Thursday, June 19, 2008

We drove (not flew) to a family wedding!

It's a miracle I think for the first time since we have been married Jeff and I drove to a family wedding - no airplane involved.

Jeff's cousin's daughter got married in California but married someone 7 miles from our house. So we got to drive to the open house. Annie Kate was so excited to see the bride and the little girls just wanted to touch her dress.
It is always great to see Michelle
and I have no idea how she was smiling and so calm when she was in charge of her girls camp back home in 7 days!
The gave out these cute M&M look alike bags that were for Brittany and Brandon, with all the detail information on the back. Nifty idea! They looked so real!
And on the way home I just had to take a photo of again the rising price in gas - yowza!

photo above*We gave the bride and groom a gift certificate from Crate and Barrel but I had them give the biggest box they had for me to put it in. They had to fly all their gifts home and I am sure opened a lot of envelopes instead of boxes - but I just couldn't resist giving a big box with a little gift certificate inside - and I wanted to use some big ribbon too.


michelle said...

Good thinking on the big box, Kristi! I can just imagine your little girls in awe of the bride. Marc and I could have used m&m packages...

Jill said...

Woohoo for being able to drive to the reception!

I think it's so funny that the girls wanted to touch the wedding dress.

Very clever gift wrapping idea.

Adam said...

gas price signs look like value meals.

"would you like to supersize your octane?"

Kristy said...

Way cute M&m's! I can't believe gas prices.....we are not quite as high as you but we are getting closer every day!

LJ and DC said...

Those M&M bags are so cute, they didn't have those at the bay area reception!

Tasha said...

The gift certufucate in the big box is a great idea! The bride looks so much like her mom! How fun! When is YOUR girls' camp? I can't wait to hear all about it!

The price of gas is sickening, isn't it? I bet you are really loving your neighborhood where you can walk so many places now, aren't you?

Holly said...

Yea--a car instead of a plane and no peanuts!

Love the big box idea--how fun is that?!? Very.

Traci said...

You always have such great and fun ideas for gifts!

I loved the M&M bags! What a brilliant idea!
Your gas prices are still lower than ours in CT, so be grateful for the few cents you are still saving!