that a blogger saw you and didn't speak to you. She must have been star-struck.

Jenmomof4 said...

Great posts about your bargains! I hit our Goodwill every Tue after I drop Abigale off at Preschool. I need to start posting my good finds!!

I love the National Zoo. We went a few summers ago and had a great time. We loved the monkey's!!

mimi said...

Dad and I took a huge load from the food storage room to the Arc 2 weeks ago--Christmas stuff not being used and other holiday clutter and decor. Now we have room for more! We should actually buy food storage--duh.
Good shopping at Goodwill. Oh, bytheway, Dad bought a sofa and love seat, lamp and small table at the Arc for the office. They are kinda the 80's look, but very clean and in great shape. An employee took that huge ratty green and white couch, that had fallen apart, home. I bet his wife was Happy. Not.

Laurie said...

I love seeing all the bargains you find. Great stuff. Love the punch bowl finds. And so fun that you have a zoo you can visit for free! Thanks for the bundt recipe.

Anonymous said...

You always make me want to visit DC- so glad you are feeling good enough to get out there.

Your thrift finds are so great- I think you have to have an eye for that and it is obvious you do.

I would go to the zoo a lot if it were free- and how funny that a blogger saw you and didn't say anything!

Rachel said...

First off, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in your self portrait on the last post! Those caramel rolls are a STAPLE around here! And I am needing to get my thrift on after reading about your success! Merrells are a super great find ( I love mine) and your FHE was very fitting! Hooray for health!!!

TheVasquez3 said...

wow wow wow!!! i am very impressed with all of your STEALS!!

i am the same kind of shopper...i love a bargain!!

looks like a great day!!

Stephanie said...

I love de-junking myself. It is truly liberating. Sometimes I feel like I only have 20 (or 15) items in my wardrobe too but at least I love them, and wear them. 19 are inspiring!

Melinda said...

I am so darn jelous of your finds out there!! You find the best stuff!

Amanda L. said...

My good will stops leave so much to be desired!

Love watching "What not to wear"'s helped me declutter my closet as well! And, put a bit more thought into what I purchase.

My grandma sent those Presidential dollar folders to my kids for Christmas. We are excited to start collecting as well!

I think you were sick to help you reconnect with your neighborhood ward. A few months after we moved across the country I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. I had no family and my ward stepped in and took care of kids, brought food, etc. It really helped to solidify friendships with so many people here.

Amy W. said...

I just had to say your hair looks tooo cute Miss Kristi! I am loving the shorter in back/longer in front style I'm seeing these days--very tempting!

I just looked up where the closest Value Village is to us this very morning--this post has reaffirmed my need to get there. Lovin' those shoes!!!!!

michelle said...

I want to go to YOUR thrift stores! With you -- because you find the best deals ever. Those pink shoes for Caroline! Oh my. And how satisfying to get rid of so much stuff from your house. It's a continual effort for me.

Being in the midst of a diverse population is one of my favorite reasons for getting out of Utah!

michelle said...

p.s. you are so right about the cellophane and ribbon -- it makes anything look cuter. I put valentine cookies in a cellophane bag and tied them with some of the ribbon you sent me. It matched perfectly and it made the cookies so much cuter than they were!

Barb said...

I think this is the first time I have ever read you TAKING things to Value Village. I love the 50% off days for the deals, but it is usually too busy.
Your Tennesse Punch bowl is beautiful! I haven't been thrifting in awhile, you're giving me the itch.

lelly said...

oh, i'm so glad you are back to your thrifty self! love reading about your adventures and great finds!!

jack has just gotten the bug to collect quarters. he's on a roll to fill up his first folder - i laugh every time i think of telling about the "D" and the "P".

Missy said...

I can't believe I missed the opportunity to say hello. I am really kicking myself for not stopping you! My first thought was I couldn't believe I saw you in the middle of a city the size of DC - running into you randomly like that!
Jill is right, I was starstruck! I feel like I know you and your family from your blog!
I love your value village finds. I need to find a good thrift store! My best value ever is my dining room set - table, 6 chairs, a china cabinet and a buffet. I found them at Goodwill and they were $500, but it was half price day so I got them all for $250. Unbelievable!
let's go thrifting sometime!!

Liz said...

What a fun day you had! I love all the really neat things you were able to find at Value Village!

Those books look neat, I will have to check them out.