Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's a grocery cart, not a go-cart
by Kate Spade

One of my recent books I checked out at the library was Manners by Kate Spade. Thank you Mrs. Spade for writing this book and i hope to make it available to everyone I know.
she covers the do 's and don't of almost all my freaky pet peeves. (except she didn't mention anything about drivers who don't use their turn signal - rats!)

But she did touch on my fetish about grocery carts, cell phones and elevators. So, today I chose to highlight the grocery carts with little bit of journaling. But you better believe I will revisit the cell phone issue for those who don't run and get this book from the library.

I decided to start taking photos this year of the grocery carts I push. What a simple way to remember every where you went this year. No on has to pose for the photo, it doesn't matter if you brushed your hair that day (or in my case washed it).

Here are a few of Kate's manners of pushing the cart.
my cart at Safeway
Aisle etiquette - When you park your cart, hug the wall, not the center of the isle; before you turn a corner, look ahead to see if the lane is clear.

{you can not see in the photo but I always seat belt my purse to the cart, so that if someone tried to steal the purse when I was not looking they would get slowed down by taking the cart with them. am i the only paranoid person who does this?}

my cart at Sam's club

At the deli counter - Wherever there is a line of people waiting to be served, assume there is a ticket machine and wait your turn: you can reasonably expect others to do likewise.

my cart at Target

Checkout Line - The tension of waiting in line to pay up is worse than horses straining to break at the gate; for some reason, at this point all people want is out. Patience truly is a virtue in this case. If there is an express lane for ten items or fewer, do the math the old fashioned way - each item counts.

my cart at Costco

Random Acts of Kindness - if the person behind you only has only one or two items and you have several, be gracious and let him or her go first. (i knew i liked this gal)


And another little photo journaling is to take a photo of the price of gas. It might not make it so horrible - $62 for 18 gallons - YUCK!
what I would give to have a photo for $.97 cents a gallon we paid when we were living in New Orleans.
also the other day when I was at Costco I bought Sally Jane a churro and she went crazy. She had never had one before and could not eat it fast enough. Funny it stunk up my car but it didn't smell like churro it smelt like Disneyland.
Also our little grass head bunnies are growing quite nicely.Sally Jane is now liking to walk in the grocery store and does a great job of staying right by my side. The other day in the store she had her own bag of goodies she found.
  • one bright yellow lemon
  • one box of brownie mix (that she made with her dad that night)
  • one box of Scooby Doo Macaroni and cheese

Happy Birthday Stacy! If you don't visit this blog, I would put it on your to do list. she is amazing and the real deal!
Graphic stolen from her site without permission.


michelle said...

I love this! But I think you should also take pictures of your full carts, it would be fun to look back and see what you were buying. I can totally get behind pictures that don't require me to do my hair!

I embrace good manners and instructions on good manners wherever they can be found.

Your gas is even more expensive than ours! Good idea to document it. I remember when gas was under $1.00 a gallon too...

kristi said...

michelle. i had thought of the full cart, but then may be too embarassed... unless of course i put all the ho ho's on the bottom underneath the celery.

great idea.

stacy{s} said...

great post! I got the book out of my library too. But I am most impressed with your nails in the churro photo. They are still so long. Way to go! {you know that is from one former nail biter to another}

SJ looks so cute in her yellow coat.

thanks for the shout out. maybe i should post something interesting?? you know you can always steal my graphics. ha-ha

Jill said...

This looks like a book I would appreciate. I have excellent grocery cart manners and am always seriously bugged by the people who leave their cart in the middle of the aisle while they're shopping, then they seem annoyed when I need to get by. Apparently it's their store!

The thought of Sally Jane having a churro for the first time is hilarious, what a taste sensation that must have been for her. (She looks so darling with her own little shopping bag.)

Happy Birthday Stacy!

Liz said...

I seriously LOVE this post! I never thought to buckle my purse in, but I might just do that now. One thing I love about my grocery store, is that they have this self checkout scanning tool that you can scan each item before placing in your cart (I then put it in bags) and then when you go to checkout, you can go to special lanes reserved just for this, scan a code, pay and leave. It saves me soooo much time when the other lines are backed up. I LOVE it! Of course having groceries delivered would be the next best thing, but then you gotta pay the delivery fee.

I like you, wish I had a picture of gas prices when they were that cheap! I know Jenny Clouse probably does, because I remember her taking a picture and scrapping about it when we were in New ORleans. Such a great idea!

LeAnne said...

Speaking of manners, once while in a store, an employee came up to me and suggested that I buckle in my purse. At this particular store, they had a problem with purses being stolen. I was totally impressed with this employee's quest to tell women of the situation. Talk about nice manners.

I so want to check out this book. Shopping carts and how people "drive" them is one of my pet peeves. I almost go hit seven times on Saturday at Costco.

Alisa said...

That is great you posted the picture of the book-Last night I was going through our library bag, and was thinking that I wanted to find a book on manners, and remembered that you had said something recently about a book-
Love the idea of taking photos of our carts, and gas prices. I think I will also add, photos of where my kids are while I am shopping- in the cart, under the cart, running away down the aisle...

Lauralee said...

I am going to check that book out.. I like to think I have great manners.. but I wonder if others feel the same?

those gas prices look like ours.. almost 4 bucks for disiel.. my husband drives a diseal.. crazy expensive!

I just learned about the buckling in your purse.. great idea!

Jenny said...

I too often think of the gas in New Orleans when it was .89 at EZ Serve. Now it's nearly $3.25 and they expect it to reach $4 in the near future. Gasp!!

I actually never thought about buckling in my purse. Great idea. I am paranoid and always keep in on my shoulder. Probably not very practical.

Holly said...

Sadly, too many people are ignorant of Grocery Cart Ettiquete, aren't they? Love the idea of documenting your carts, but would love to see the stuff at the check-out too. :) I'd show ya mine after I cover up the Little Debbies.

Great idea to give SJ a bag to help you shop.

The gas prices are the stuff of nightmares!

Shauna said...

I love this! I just took photos of the gas prices and pumps yesterday intending to post them. There will come a day when $3.50 per gallon is a memory! Yikes!

Thanks for the book recommendation. Nothing like someone stopping thier cart in the MIDDLE of the aisle while they browse.

patsy said...

I've just gotta say... that sally Jane is the cutest thing ever. Scoop her up & give her a big hug.

I am planning oldest daughter's wedding right now, so I'm just feeling a little melancholy.

Also, I miss Safeway. Growing up in WA we had safeway & my mom would buy my sister & I donuts there. They had these donuts that were so amazing. They were called Polar Bears. They were cream filled with white icing & coconut. That last time I visited my home town I ran into to see if they still have them... they don't even have a bakery just Entemann's I was so dissapointed. EVERY single time I see donuts anywhere I look for one. They remind me of childhood. Do me a favor- buy one & try it at your safeway- if they have them!!?

Natasha said...

Gas is 3.12 a gallon in New Orleans today!

Cute post, love the purse belted to the cart pic!

Kristen said...

Loved this! I'm so paranoid about my purse, I never thought about seat belting it in...genius!

Cara said...

I totaly buckle my purse o the cart for that very reason! You are not alone!! Love that you take pictures of grocery carts but my favorite is you making a photo journal of the items you buy at Sams so your kids are entertained.

Marie said...

Grocery Cart Manners are very important. I love your rules and was relieved I already live them.

Sally Jane's picture and grocery list was adorable! said...

I buckle my purse in too! And, I get so irrated that the buckles don't work 1/2 the time. I often wonder when I am trying to get them unstuck to get my purse out what you do when your kid gets stuck inside??

Gas is $3.08 here and I hate that I have been complaining- I see we have it pretty good compared to other places.

Sally Jane is just too stinking cute!

I have never had a churro??

Mandi said...

Hi Kristi

Yet another very interesting post. Its funny my eldest daughter (Aimee - prom photos will be posted on my blog early next week - gorgeous, gorgeous - she won best dressed couple with her boyfriend!!!!)Anyway back to your post. She was actually telling me the other day she has been writing some pieces for English on individuality and how young people now days think they have the right to say negative things to other people they dont even know, her concern is what will their children be like??? Interesting comment from a 17 yr old. She often gets people making comments to her at shopping centres when they walk past - not very nice!!! - Things like EMO and F-ing Goth, because she has black hair and dresses a little alternatively. It upsets me but she seems to be dealing with it with alot more grace than I would.

As for your photo of gas - we call it petrol in Australia, just to make you feel a little better - our price for "gas" here is now at $5.56 a gallon!!! We pay anywhere from $1.39 - $1.49 a litre now and there are 4 litres in a gallon!!!!

Have a great weekend!! Luv Mandi

JENNIFRO said...

My problem with the library is i never know where to begin searching for books. How do you do it? Do you just walk up and down the aisles until something gets your attention? My eyes aren't good enough.

Laurie said...

Great post!! It had never occured to me to seat belt my purse to the cart - brilliant!

Claudissima said...

what a great post. I have this book with other 2 they are green, red, and blue. My little one, always always always seems to get the blue one, since it is his favorite color and collects everything blue throughout the house and i often find this particular book underneath his bed or in his trunk or somewhere particular. I hadn't finished reading last time I took it out of bondage it was a wonderful time to visit its' pages. I love the way Kate Spade does this. OH SO SWEET.

Barb said...

I'm going to track this book down. Even just for the cute cover!

Amanda :-) said...

Aisle ettiquette. Hilarious. I just talk out loud with Isla while I'm shopping, so the whole aisle knows where I'm heading and what for: 'We'll just stop near this lady and try and get some pastrami, shall we?' (ie, mind your back, missus, don't move a muscle!). I like the cover of that book too.

Your petrol prices are stupid! Don't you produce oil?? I'm paying £1.05.9 for a gallon (or is it a litre now??), so that's about $2.12.

Isla's quite into shopping too. She always wants the Yakult bottles. Do you have that? She calls it 'Lillylaut'.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

you are one of the most thoughtful people i know! you always seem to be serving...serious, i think about you all the time. love your ideas!