Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Document me! and win some ribbon.

a few people have asked me some of my favorite documentaries that I have seen. So here is my list that I will add to my sidebar. I think I have discovered these are my favorite kind of movies to watch.
Please add any more that you have seen that I should put on my list.

Paper Clips - a must see!

God Grew Tired of Us

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

King of Kong - Fistfull of Quarters

Hands on a Hardbody - it is about a truck even though the title sounds kind of risky!

Show Business - the road to Broadway. We only watched the scenes about Wicked, I could not take two of the other shows they highlighted. But loved the Wicked part

- about the National Spelling Bee

Mad Hot Ballroom

Wordplay - not my absolute favorite but if you know someone who loves crossword puzzles they would love this

The Crossing - this is not a documentary but just one of my favorite rented movies ever. It is about George Washington crossing the Delaware. A story which seems too amazing to be true.

I went to the ribbon outlet last week and found the best 100 yard roll of lime green and white grosgrain ribbon. It is way too much for just me, so to win 11.5 yards of it,(plus some fun pink) leave a comment and let me know if you could make a documentary what would you make it about. I will pick someone on Sunday.

Here is my list:

someone moving to the United States and trying to become a citizen
the step by step process of how fabric is made
the journey and process of medical school, residency and life in practice.
3 year olds playing soccer - ok that would be funny.


Liz said...

I've seen the Spellbound one and really liked it. And thanks to you I watched the Paperclips one as well, and I've got the Parrots one in my Netflix queue.

Ok, so a documentary about anything. Hmmm, I'd have to say a documentary about how some foods (maybe donuts or bread) are made and packaged in the packaging centers. I think that would be so interesting. Or maybe how toys are made and legos or polly pockets. My kids would LOVE that!

Lauralee said...

fun list.. I will have to check some of those out!

make a documentary.. okay.. I have always thought it would be interesting to see the mail process.. how all those pieces of mail go from here to there and rarely get lost or ruined.. I have thought it would be fun to work in a post office.. just to see how it works.. but maybe watching or making a documentary about it would be enough!

SECPumpkin said...

ummm..i know exactly what type of documentary film i would make. It would be on single mothers and the children from those homes. Mainly, because I work for a ministry that supplies mentors for kids from these families, but also because I see it as an issue people just look over. This is such a need in our country! Mentoring is a positive key to move these youth into a stronger generation! That is totally what I would, maybe I should. Thanks for always inspiring me Kristi!

Deb said...

I would like make a documentary on the life of surfers. We live in a beach town, and I am always so curious as to how people can surf during the day time when most "normal" people are working. Do they have night jobs, are they on vacation, are they independently wealthy, or are they just "beach bums"?! I have so many questions to ask....I think I'll go to the beach! :)

Amanda L. said...

We loved spellbound as well! You couldn't make up some of those families could you?

We will have to check out some of the others...

March of the Penguins is another one you could add to the list of good ones.

OK, my list. Of course the mail, like Lauralee said.

I would also like to see how children's picture books are published. Specifically preparing the artwork for mass production. I love illustrators like Eric Carle who uses collage, and those who use fabric and other mixed media in their illustrations.

My other suggestion is adoption. I have seen adoption work positively in many families and I think most of what we see and hear is the negative, talk show stories that don't really reflect that amazing change and blessing it can bring about it peoples' lives.

Stephenson Family said...

I just watched 'Paper Clips' after meaning to watch it ever since your post about it. Such a great movie - I was in tears for most of it - it was so touching!

Well, for my documentary, I would definitely make it about my sister-in-law Cami and her amazing life. She made me want to be a better person just from the 3 years I personally knew her.

Cami was born with a hole in her heart that wasn't detected. By the time she was 6 it had affected her lungs and she had trouble breathing in high altitudes - this is how they discovered the problem. She lived her life, periodically passing out during school, never allowed to ride bikes or do anything physically exerting. Finally at the age of 18 she had a heart and lung transplant. She had made a list of all the things she wanted to do in her life and at that point started marking them off. Such simple things like riding a bike, swimming in a lake, climbing a mountain, going on a mission, etc. She went to Study Abroad in Jerusalem and served a mission in San Diego, CA before she had to be sent home early because of her health. She was on oxygen and bed rest for 2 years before she passed away but did amazing things from home. She tutored kids for free, wrote letters and notes to those she thought needed an extra boost, and did the same thing with phone calls. She had such a full life it makes me feel that I'm not using my time fully enough.

I think this would be a great story to help people be motivated as I have - that you can make a difference no matter who you are.

Erin said...

I did see Paper Clips on your recommendation and loved it.

Hmmm...I think that I would do a documentary on Nose & Ear Hair...the removal of, the groomers, the hairy men...what motivates them to get rid of it...what motivates them to keep the women in their lives scared are the children...different uses of tweezers, shavers, wax, etc. Oh, I could go on, and on!

Charity said...

Something the Lord made is a great documentary about blue babies and how they save them...

I think I would have to make a documentary about foster care why people choose to be foster parents, motivations,what happens when their kids leave or age out of the system etc..., or perhaps feet..tracking specific peoples lives and where their feet take them from birth to death...

Now I'm going to have to go to the video store to check some of these out...seems as if paper clips is a big hit?

Anjanette said...

This one is easy. It would be completely amazing to be able to make a documentary about my daughter's birth family from India. If only I could obtain the information necessary, it would be a dream to step into their lives and struggles and day to day and document it for my little girl. I suppose along with that, I'd have the superpowers to allow me to travel back in time to all of the details of my little one's birth!

The 5 Bickies said...

Hmmm...I'll do anything for ribbon...a documentary...I would choose international adoption as my topic. I am fascinated by the process and would love to learn more about all of the details and follow a family in the process of adoption from start to finish.

Thanks for the fun giveaway.

JENNIFRO said...

Okay this is not a completely original thought (Omnivore's Dilemma) but--I have always wanted to see the journey of a meal from start to finish. From the cow to the burger. From the potato to the fry. From the corn to the cereal. From the pig to the ham sandwich. I think you catch my drift. This would FASCINATE (and probably depress) me.

Becky said...

My documentary choices:

--the life of a bishop's family (gee, wonder why I would pick that!)

--the evolution of scrapbooking as a hobby

--something about journalism--I think it would be so fascinating to see how a newspaper or a major news magazine is put together

Michelle A. said...

Thanks for this list, after your last post about a documentary you've seen and my parents excited phone call about a 1920's documentary called Grass, I've been browsing my local blockbuster to see what I can find.

I took a few moments to think about your question...If I were making a documentary...I am fascinated at the struggle of so many people in my ward, but despite their challenges and some naivity, most still come to church every sunday...I would love to document the impact that the gospel has on inner city families, their children and how much these families impact their community. It is always fascinating to me to see belief in God never wane, even when basic neccessities are so scarce. This was such a great question, thanks again for the list.

Staci said...

I'd have to say if I was to make a documentary, I would chose to do it on raising a child with Down Syndrome. I would love to see how other mothers raise their children and what the do to help them push past their children's developmental struggles.

kristi said...

Deb, i found something for you today. it is a movie called riding giants.

For those who can't get enough of point breaks and "shooting curls," Riding Giants offers a comprehensive look at the history of surfing, from its origins as a tiny subculture to the sport's resurgence and surfers' ongoing obsession with riding the "big one." The film -- which opened the 2004 Sundance Film Festival -- was directed by Stacy Peralta, who also helmed the acclaimed skateboard documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.

wow. i can't believe it.

Elisa said...

I once coached 3 year olds playing soccer, VERY FUNNY. My team was undefeated and yet I still do not know the rules or set up of soccer:)

We just watched King of Kong and LOVED it, I want to see the new one about materialism.. I can't remember the name at the moment but it's about not buying anything at all for a day, I will let you know when I remember.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Thanks for the list! I so appreciate it!
If I could make a documentary on anything it would be...
- the secret life of a sea cucumber! :-)
- the evolution of dust bunnies and their purpose on the planet...

Anonymous said...

I love documentaries! I would add My Kid Could Paint That and Sharkwater to your list. Linc loved King of Kong.

I would like to see a documentary or case study on choosing to be happy and positive thinking versus taking anti-depressants for people 'diagnosed' with depression. Coping mechanisms, how they were raised. Like follow two groups- one that goes through counseling and the others who take medicine.

melanie said...

I always forget that you have recommended these. I'm so glad you did it again in this post.

I'm fascinated with things made assembly line style. Cars, computers, crayons, toys, musical instruments. You name it, I'd probably watch it. I know there are many but documentaries of sports greats or Olympic athletes are fun. And since I had a young cousin (35) go through breast cancer. Her journey as a documentary would be great.

TheVasquez3 said...

my husband and i just watched a documentary called "Combover" it was hilarious...and insightful. i have always wondered why people comb their hair over their bald spots. these guys traveled ALL over to try and understand this "bad hair" was fantastic!

documentaries i would like to see made.

*Step moms and the myth behind them being monsters...just not all together true.
*blogging moms...awesome.
*Correctional Officers...i think there is a large opinion that most of them are lazy knuckle dragging thugs. since my husband is one i know that most of them actually chose the career because of the hours (and the awesome benefits and retirement, in CA)...most of them are dads who want to be around to coach little league and experience their children's lives.

Autumn said...

If I could make a documentary my film would be about families coming across the border from Mexico and their struggles & making a new life in America. This is something I'm very interested in since I teach these kinds of kids daily.

Alisa said...

Long Way Around 2 Men... 2 Bikes... 20000 Miles... Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman..
I have not seen this, but listened to parts of it as I fall asleep next to my husband watching it!

I would make a documentary about
then one called
My smile
(a journey of a family's experience of having a child with a cleft lip & palate- birth,feeding,surgery,recovery and beyond)

Autumn said...


Do you think I could show Spellbound to my 2nd grade class? I know~crazy question but we are getting ready for a school wide spelling bee and I want them to see what it's all about.

tootie said...

Kristi - You forgot to add "Spirit of the Marathon" to your list.

I saw that documentary after you recommended it on your blog, and I loved it!

Bree said...

Since I have a child with a brain anomaly, I think it would be fascinating to see a documentary on a developing child in the womb - one that has been diagnosed with some type of brain damage.

stacy{s} said...

hey- we have that video of 3 year old AK playing soccer if you need it for your documentary. :)

I would love to see a documentary on how phrases and sayings came in to being common. Like the history and meaning behind nursery rhymes. Or where certain words came from. I've heard the history behind some and I think it is so interesting. Or should I say "sick".

Or maybe how they come up with "smells" and the stuff they put into perfumes. I know there are companies that specialize in developing smells. What a crazy job that has to be. I mean someone's job was to come up with the skunk smell that was in my scratch and sniff book I had as a child.

Marla said...

I loved Spellbound, I read at some point they were doing a follow up on the kids...would be great to see them now, college & beyond. Mad Hot Ballroom was also a favorite, to see those young, urban kids take the competition so seriously, such pride in their accomplishment!

I think following the lives of homeschooling families would make a great documentary. To see the networks that exist, challenges, creativity...could be inspiring to those of us who don't think we could do it.

also, for Deb, Endless Summer is a great surf documentary from the 60s.

Holly said...

If you are ever in the mood to watch a running documentary that is oddly inspiring and makes you keep shaking your head at the same time, Running on the Sun, is about the Badwater Ultra Marathon. I enjoyed it and was amazed by their will and drive. Another one that should be available to rent soon (maybe) is called Spririt of the Marathon. I missed seeing it in the theaters and CAN'T wait.

I like to think that our blogs are mini-documentaries. Everybody has a story.
I like so many of these ladies' ideas.
Oh, we have 4yr old soccer video, interspersed with lots of shaky grass shots when my hubs forgot he was still filming.
I'd like to see a documentary about Ironman (or any other ultra event), I always seem to miss the broadcasts--and they reduce me to a puddle of tears whenever I catch even a bit of their stories.

Melissa said...

I would write a documentary about the money that is being spent on children all over the world instead of our children here in the United States. I know that we should help other countries in need, but don't we need to help ourselves first. I teach in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina. My students do not get half of the things that they need in order to be successful in today's world. We need new buildings, books, computers and supplies. If we focused on the youth here in our country,the world would really be a better place for everyone to live!

michelle said...

I just thought you might like to know that one year on Christmas (Eve or day, I can't remember!) we went to a re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware -- very cool.

{natalie} said...

i would definitely do my documentary on a week as a refund clerk at costco. because of our amazingly liberal return policy...we get a lot of crazy things returned, ie: 7 year old fridge, old socks w/holes, etc. i think it would be interesting, but maybe that's just me.

{natalie} said...

ps. have you seen Super Size Me? mc d's documentary

Jill said...

I watched Paper Clips, Spellbound and The King of Kong based on your recommendations.

I'd like to see documentaries about...

The Creative Process for various people.
Real life as a housewife.
Something about the public school system and why our schools are not equal.

gramakas said...

Thanks for the recommendations for me to add to my "must watch documentaries" list. I would make a documentary on how to make a quilt from getting the inspiration to giving it to the person it was created for.

Kristi said...

A behind the scene look at broadway, or even a movie- all the costumes, and makeup, and even the caterers, all the stuff we never see. that would be interesting- to me anyways!

Missy :o) said...

What perfect timing to come across your blog today. I would love to make a documentary about my upcoming goals and how I will accomplish them. It's gonna be amazing! I need as much support as I can get. Come visit me...

Marie said...

I have not really watched many documentaries, but I would love to watch one about the history and making of pasta. It might sound strange, but I would love to watch little old Italian women show how their mothers, and their mothers have taught them to make it from stratch. I would find that wonderful.

Rachel & Ryan said...

Happy Belated birthday to SJ!! I can't believe she is 3? Holy Cow! We love and miss you so much!

Jennifer said...

Okay my husband is featured in a Japanese documentary about voting in the US and his voice is in the Michael Moore HBO voting doc-does that count?! The one I want to see made is a documentary on international potty training. I have heard so many interesting ideas on how it is done in other countries.

Amy C. said...

I have always wanted to see a documentary done on "The Muppets!" How DO they make them seem so real? It facinates me and I would love to see how it all works.

By the way, this is my first post to your blog - hope it's ok that a virtual stranger is peeking in on you but I so enjoy reading all that you share! I'm an LDS Mom in Las Vegas with 3 girls of my own so your blog almost feels sisterly to me! Don't stop! :o)

J&K Freeman said...

I would recommend seeing Supersize Me. It really made me think about fast food, especially since i'm usually in training for some kind of race.
A documentary that I would like to see made would be about large families and how they make things work. There is a family that lives by us that I admire greatly. The couple had five children before internationally adopting twelve more. Their mother is absolutely incredible and has home schooled all of them. Their father has recently passed away. This would completely fascinate me to see how it works and how everything all comes together day by day. I would love a large family one day, although not that big.
Another that I would love to see would be the life of a president and first lady. I know it is a huge responsibility to run this country, but I couldn't even imagine what they do each day. It would be interesting to me.

patsy said...

I am really excited to see some of these documentaries on the list.
I saw a documentary on Walmart a year or so ago- very good.

I am racking my brain for a good idea to win that ribbon- I WILL submit one by sunday... if I can think of one.

Erin said...

Hey, I thought your kids would like this for conference!

MC said...

I just watched King of Kong and loved it.

My documentary (might sound more like a mocumentary) would be about an amusement park I went to when I was young. Action Park in North Jersey was also known as Accident Park or Traction Park. Despite huge amounts of injuries, drownings and deaths, the park remained open for a long time. You could lose your skin on the Alpine Slide or drown in the wave pool (really scary because a lot of people came there from NYC who did not know how to swim at all and would be trying to swim in deep water with artificial waves). There was even a slide that never opened because it had a 360 degree loop in it and all of the test dummies would come out without heads. I think it would be funny to hear the stories of "survivors". If you bring it up to anyone over 30 in the area, suddenly everyone starts sharing their own horror stories about the park. It's amazing that parents took their children there. It would NEVER be open today!

Jeanette said...

I found your blog through an old friend who I was reacquainted with because of blogging. So my idea for a documentary would be--The World of Blogging. To show how blogging fills a woman’s need to be heard, validated, praised and consoled by other women. And how the sharing of thoughts, ideas, passions, and even struggles can change lives. It could show how a woman from Arizona, who was struggling with a difficult move to a small town, found hope through the blog of another woman, a stranger on the other side of the country. This Arizona woman was missing her big city, her stores, routines and beloved yard sales. She became very depressed and wondered if she would ever find joy in her new home. Then she found a blog, your blog, and was reminded of what the spirit had been trying to tell her all along, “Be a homemaker, it will bring you joy.” Through reading stories of a little leprechaun doll, dinner rolls, and making soft pretzels while songs about Jesus played in the background, I the Arizona woman, remembered where my true joy has always been found, through creating a home full of traditions and love for my family. I thank you for this and for introducing me to the concept of good mail, it has brought excitement and a sense of purpose back into my life.

Amanda :-) said...

Argh! 45 comments! And I bet they're all completely brilliant. How I wish I could just sit here and read and read and read them...but it's after 11pm here :-(

Still, I've always wanted to make a study of all the places where the Olympics were ever held. You know, cities are honoured with the task of hosting these historic Games, and they put soooo much money into it all - building sports structures and a whole support network - and the Games are held - and THEN what....?

Who knows?

Well, we all know what happened to Sarajevo after they hosted the great Winter Olympics (I say 'great' because our Torvill & Dean got 6.0's across the board for their routine to Ravel's Bolero!).

I always thougtht I'd like to make a huge, hard-backed, superbly-glossily photographed coffee table book of a look back at host cities of the Olympics, and ponder how things have fared. It'd be intending to make you contemplate what the Games are about, why do people get so hyped up about them, do we just lust for the fireworks and the laser beams at the opening and closing ceremonies? Do we really care if the Olympics does or does not leave a positive legacy to the host city in its wake??

This link is to a picture of the site of the Sarajevo Olympic flame and the medal pedestals, complete with bullet holes.
See what I mean??? :-(

I'm soooooo impatient to see what Beijing does with the Games, and how we (the Olympic participants) treat the Chinese.

Yikes, what on earth would I call it? That's so tricky....

Anonymous said...

happy valley

Life of people in Provo who re meth addicts, looks interesting

Adam b.