Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In October 2007, Sweet Funky Vintage was launched as the creation of two friends who were destined to design beautiful, functional children’s clothing together, and feed their passions for sewing, designing, children and…fabric!

Missy and Liz are both Pink Christmas Gals and sponsors for 2008! Take a minute to read about and see what their creative minds have come up with. At the end of this post take a minute to enter the great giveaway!

Social Mission
We believe in children. We value healthy communities and will do our part to lend support to underprivileged children. We aim to be trendsetters in making an impact on the world around us by promoting awareness and support for organizations that brighten the lives of children. The bottom line on our financial sheets is not the most important factor. We want to make an impact by working with small businesses and companies who have high standards, and we are committed to making our communities and our world a better place for children.

With your Sweet Funky Vintage purchase, you are partnering with us to do the same.

Missy & Liz

Here are a few of my favorite things you can find for you, your kids or a great gift!

The perfect birthday apron! The cotton and colorful apron screams happy birthday!

Our Birthday program:

Register your children`s birthdays with us and we will send you a discount to be used during your child`s birthday month. When you make your birthday month purchase, we will donate $5 to First Book, so they can deliver books into the hands of children who need them. $5 will buy two books!

Your birthday party will be smashing if you hang this fabulous happy birthday banner! Just think, a decoration that is pretty and re-usable!
The learn to sew tote kit is the perfect kit for your daughter or granddaughter!
The kit makes one tote bag and one wallet. It contains 2 fabric panels, 5 buttons, ribbon and instructions. This is a sweet gift to send to a granddaughter or niece for graduation.$28.00
Carter is adorable. Carter loves the beach and is saving up his birthday money to buy a sailboat. He wears flip flops to church.

Carter is a 100% cotton tee embellished with a seersucker sailboat.

Available in sizes 12m-12. Also available as a tank.

Monkeybar Buddies Shorts $16.00

Girls can wear their dresses and skirts worry free when they’re hanging around upside down in Monkeybar Buddies. The ultimate in comfort, Monkeybar Buddies were created not to bunch, stick to your dresses, or look bulky under skirts. They are also great under athletic shorts or over dance leotards for an extra layer.

Pheobe Drees $45.00
Pheobe is a classic. She prefers pearls to diamonds. She loves to help Mom in the kitchen and knows more about recycling than most kids her age.

The Phoebe Dress is an updated version of our signature peasant dress. We have re-designed it slightly to make it a little bit longer. The bodice is lined. Tie shoulders allow adjustment for fit. Available in sizes 6m to 6, bloomers are included up to size 12m.
Monogramming available.

So for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to use to buy one of these great items or one of the many more on their site tell us something

Sweet, Funky and Vintage about YOU!!!
if you need something to blog about today, put this on your blog for a piece of journaling!

Here is mine:

Sweet: I sing the same song to my little girls every night that my mom sang to me when I was little. Neena, Nina, Poopa
Funky: I can't drink out of a glass or cup at a restaurant without using a straw. It grosses me out to touch the glass that has been used by something else. What makes this so funky is that I have no problem using the silverware. Now that is Funky!
Vintage: I still have and wear my swatch watches from high school


Autumn said...

Sweet: I don't like to go to bed mad at my husband. We always try to kiss each other good night.

Funky: I've gotten obessive about having dirty laundry and then having clean laundry unfolded and not put away. I've got to get it done!

Vintage: I love old stuff~I just wished I had enough decorating sense to make it all mesh in my house without looking like a mess!

Kristin said...

I started reading the Sweet Funky Vintage blog a few weeks ago and I love it!

Sweet: My sisters and girls cousins and I are having a sleepover with my Grandma next weekend. She is currently living in an assisted living facility and we are bringing her back to her house and having a "slumber party" with all the things she used to do for us and make for us when we were little.

Funky: I have a pug that is named Mrs. Beasely...named after Buffy's doll on Family Affair (I loved that show!) It's funky because people think we are yelling at an old lady when we call her.

Vintage: I grew up always having an appreciation of vintage things. My mom always decorated that way and has passed it down to her daughters. In fact we (my mom,me and 2 of my sisters) started a business called "Sisters Creed" where we sell vintage and craft items at different venues. Our name comes from us always snagging stuff that our mom and grandmas were getting rid of. Our "Sisters Creed" is "Reuse, Revitalize, Revamp".


Staci said...

Sweet: I always sneak into my girls room right before I go to bed to give them a kiss. If I don't I can't fall asleep.

Funky: We don't have a dishwasher and have to wash all our dishes by hand. When we do, there is a particular order that they have to be washed. If my husband washes them out of order, they need to be rewashed.

Vintage: I love Victorian furniture. I would love to have a room in my house with floor to ceiling bookshelves with old books, Victorian furniture and cool antiques. I doubt I ever will, but I can dream can't I?

Rachel said...

Thanks to Everything Pink I now have another blog to read! :):) I went and checked out SWEET FUNKY VINTAGE AND LOVE IT!!! You gotta love Google reader... Thanks!!

Sweet: When my 6 month old daughter Addison is sad I sing her a song I made up that uses her name, it always makes her happy.

Funky: I can't go to bed if the dishes aren't done. Must run that dishwasher before I go to bed. I'm a bit OCD in that regard.

Vintage: I have a skirt that I am pretty sure I will never wear again, but hang on to it as it show how stinking thin I was before I had 5 children. Sigh.. Someday....

Thanks for the chance to win this cute giveaway!

Connie said...

Sweet: I always read the same book to my son every night. he won't go to sleep without his story
Funky: I can not drink out of a pop can. I have to pour it into a glass first. I don't like the way it tastes coming out of a can
Vintage: My bedroom furniture is the set my parents got when they got married.
I enjoy your blog.

Heather said...

Sweet: I rub all my kids backs the same way my mother did when I was little...relaxes them and me!

Funky:I HAVE to get my hair wet whenever I go swimming....even when I take a shower or bath. I can't NOT get my hair wet. It drives me crazy.

Vintage: I still have my old Holly Hobbie pillowcase...unfortunately now that 3 decades have is now vintage.

Anjanette said...

sweet: Our play room is decorated with the word family - each letter is in a separate frame and was made by a member of our family. I love the "Y" made with baby footprints.

funky: In my teens, I developed an allergy to my favorite fruits - stone fruits - peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries - and just recently, apples. I don't know a soul that this sort of thing has happened to.

vintage: All three of our children have used the same lamp in their nursery - the same red, blue and cream clown with yarn hair - that shed the light on my nursery.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

SWEET: I sing the same song I made up for my oldest to my other 4 children. I just replace the name. My youngest asks for that song before he goes to sleep every night. {So do my older ones when they are sick.
FUNKY:I do not like my stomach touched, except when I am pregnant.
VINTAGE: I love to read about WW1 and the character that {some} humans had back then. I love swing music and 40's clothing.

Now I have to check out Sweet Funky Vintage! The last thing I need is another blog to visit. :)

Christina said...

Sweet: I feed 30 families a day (see my previous blog posts)--
Funky: I THINK im the ONLY girl who doesnt like massages!??!
Vintage: Growing up as a child, we had an old model T pick up, a woody, a 1930 shay model a, 57 chevy seriously i could go ON & ON with all the fun cars my dad had growing up!!

PS: did you get my 409 candle i sent you???

Amy said...

Sweet: I still have my blanket that I used as a child. It is pink chenille and I sleep with it every night, snuggle on the couch with it every night, and even sneak it into the movie theater when we go. My husband is embarrassed, yes, but sweet enough to put up with this!

Funky: Said blanket is getting up there in years as I am now 37. Therefore, I can't wash it without fear of it falling apart. Enough excuses! The funky part? I like the way it smells in areas and do not want to wash out my favorite smelly spots.

Vintage: Did I already mention how old this blanket was?

Am I the only dork out there still loving her baby blanket?

Kristy said...

Sweet: I keep pictures of my little girl who passed away 9 years ago all over the house so my kids will never forget her and we remember the blessing she was in our lives.

Funky: I read under my covers at night with a flashlight sometimes for hours so I don't keep anyone else up. I go through a lot of batteries and flashlights at my house.

Vintage: I have my Donny Osmond pillow case that I got in the late 1970's. It has a picture of a teenage Donny and says "sweet dreams". I use to kiss Donny every night before I went to bed. My family still makes fun of me for it.

Michelle A. said...

Sweet: Tickling is always my best medicine.

Funky: I can't stand to have a popsicle because of the wooden popsicle stick or to have a lollipop with the paper stick - it's all to icky for me.

Vintage: I bought a vintage skirt six years or so ago, straight, with the most interesting rounded edge bottom detailing. It had a high waist and was lined. I was able to take out the waist, keep it lined, but bring the waitline down to my hips. It's still a wonderful skirt and is featured on this post: Up close the detailing is so cute and I have appreciated all the comments I received on this $5.00 purchase!
Lovely contest - and very cute stuff :)

Christina said...

YES im WAY serious!! it got shipped may it should be there soon!!

Jill said...

Sweet: Every morning when the kids leave for school I say, "Have a good day, learn lots and be sweet!"

Funky: I never use the first page of a notebook. I'm not sure why that is, but I enjoy having the notebook appear to be blank, and then turning the page to find treasures.

Vintage: I am going crazy with the photos I took at the antique place we went to when you were here. I blew up 4 of the vintage typewriter shots to 12x12 size today!

suzy said...

I just bought those little monkey bar buddies for my daughter at lil' rascals in St. George? Do you guys sell to them? My daughter loves them and wants to wear them everyday, alone. They are so soft, everyone should buy a pair and try them!! I was trying to think what I could say that would be original but I was laughing so hard after reading Jill's Funky thing about her, that I know I can't compete with that and I want to put my vote in for her. I love that.

RoRo2 said...

Oh that sewing kit would be perfect for my niece's b-day.

Sweet: Every baby's first haircut is free (I cut hair if that didn't make sense).

Funky: When it is cold I have to go to bed with socks on but I always take them off during the night! (and then have to put them back on in the morning!)

Vintage: I became a cosmotologist before I knew that my great-grandma was one and now I have her old perm rods and scissors, I also found a vintage hair dryer, I love all the old ways of doing hair!

Nikole said...

Sweet: My husband and I call each other "love bug."

Funky: I can't share soap with others. I need my own bar. It's gross to think about where the soap has been and then share it! EEWWW!

Vintage: I love Frank Sinatra and all old crooners. There's nothing better than hearing "Come fly with me...let's fly, let's fly away..." LOVE IT! I hope that counts for vintage. ;)

Charity said...

Sweet: I caught my 5 year old boy singing "baby mine don't you cry" to a little girl at church on Sunday who was missing her mommy...

Funky: I have a lucky plastic fly that I run all my races with...pretty gross, I know...but I also used to sleep in my racing flats before major races for good luck...and no, I didn't wear socks...

Vintage: I LOVE cleaning out other peoples houses, just recently, I helped clean out my grandmothers house and found, among other things, a jar of jam from 1964, a 1951 penny and a shawl that was my great, great, great grandmothers, brought across the plains from Denmark...

Melissa said...

Sweet: Every night before I put my daughter in bed we say our prayers, turn on her princess radio and night lights and I give her a big bear hug.

Funky: I hate hamburgers! I have not eaten one in about 15 years.

Vintage: I still have one of my OP tshirts that I had in middle school. I wear it around the house often, even now while I am pregnant. It is thread bare, but I am going to wear it until it falls apart.

Laurie said...

Very cute products!

Sweet: We have songs we sing as a family with the kids before bed.

Funky: I can't stand to snuggle under thick, warm blankets, even on a cold night. A sheet will usually do.

Vintage: I cherish the past, and as such I am looking for fun ways to teach my kids about their great grandparents and other ancestors who have great legacies, whether it's eating a dessert grandma loved or playing a certain game or talking about great grandpa's marathons. Their pictures are all framed for our legacy wall.

michelle said...

What a lot of fun products here!

Sweet: I brought all my babies home from the hospital in the same white outfit. I sang Baby Mine from Dumbo to them all and stenciled the lyrics around the ceiling of Lucas's nursery. (I also have an incurable sweet tooth!)

Funky: I have to re-load the dishwasher if someone does it differently than my ultimate way (does every mom do that?). I am a serious hair twister. Like sometimes I tie it in knots. And I like to twirl sections of it at night until they are standing up all over my head... how's that for funky?

Vintage: My mom has instilled in me a love of vintage things. She has the greatest collections of china, butter pats, salt & pepper shakers, cake pedestals, pitchers, silver, etc. etc. that I hope to inherit some day (well, I'll have to share with Jessie!). But my favorite vintage thing is vintage linens, what a joy.

Liz said...

Sweet: I let my kids have ice cream and lollipops and whip up their own drink yesterday when we had an extra day off of school.

Funky: I can't walk around bare foot even in my own house.

Vintage: We have some antique furniture from my husbands great-aunt, and I have been handed down some embroidered linens from my great-grandmother. I love to have them out to look at.

Melissa said...

sweet: I always go into my kids rooms at night after they are asleep to give them a kiss and say I love you even thought they don't know i'm there.

funky: I sleep with a sock covering my eyes anytime I go to sleep. I call it my "sleep sock".

Vintage: I have had the same "sleep sock" for 15 years.

Mamma Letty said...

Sweet: My husband and I have made sure to introduce our children to the wonderful world of dark chocolate early on...For My son's birthday I gave him his "own" bar of chocolate and he felt like a grown up and ate it in little pieces...just like me.

Funky: I am seen in public more in exercise/garden garb, than in real women's clothing. Sad to say, but rarely do I shower until late in the afternoon.

Vintage: I love older women, in fact i garvitate to them. Even when I was a little girl I can remember haveing additional Grandma's becasue I love hearing thier stories and talking with them.
It seems no matter where I move, I pick up a few more "vintage" ladies who really give me so much insight and wisdom. I love hearing their perspective on life.

Thanks for this great give away...I definitely need to check out the monkey bar shorts (do they make them in adult sizes?? Maybe I could try out the monkey bars again)...very ingenious. :0)

Traci said...

I have checked out the Sweet Funky Vintage blog a few times. They have adorable things too!

Sweet- My daughter and I are each others Snuggle Bunnies! We love to cuddle together!

Funky- I smell things, I mean I love to smell my arms. I love to smell the body spray I put on them or after I have been in the sun. People remember this of me too!

Vintage- I grew-up going to lots of antique shops with my mom, but never really appreciating them till I moved into a 85 year old colonial house! Now I am all over antiques!!

Becky said...

Sweet: I used my wedding dress to make my daughter's baptism dress and the train to make my son's blessing outfit.

Funky: I hate the feel of velvet. Touching it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Vintage: My son sleeps on the same Star Wars sheets my husband did when he was little. I found them at my MIL's house and she gave them to me.