Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good mail fast.

This post has been sitting in my draft box for so long and it has got to come out. So here it is fast!
eBay saved me by offering me super great deals on new Easter Dresses. can't wait for them to wear them tomorrow.

my nephew Jack was baptized today, here is his cute photo and announcement.
Annie Kate got her first set of stickers from some Oregon friends!
my mom sent me this darling fold out card! She could tell I was sick even though kept telling her i was fine.
Tasha, continues to entice me with the west. keep it coming - I need all the tempting i can get.
Amy M. continues to amaze me with her photography skills.
Becky, gave me way more for a thank you than I even gave her for her birthday!
so nice
here is my ever so awesome metal shamrock. It is so amazing, I love it and I could have sold 100 in my neighbor hood. Thank so much Debbie. seriously when you sell these let me shout all about it on my blog.

my mother in law could tell i was in the dumps the other day on the phone. So much for faking it!
Jill sent me this amazing thank you for a package I sent her. (book hand covered by Anne)
she sent me a photo of everything I sent her and even her smiling after she opened it. Jill is so amazing that she enjoys thanking people more than she enjoys receiving things!
Jeff's grandma sent me this card - it was so fun to get it in the mail. I had sent her some personalized stationery from Doodlebugs and it was fun to see her use it.
how cute is this birth announcement for new Lyla in our family! sent me some little note tags even though the misorder was my fault. So nice and they are awesome!
Barb, sent the funniest thing ever. you have to click on this to read it. I don't know how you do it girl, your creativity is amazing! Thanks
Elizabeth sent me this awesome quote with her word of the year. Her word is Love.
Jessica sent me this fun colored note and I love seeing Jill's good mail labels floating everywhere.

so i know this was so fast, and i didn't link anyone but I had to get this out of my drafts. So lucky for me that the good mail tree is sprouting this spring! and I still have more good mail to hang on my tree and take pictures of.


Anne said...

Love the shamrock. I definitely spent a minute admiring it when I stopped by your house today.

Awesome letter from Barb. That cracked me up!

I can't take credit for the photo album thingy. My sister made it (but it is where I got the inspiration for my Pink Christmas gift) :)

Have so much fun at the beach next week. It will be so nice to escape, especially considering the cold weather we've been having these days!!!!!

Tasha said...

That is one post full of goodness for sure! It is so wonderful to see so many women supporting one another in one place. That unsolicited feedback notice made me laugh so hard. That is true wit.

Have so much fun at the beach!

Those Easter dresses are beautiful!

I had no idea that G-town had such a small undergrad student body! I guessed that it was so pricey. Can you imagine leaving home at 18 and moving to DC? What an amazing experience! I was nervous to move to Cedar City! Sheesh!

TheVasquez3 said...

wow that is a whole lot of goodness there!! my head is spinning from all of the luck girlie you!!

Debbie said...

You guys are too funny! I can't believe how nice everybody is being about that silly shamrock. I do have to admit my local buddies have enjoyed them too. We started with hearts for Valentines and then followed it up with the shamrocks. We did list them for sale on my friend's etsy shop, but I didn't mention it because I didn't want Kristi to think I was trying to get a plug for them on her blog by sending her one - I wanted it to be a true "good mail/thank you." But since so many people have commented such nice things I thought I better let you guys know that we are in the works of getting a few more ready for Spring/Summer. We wanted to try and get a floppy eared bunny or an egg done for Easter, but it just snuck up on us so fast! We are for sure doing a star and a flag for summer and maybe we can figure something out for what is left for spring. I am thinking a pumpkin would be fun for fall - I will keep you posted. Kristi - if you really do like them just let me know and I can keep them coming your way when we get a new one figured out. Thanks again for all the nice comments. :-)

Jill said...

It's so nice to see your good mail tree in bloom again!

Anonymous said...

I am dying over Barb's feedback letter. That is brilliant- I am laughing so hard. Love how Jill used that accordion album- so smart!

Becky said...

Yeah for good mail! Barb's letter was hilarious, Jill's album was lovely, I love the shamrock, and I'm so glad my package made it safe and sound :)

michelle said...

I sure do love it when your good mail tree is in bloom. Please tell me where you are finding your dresses on eBay!

Claudissima said...

brilliant as always...i love the hydrengeas photo from AMY M. is one of my favorite flowers...soo much goodness.!