Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Blogged!

My blog is about to get water blogged. All we do is go to the pool and it is a blessed life for sure. I don't have many photos of much else these days (except my floor getting ready for girls camp next week) We go to swim practice twice a day and have two swim meets a week - so for the summer I think my blog may spill over with swim photos. I am trying to use all my tricks my brother taught me for outdoor photos and they seem to be working, for the first time I shot all my photos off of automatic - big step for me!
We actually left the pool for the afternoon to get the girls hair cut. Even though it was against my wishes, Annie Kate got a real hair style and it looks darling on her. These are two of her friends on the team who she also goes to church with and they are just top notch boys who also both know how to ride a unicycle - guess what AK now wants to learn how to do?
this is pretty much how Caroline felt about me with my camera tonight!
She is just so dang cute in her goggles and nylon (best choice ever) swim cap.
tonight was team photo night. They each got individual photos as well as a large team photo. the photographer will for sure wake up tomorrow with NO voice. She was one energetic woman who deserved a tip!. I likely will not buy the photo as it felt a little graduationish with the placed hands on the shoulders.
Caroline could not wait until the team photo to jump in and get swimming. She swam two lengths of the pool and looked like she was drowning the entire time. I kept saying are you ok?
Then when she would go under water she would do this each time...
oh my that girl just cracks me up. I seriously almost jumped in to save her because I didn't think she would make it across the pool.
SJ seems fine just hanging in the shallow end and what a shocker that she always finds the yellow noodle! Oh ya and I bought some special shampoo today because her hair is turning a little green --- ooops!
This swim team is just amazing! You can only be on the team if you live in the neighborhood and so there is a real sense of community amongst all the neighbors. Why would we ever think of moving from this place?
Our life guards this summer are also amazing and I am currently working on making them a large gumball jar to keep in their swim office.
We had a team pizza party - pep rally for tomorrow's meet. The theme tomorrow is Mission Impossible so AK has her trench coat and glasses ready for warm ups. She gets to swim Freestyle and Breast Stroke tomorrow.
This photo of Caroline just sums up how she feels when she is at the pool! (except for when she is screaming because she is freezing, got the wrong color of Popsicle, someone took her diving stick, she can't get a pink noodle, she wants a pretzel from the snack bar, her goggles are too tight, she can't find her crocs, i won't let her take a warm shower ever 2 minutes, she wants to be carried to the car, her toe is bleeding from scraping on the bottom of the pool - but other than that she always looks like this--- hee hee!)


Anonymous said...

just a quick note. i lurk here from time to time from a link on a friend's blog.

my hair turned green when i was ten from all of the swimming and skiing i used to do. (that and i had a bad perm. it was the 80's. some "fashions" should never repeat.)


a stylist recommended i rinse my hair with cold water before going in the pool/lake (i can't wear swim caps...head's too's a curse). oh, and i used the shampoo right after swimming too.

i don't envy you trying to rinse a little one's head with cold water but i hope it helps, even in future.

Traci said...

What a fun place to live for sure! I adore the pic of Ak and the boys, they sure look like a fun bunch!
That is so awesome that Caroline loves to swim!!!
You are going to look great by the end of the summer- great work-out and sun kissed skin to match!

Autumn said...

how fun is that a neighborhood swim team! what a great activity for the summer! keep sharing

Tasha said...

Nylon swimming caps? I had no idea! I want to try a sprint triathalon and I've been trying to stick my head in my old rubber cap and it hurts and tears your hair out! I am going to find a nylon one.

I loved that last statement about Caroline! People always say about Stella "She is the happiest baby! Is she always this happy?" I just have to smile and say "Of couse she is... except when she isn't!"

Good luck at the meet tomorrow!

melanie said...

Oh Caroline fits perfectly into my theory of 'second children'. They can be good and happy but when they aren't you KNOW it!! I have one myself and that describes him to a tee when it's something he likes. Except when he doesn't. Totally made sense to me!

Your photo skills are getting great. LOVE it!!

Hilary said...

Your photos look great... really great!

What a fun summer you've got shaping up!

patsy said...

What a cute haircut for AK!
It's gonna be a great summer for you all... good luck tomorrow :)

Amy said...

Amazing photos! Your brother is a good teacher. I'm sure your summer at the pool will be a great one!

lelly said...

your photography has always been great (in my opinion) but i can see even more improvement lately!! these are awesome.

Rebecca said...

Seems like everything I was going to say has been said...I love AK's hair!!, your pictures are very impressive (I stink at manual), I envy your neighborhood swim team, and I love how you describe Caroline!

denice said...

A good shampoo to use that is covinently located in your grocery store is Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo. It costs less than the swim shampoo and works great for most. How are you doing with your swimming?

Elisa said...

Your girls are such fish!! I love it!

I have a big group swim picture like the one you posted. It's so fun to look at and remember those swim meet days. Sarah was like Caroline a total barracuda in the water.

Amy: said...

I love reading your blog! It's so inspirational! We have very similar tastes and a lot in common! Your pictures are always so beautiful!

Jill said...

I think your photos are looking stunning! I love all the pool pictures and the blue of the swimsuits and cap, they're striking!

vfg said...

I found your blog on accident one day & check in now & then. Lovely to see a familiar & beloved face. I've been hearing that their summer is all swim team...

It seems your family is doing so well. I'm glad.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

those have to be the most darling pictures of your girls in swim caps...i think based on the cuteness i will have to try my kids out on swim team when they get bigger!!