Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Job for Annie Kate

On Sunday of this week we had our Family Council Planning meeting. It sounds much more serious than it is. We have done a pretty good job on Sunday's of sitting down as a family, looking at the calendar and planning that week and month. As we were looking at the week I noticed that Thursday was take your son and daughter to work day. I of course got all excited and so did Annie Kate - Jeff not so much. He was worried about her missing a day of school and said he would plan something fun in the summer for her.
Then she came home from school on Wednesday and said if she went with him on Thursday it was an excused absence. Even though he was a a bit worried of her shadow following him all day he happily agreed.

This girl could not have been more excited. I sent her in with a camera in case she wanted to take some photos. She dreams of being a Pediatrician(she has said this since preschool). She says the surgical stuff is a little gross but wants to be a Dr. like her Dad. (yikes) Jeff is Ear Nose Throat guy who does lots of Sinus surgery.

Jeff went into work at 5:30 am so we decided I would take her in around 9:30 as a 12 hour day may be too much for her first day on the job.

He was in clinic all day with post op patients. So they got to see some of his favorite patients.

There is one patient that Jeff really loves and I think she really loves him too. I was so happy she was there to meet Annie Kate. Jeff did a balloon sinuplasty in the office. He cleaned out her nose before he started and Annie Kate said, "Eeww!"
Jeff turned to Annie Kate and said, "Annie Kate I am going to teach you that there are two words a Doctor never says to his patients. Eeww and Oops. Instead you say "interesting"
During the procedure Annie Kate got to see him stick a small flash light up her nose that light up her forehead.
After he was done the sweet patient turned to Annie Kate and said "What did you think of that" And Annie Kate said, "Interesting"
She even got to stay alone in the room with one of the residents who took care of a soldier who came up form the ER to get some stitches.She was so excited to meet the Residents and other doctors.

She saw a field trip of students who came to Walter Reed and were learning how to salute.
She got to go in some secret areas
I think she has done a great job of photo journaling her day. Look even photos of the ride home. (see Jeff- no uniform)
Great Self Portrait by the want to be doctor!

I gave her a little interview when she came home about her day.

What was your favorite part of the day.
The whole thing.
Now come on Annie Kate just tell me one thing
No mom really the whole thing was the best part

Does this still make you want to be a Doctor?
oh yes!

After seeing what Dad does how much money to do you think he should make in a week for what he does?
$100 a week

Did you meet anyone interesting today?
yes. Two Generals in the Army and one was a 4 star General.

What does a 4 Star General mean?
I don't know

Would you want to go back and do it again next year

i was thinking it is a good thing Jeff picked ears and noses as being an OBGYN today may have made for a different kind of day...


chloe elizabeth said...

How fun for her!

Kara Jayne said...

What a great experience! She's got some photo skills.

Your comment about OBGYN was TOO FUNNY!!

Amy said...

Yes, it might be a little confusing if Dad were an OBGYN, wouldn't it? What a fun day. Today we're going to work for Take Your Children to Work Day (I think it sounds weird to say Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. Why so wordy?) a day late. Jeremy was traveling this week and he wanted to be able to participate. One of the benefits of owning your own company!

JENNIFRO said...

That was a cute post. Great day!

michelle said...

What a great experience for AK! I love the way Jeff taught her to say "interesting".

Erin said...

OH how I heart this post. I love it. How great for her to get to see what her dad does! What a great dad! PS I finished my 1st 1/2 Marathon. See how far I've come since November. Thanks for the inspiration. (You can read about it on Marathon Mommies)

linda said...

This post was absolutely is the little photojournalist!

What fun for her and Dad too! I'm a nurse and would LOVE to bring one of my family members to work with me so they can see how hard my work actually is...they may appreciate me a little more afterwards!?!

Elisa said...

Go Annie Kate!

Jill said...

This was so fun to read and to see these pictures. What a great experience for her! I love her answers to your questions especially.

mimi said...

What a wonderful experience for Annie Kate, and for Jeff too. Neither one of them will ever forget this day. I

Nikki said...

What a great day for both of them. My kids and husband have loved their days at work with Dad.
You have taught AK well in the art of documenting her day in pictures.

Traci said...

What a great opportunity for her! Sounded like a fun day. I would have been all over it too! Your hubby is a great guy to let your tag along.

Lauralee said...

what a great post! okay.. next time the dr. says interesting when I am getting examined I am going to have to wonder!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Such a great opportunity for her! I laughed at your OBGYN comment! HA!
I love the INTERESTING comment! So true!
Great photos! She has great skill!

eve said...

I'm wondering if any of the dentists from WRMC are in your ward...and I think we know a dermatologist resident-to-be who will starting there late summer. Is the hospital huge there?

Natasha said...

I was out of the loop and did not bring my kids to work with me. I was so disappointed because 2 of my co-workers each brought a child.

How fun for AK to have a day at work with dad.

The monkey bunch said...

How fun. My husband works in a lock down area, so it would definitely be a no go with kids. Being a nurse you have to learn to never say oops or eww, also. I had one fellow student when I was going through school that didn't learn that so well. They ended up kicking her out of school.