Saturday, February 02, 2008

Way to Be!
I took on the challenge of dedicating my run today to the life of President Hinckley. Thanks to Marathon Mommy who invited anyone to do so. I can guarantee I would never have gone running today without a purpose to go. I have definitely been feeling the effects this week of how my body handles cold weather - which is not great. My fibromyagia seems to rage through my body during the winter months and this week must have been it's Mardi Gras.

Jeff and Annie Kate had her basketball game to go to, so I knew if it was going to happen today I would have to be taking the kids for my 6 mile goal. Getting them dressed and in the stroller seemed to be more exhausting than normal and at least 5 times I tried to talk myself out of going. Exercise seems to be the one thing that helps me feel better but is is a catch 22 because it is the last thing i want to do when I feel bad.

the weather was actually amazing - in a weird East Coast February day. It was still freezing for me, but there was no ice falling from the sky like the day before so I was thrilled.

I downloaded the book "Way to Be!" 9 ways to be happy and make something of your life written by Gordon B. Hinckley.
summary of the book, not written by me -
"his inspiring, upbeat, life-affirming book shows teenagers and their families how to navigate through the moral minefields of contemporary life and how to truly enjoy the opportunities and blessings that the modern world has to offer."

This was amazing! I am going to have to listen to more books while running. I was a little worried I would not have the desire to run without my Radio Disney music blaring in my ears - but this was an amazing experience. It also helped me having all the 9B's written down and slipped under my rain guard on the stroller. I really thought about each one.

My stroller made it through many parts of the neighborhood

I slowed down for the school zone - hee hee.

While I don't usually go on the sidewalks with my sleigh I always love walking on this curve with the brick path.
this is my half way point by the river and where i always practice my "crossing the finish line" pose - yet I didn't do it today, i was way to into the book.
The part of the book "Be True" was on while I was walking down this part of the street. I loved his comment although I don't remember exactly how he said it but that we have to believe that "what we do today will affect our tomorrow." I realized how much I learned this during training for the marathon - me taking the time to rest helped me better to run, me choosing to run made me stronger for the race, what I put in my body for 6 months helped me on the day of. I seem to barely be learning this point of investing in myself today for tomorrow.
The end of my run I was able to end going past our church building. I am truly grateful to be a member of my church and to have a prophet to guide it. I am grateful for his wise wisdom in encouraging me to be:
Grateful, Smart, Clean, True,
Humble, Involved, Positive, Still and Prayerful

I would highly reccomend this book for any age at any stage of life and any religion and would be happy to send a copy of the book if this is your first time hearing about it.


Jill said...

Good for you Kristi! Way to get out there in the cold even though you weren't feeling so good!

I love listening to books on my iPod and am always amazed at how much I love it, no matter what I'm doing.

Kara Jayne said...

Good for you Kristi! I had gorgeous almost 60 degree weather, was by myself and only managed five miles. It was great though, since it has been about a month since I've run. It was a great way to rededicate myself to a daily run. I didn't take any great pictures like you!!

tootie said...

Your posts are always so inspirational! I'll definitely be going for a run today. By the way, I bought a pair of the Balga socks that you recommended. They feel SO soft - can't wait to try them out!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Bravo for running against the odds. This was such a wise line: "investing in myself today for tomorrow." Thanks for writing it, I'm going to remember that Kristi-ism.

Jen said...

way to be! :) so nice that you got to go out for a run and great how you dedicated it. i so remember that talk from president hinckley and i think about it often- i love the frame you sent me because even though it's not the be's he talked about, it's similar and i loved it-

carlo said...

that is so great that you were out there and got through it with some help from above! :)

Elizabeth said...

I just saw that book on the helf and pulled it down. I can't wait to read it again.

Autumn said...

great job! Where can you download the book at? I clicked on the link and it didn't work.

Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Yes, definitely, way to be! I'm so glad you share these things because they are inspiring all around.

And, I just have to say that you have the most quaint neighborhood. I always love to see your photos. But, I almost croaked to see your church photo with the beehives on the pillar. I love those!

Shauna said...

Great job! Way to Be! Excellent book! I also recommend reading or listening to "Go Forward With Faith" the biography of President Hinkley by Sheri L Dew

Tasha said...

Kristi- You rock! I am not running outside until its 45 again, which seriously may be May here- HA! I see all these people running when its like 20 degrees and icy and I am honking at them and waving and they must think I am nuts.

That article you told me about on the KA running blog was so great!

So great to talk to you!

robin said...

You continue to inspire me! I hope you had a great Sunday-- we missed you!

Ashley said...

I am so impressed that you can run that far pushing a double stroller. They make running about 10 times harder! You must be getting very buff. Cool about dedicating the run to President Hinckley.

sista # 2 said...

He was the best and that is the best book ;) Janae

Mindy said...

I talked about the 6 be's in primary today in honor of Pres. Hinckley. Great post Kristi!

charlotte said...

I love that book! It is so inspiring and listening to books on tape is awesome!

michelle said...

"I seem to barely be learning this point of investing in myself today for tomorrow." This is a seriously great epiphany, Kristi! One I need to ponder on.

Amanda :-) said...

I'm so glad you did this run, listening to this book, but it's also comforting to know that you are human and still have to gee yourself up sometimes. It gives hope to the rest of us!

In our bible study group a while ago we all wrote a personal note to ourselves and sealed it in a little envelope. It was a message of support to ourselves and the idea is that you open it when you are really, really feeling low and alone. I carry mine in my handbag every day and haven't opened it yet. I wonder how long it will be til I do open it, but I don't dwell on it!
Maybe you should write a note to yourself, written from a post-run Kristi to a pre-run Kristi, convincing her that she really, really, really SHOULD get her kit on and get out running?

Wende said...

i'm so proud of you kristi! i have a hard time exercising when i DO feel good, and i DON'T have any kind of illness - except lazyism. i love this book of president hinkley's, so inspiring, what a great idea to listen to it on your run! good for you!