Saturday, May 24, 2008

(Photo I took tonight all on my own not even the help of photoshop!)

Memorial Day Weekend begins.

I have so much to write about today, but it is 10:41 pm and we are just getting home and I must get sleep!
I will put this photo on as a teaser for our day and let you know about a great way to celebrate Memorial Day with you and your family. Check your local listings for Sunday Night and don't miss it!
Tonight we went to the dress rehearsal for the Memorial Day Concert on the west lawn of the Capitol. It was so amazing and I could not believe I was there.

This is who we saw tonight...

Gary Sinise
Joe Mantegna
Gladys Knight
Sarah Brightman
Denis Leary
Idina Menzel (she was amazing)
Charles Durning
Rodney Atkins (he was not there but they had a stage hand lip sync his song for the rehearsal and it was so funny)
John Schneider (yes, the blond dukes of hazard guy)
Gail O’Grady
Caitlin Wachs
Maestro Erich Kunzel
The National Symphony Orchestra
Military District of Washington
U.S. Army Herald Trumpets
The U.S. Army Ceremonial Band
The Soldiers’ Chorus of The United States Army Field Band
The Master Chorale of Washington

My favorite photo I took (thanks Spencer for teaching me how to use my camera) was at the end of the concert when they asked anyone in the Military to stand up to represent different branches. This is Jeff and our good friend (who does more with the soldiers than anyone I know), they both work at Walter Reed Medical Center. Amazing to have a photo of them standing with the Capitol in the back. (Jill this is a framer, right?)

More to come, I have high memorial hopes for this weekend.


stacy{s} said...

oh I am so sad we didn't come THIS weekend!!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Thanks for the heads up Kristi. I can't wait to watch it. That picture of Jeff and friend is incredible (so is the first one). Thanks again for telling us about this.

patsy said...

Oh wow!!! love the photos LOVE THEM. I just set the DVR for the concert this afternoon.
A couple years back my husband's grandfather was laid to rest in Arlington with full military honors. It was such an amazing experience for us & our 4 oldest kids who we brought with us.
What a great time of year to be where you are- I love that you take full advantage of it- girl, you know how to live!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous pictures! Makes me miss DC.

Kristy said...

Love the pictures! Yes you need the frame the one with your husband!

Our memorial day is spent having a family party at my house and then going to all the tradition!

I am excited to read more......

By the way I made the mint brownies tonight. They are sooooo easy and soooo yummy!!!! :)

Tasha said...

That is a great picture, and I would say it is a framer! Can't wait to see the rest and hear about the weekend! I am loving seeing all the flags out, they always did that out East and I was afraid it was more of an East Coast thing since I'd never noticed it here. So glad its not just an Eastern thing!

lelly said...

my favorite part of any memorial day weekend event here is when the local band plays a medley of armed forces songs and invites the military of each branch to stand when their song plays. it makes me so proud and teary every time.

your nighttime photos are incredible!

lelly said...

i would have loved to hear idina!

Anne said...

beautiful photos kristi!

joslyn said...

i love both pictures.

Jill said...

I think your photos keep getting better and better, these 2 are great!

michelle said...

I should have known you'd be celebrating already! LOVE your photos, Kristi.

Kristen said...

Those photos are amazing!

momof3crazykids said...

Those pictures are great. I hope to be able to take pics like that in the near future.

Laura said...

You are so fortunate to live in such a fantastic place!

Amanda :-) said...

Well done on taking that image in difficult lighting. What a complete let down if such a great image had come out murky or fuzzy. Yes, you really should give that a nice frame.

I hope the rest of the weekend goes beautifully for you all!

The 5 Bickies said...

Both photos are amazing and very special. Sounds like a great night! We are really looking forward to our town's parade tomorrow. It's been our tradition since we moved here.

Traci said...

Wow! I bet that was truly amazing and can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!! The picture of your hubby and friend gave me the chills. We are so ever grateful to all the men and women who have or had served our country!
Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Nikki said...

Fabulous photos! Love them! Thanks for the heads up on the Memorial Day concert. I have it DVR'd. Looks like a great show.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Kristi, it WAS an amazing concert. Thanks so much for reminding us it was on. . .I'm trying to talk Calvin into swinging by it next year (it's not THAT far from Washington State).

Charity said...

I convinced my in-laws to watch this with us at their house when we were over for dinner...I was in tears the majority of the time, when you have a husband and friends serving in the military your emotions are often close to the surface.

I wouldn't have known about this concert if not for you.

Thanks Kristi

Shanna said...

Dang! I missed the concert, that would have been great to see. Thanks for sharing all that you are involved with in D.C. it makes it all so real! Love the pics! Wowsers.

melanie said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Love the one with Jeff and his friend. It seems so surreal to be so close to the Capitol and all that goes on!

Amy said...

So jealous about Idina Menzel! But I am going to see Wicked on June 19th, so I've been listening to her a lot lately! Did she sing?

Claudissima said...

oh my goodness, I want a camera like catch that big monument and still see foto