Tuesday, May 20, 2008

$3.99 each at the container store. not cheap but great jar!

Where do you find the jars for the gumball jars?

I like to buy my jars at Wal Mart, KMart or even Sams and Costco will sell them during fruit canning season. They are about $8.00 for 12 I think. I have also bought many at thrift stores and you can find some real old cool ones. Just wash them out really well - obviously.

I am working on a new creation for this year's jars and and soon as I get one done I will post it. But until then I hope this helps.

The container store also has these French Hermetic Jars , kind of pricey but the jar is definitely a gift as well.
These darling square jars are 8 oz and only $6.41 for 12 jars

here is a link for a container packing supply company. these are $.48 each and you buy the lids separately.

good luck i hope this helps.


bryn said...

i just did the gum ball gifts for my son's teachers and class mates. I used cute flip top lids for the teachers and small spice jars for the kids. all from ikea. the teachers jars were only $3 and the kids' jars were $2.49 for 4. So all in all they turned out darling; thanks again kristi for your ideas!

kristi said...

ikea - i never thought of that thanks

Bek said...

Cute!! I wanted to second the IKEA idea and also, we buy lots of containers from places like Smart and Final (restuarant supply). We get GREAT use out of chineese food boxes (great for favor boxes) and deli containers (the tall ones and the smallest ones). They are about 5 bucks for a pkgs of 50 and the lids are about 3 dollars (also 50). I use them instead of things like Gladlock. They can go through the dishwasher and microwave and the lids fit on all the sizes.

I got a gife last month of cookies that were stacked inside a wide mouthed jar. So cute. I've also had cookie dough given to me, made into cookie sized scoops and frozen, then put in the can..

Bek said...

What I forgot to say is that the deli containers look really cute filled with treats and a bow, and if you always have a few in the cupboard you can do them in a pinch. :-)

Natasha said...

I love that you are always willing to share your great ideas about how to make things and where to find the supplies!

Mandi said...

Hi Kristi

Just reading your inspiring post again today. I thought I would pass this on because I heard about it a few Christmas' ago and havent actually done it myself but love the idea and your jars reminded me.

What do you think of this for your new jars -

You get a large preserving jar and add all the ingredients (in layers) to make chocolate chip cookies (or whatever other flavour you like) obviously not the wet ingredients, then you print the recipe on a fabulous label and stick it to the front and of course add fabric and ribbon to the lid - it looks amazing when it all finished with the layers of flour, sugar, brown sugar, choc chips - white and brown, or M&M's etc etc.

I am sure you could do this with a cake recipe too but it probably wouldnt look as dramatic with the layering - so many interesting things can be added to cookies!!

Let me know what you think of that idea

Have a great week!!! mandi........

cc said...
Me again! This place has a really different variety - the straight sided ones are sort of modern/fun!
and I buy all sorts of cool boxes and containers from
LOVE them.
Great ideas bloggy friends!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

thanks! i tried finding some a few months back and was told they are sold seasonally, so i couldn't find any. my son will start kindergarten next fall and i'm totally planning to use some of your cute teacher gift ideas!!