Thursday, February 21, 2008

Six, Silky Soupies for
Sleeping Sweet Sally Jane
who is snuggling with a snoring swine.

My little Sally Jane is obsessed with soupies. She has Purple one, a White one from Grammy, a mini white soupie from my friend Kim G., a yellow one she got for Christmas, a white one with ruffle edge and green one she pulled out of my embroidery stash that were to monogrammed and given as baby gifts - and yesterday she carried them everywhere with her. When she went to bed I had to take a photo of all 6 of them stacked up on top of her. She slept with her Valentine Fairy gift of the snoring pig. Have you seen these they are so funny. She tucks the pig next to her cheek so that the flapping ear hits her face until she falls asleep.
I even found a video on youtube.

before i put them to bed last night I found all three of them having a Sister Power pow wow underneath the comforter on the top bunk. These are the photos I got by sticking my camera under there.It was 10:30 - way past their bed times but they were waiting for Jeff to come home to do the nightly wrestling match. Sally Jane could not stay up any longer and asked to be put to bed. As for Caroline and Annie Kate they were geared and ready to do. Here is a photo of Caroline flying in the air getting ready to land on Jeff. She totally won the night. Me and the girls made a much needed visit to the library and here a few books I picked up that I recommend for you crafty gals to glance at.
The first one is B is for Baby by Suzonne Stirling. This book is packed full of great craft ideas that can be adapted for any age, but wonderful if you want to make something handmade for a baby gift.
These were darling matchbox announcements

and they have great patterns for little felt shoes too.
I picked up this button jewelry book by Susan Davis and I have looked through it 5 times already!But this book is a must to put on your library list! (please tell me you all have your local library bookmarked online so you can just have your library hold it for you - it is the way to go)
***edit. from Amy's comment. My library does not carry all these fun books on the shelf either. But you can request any book from your library. They will find it from other libraries or often order it in if it is new. That is why it is so key to work them online, just email them a list!
Kitschy Crafts - A celebration of overlooked 20th century crafts
This book is AWESOME. If I had my own business or was starting my own business I would run to get this book. Bringing back vintage crafts could make you some serious money.

but they had the pattern for these GRAPES. My grandmother had these in her basement window and made them in Relief Society at church. oh my i can't believe they have how to make them in this book. I so want to make them, but the instructions were a tad overwhelming. they even had a pineapple made out of them. Ok these in pink.... are calling my name.

. . . . . . . . . .
Has anyone made these glass grapes before?
Does anyone in my family know what happened to grandma's grapes?
Have you seen that snoring pig before?
Am I crazy for letting my kids stay up to wrestle with their dad?
. . . . . . . . . .


andrea said...

I just made a trip to the library to find out my password so I can request stuff online. I love reading blogging friends book reviews and being able to put the book on hold at the library.

We had the glass grapes growing up too. Love them.

Autumn said...

i will have to check out the library online. We usually only go to the library once a year during the summer~bad mom i know!

I've never seen glass grapes! Are you trying to tell us something with the baby craft book? :)

I think it's great that you let the kids stay up to see dad but mine would never get up the next day for school. 9:30 is even too late & we pay dearly for it the next day!

Amy said...

How I wish our library had any craft books publishes after 1982! I love craft books but I have to buy them all. I would be more than happy to check them out from the library, because I usually only look through them and make nothing from them. That's one of my goals when my studio is unpacked--to use my craft books! But checking them out from the library would be so, so much better

carlo said...

what fun you are!!

i love our library. the travel section alone could occupy me for hours! we try to go at least once a week.

the soupies are darling.

Jill said...

I can totally understand the soupie thing, I'm all about being cozy too.

I've never seen those pig stuffed animals before, but think it would be very disconcerting to have something snoring in my face (other than Randy of course).

I love your visits to the library!

Liz said...

I don't know how to make glass grapes. But, I just saw that book somewhere, and thought hmmm looks interesting.

I have never seen the snoring pig before, so that was new and funny!

I think it is fine to let the kiddos stay up that late to wait up for Daddy....just not every night! :)

Andie said...

OK, that pig is a hoot!

And we have a set of those grapes kicking around from my Grandma's house. I think they may have ended up at the family cabin.

Oh, we also have a "soupy" issue going on at our place these days as well.

Amanda :-) said...

OWWWWWW!!! Jeff must have a back of steel!

Glass grapes. Nope, you've lost me there. But they do look intruiging.

It's ages since I went to our library, but I love looking at old cookery books. The photos can be so weird!

Natasha said...

Griffin and I went to the library today. My kids love to do that, to them it's a treat. It's fun to see what they choose too - he (age 4) came home with a child's architecture book, 2 books on Christianity, a book about wizards and dragons, a bunch of fiction, and the DVD Stuart Little 2. What a variety!

I have never heard of glass grapes or that pig.

Carrie said...

My grandma had glass grapes too! Now you've inspired me to go look for that book (even though I am about the least crafty person I know). I love the snoring pig.

Elisa said...

I think I remember purple grapes...vaguely. I am assuming you were talking about Grandma R and not Nona..since I don't think she did the Relief Society thing.

Anyway, I don't know where they are but I will ask Julia since she lives in the house. Maybe they are in the garage?? If we locate them, they are yours for sure!

Adam said...

I bet jeff is like, oh yeah right there a little lower please...

mimi said...

You know I would like to know where those grapes are, too. Are they still in the basement?

I think Mom made them at Provo Craft. Did they become Roberts?

Shauna said...

My Grandma made those grapes, also. She made a few hanging lights with the grapes. I always thought they were so cool.

michelle said...

I love to see the things you check out from the library. And I LOVE the sister power! With the soft fabrics they make these days, who can blame Sally Jane for wanting to cozy up with all those soupies? I'd do it myself.

Mamma Letty said...

I have the grapes...I purchased them when I was single from a thrift store.
Later my good friend and R.s. president told me that they used to say that if had the grapes in your home you were destined to be the next r.s. president.
I too like them.
They match my 70's kitchen so well.
If you make them you will have to post about it.

pjmesser said...

I almost bought that b baby book a month or so ago. I really need to request it at the library- so glad you featured it in your blog today! I haven't been to the library online for a LONG TIME great idea!
I remember the glass grapes & plastic ones too. My sister & I used to pick off the plastic ones & use them as little suction cups???? I'm sure my mom didn't know that...

Elizabeth said...

I definitely have my library bookmarked. It is so fun to go and pick up a big stack on books and movies waiting at the counter for me every Wednesday. I just brought home a bunch of cookbooks to get some dinner ideas.

Missy said...

I love the library system and being able to order books online and have them hold them for me. I do it all the time! I have to otherwise I would go crazy having to search the library with my 3 girls! I do take them so they can look (well, the older ones) but they are loud and disturb people in the adult section.
I am going to order the books you suggested - they look terrific!

I have never seen those glass grapes. How interesting! I think it is great that you let your kids stay up. Everybody thinks I let my girls stay up too late, but they take good naps, and if they didn't stay up late, they wouldn't see their Daddy very much!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I've never, ever heard of glass grapes before. I was born in 1970, you'd think I'd have known about them!
The book finds are great.
And holy cow, your husband is a saint to have worked all day and then let them jump on him. Is he in traction now?

Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear of the book, will order today. Your blog is great. I've found it's difficult to locate interesting mom blogs that talk about the same 'ol same 'ol. I'd love to link to ya ... if you prefer not, just let me know.

LeAnne said...

What a great stash of books you picked up! Enjoy and I hope you get lots of ideas!

I log onto my library's page all the time and am always adding great books to my request list. Libraries rock!

Bek said...

When I was at Princeton, one of my friends was doing her thesis on "Kitch" and one whole section was dedicated to "Mormon Kitch" (she was not LDS). She came to church one day ASKING for someone to lend her some grapes. Sadly everyone remembered either making them at one time, their grandmother or mother having them, etc but no one could actually come up with any.

It must have been quite a project for its time since it seems everyone had some at some point? WHere do you think they all went?

Amanda L. said...

Those are some awesome craft books! How inspiring!

Sometimes I let my kids stay up late to wait for not, but I'm not as nice of a mom, and usually put them to bed because they are not happy (and neither am I) the next day.

My Grandma had glass grapes too...hmmm..where did they all go?

Love the pig. My son would die over it I know. How cute!

Laurie said...

Love the title of the post.

stacy{s} said...

My mom had some of those grapes made out of stones. I loved them! They were perfect when we wanted to play grocery store. She made them in Relief Society at church. I should ask her how.