Friday, July 18, 2008

The Errand of Angels

When I was 21 years old I went on a mission for my church for 18 months. I went to the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa. (i only served in the first 4 but made appearances in the other 2)
I kept a journal for the entire time, I don't think I missed a day. Every entry was written to my children (I didn't have any at the time, nor was I married but I had hoped) I have not read my journals in years but after this post I plan to do so. I served a mission for the kids I would have someday. I thought going on a mission for my church would be a great way to learn how to be a Mom and get some experience in life, it did that and much more. (it was also a great distraction from my pathetic excuse of academic life in college)
You don't get to choose where you go on your mission in our church but you are prayerfully assigned. I had taken 3 years of German and so desperately wanted to go to a German speaking mission. that obviously did not happen. Last summer when we were in German and Austria I just soaked in how wonderful it must have been to serve there.
I have no doubt I went to where I was supposed to go. I don't know if everyone feels that way but too many things happened where I went that were a sure reminder. There were two major things that I really need to write down somewhere.
In a little over a month a new movie will be released in different parts of the county called
The Errand of Angels.

It was written and produced by Heidi Johnson (married to my friend Mark Johnson that some may know) She served her mission in Austria and it is based off of some of her experiences on her mission. Some of you may have seen the movie at the Film Festival in January or at Women's Conference at BYU this past May. Shame on me for not seeing it yet(as Mark has invited me over 100 times to do so) but I have to give it a huge shout out. Some of my friends live in Utah and may enjoy seeing it.
You can watch the trailer here and it is worth just looking at the cool site and listening to the most amazing version of As Sisters in Zion.

who may enjoy this movie
Anyone who served a mission
Anyone who is thinking about serving a mission
Anyone who thought about serving a mission
Anyone who has heard about Mormon missionaries
Anyone who has always wondered what the Mormon Missionaries on bikes are doing
Anyone who has ever been to Austria - oh my that place is amazing

this would be a fun date to take the gals you visit teach.
(you will probably have to be in Utah)

So, I would love to know what you think if you watch the trailer?
Does it make you want to see the movie?
Did you love that song as much as me?
What do you think of when you read these words?

The errand of angels is given to women,
And this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim:
To do what-so-ever is gentle and human,
To cheer and to bless in humanity's name

One of the things I think of is my blogging friend Lelly. She gives anyone who wants it the challenge to take a photo each week and discover ourselves. I have kind of taken the summer off from SPT, there have been many times her reaching out taking the time to organize this has cheered me up and made me much more gentle with myself!

Keep your eyes peeled August 22nd!


wesley's mom said...

It looks great.

I got chills when they started singing and had tears in my eyes by the end of the trailer.

I can't believe you haven't seen it yet, I wouldn't be able to resist.

lelly said...

oh, i soooo was not expecting to cry this afternoon!

(you have been missed around spt, i hope you know.)

Alisa said...

I agree with you about Lelly!
And I agree with everything that Lelly said!
I needed to hear that song today- I hope to see the movie someday!
Thanks for posting this!

Jen said...

this made me cry, kristi. holy cow- lately my mission has been so on my mind- i didn't expect this today. thanks.

carriskis said...

I got to your blog through a friends blog and would you believe that Heidi and Mark are friends of ours from Washington? Small world. Can't wait to see her movie. She is a hilarious person.

Brianne said...

woah, that was beautiful! It brings back such dear memories of the mission I served in Berlin Germany! (I took German in HS, too, and hated it! Ha! That's what I get!)

The trailer was inspirational - you betcha, I want to see the movie now! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ours is such a blessed calling - to serve as "angels." There are so many times that I feel so insignificant in this world. What can lil' ol' me do? And then I read a quote or song like "Sisters in Zion" and I'm so inspired to live up to my potential! Aaaaah~I love it!

Missy :o) said...

OK, just watching the trailer got me teary eyed! Yes, I'm excited to see this. Thanks for sharing. I served in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa! I always think I should go back and read my journals, too. But, life is so busy and I don't get to it. Maybe someday before my husband and I go on our mission. That will help get me psyched up!!

Lene said...

Wow - I sure didn't expect the trailer to hit me that hard. I have always loved that song.

dougandcheryl said...

I didn't expect to cry- I did not serve a mission- but I did. Wow. I would love to see it. I doubt it will show in theaters around here though. (Wisconsin/near Chicago)

Jill said...

Watching the trailer definitely makes me want to see the movie. I love that song and especially love that version of that song, I hope I can get it from itunes!

Claudissima said...

hey kristi, one thing was for sure, it was refreshing to see girl missionaries in more lively attire, i often think how grim it is to see them all dress in grayish, blackish tones. I think they should dress more lively, and those pashimas were just beautiful. My mum served a mission in the 1960's and she dressed soo is just that sometimes, when they are soo dim in clothes that I think this was just refreshing....I will for sure see it, as I love AUSTRIA...every time I go I am ahhh and it looks good. I never served a mission, but if I had a choice after 3 years of french in byu and 2 of italian i would have loved to go either place, but I think I have done great missionary work during my life owuld have been a great experience.

hey...I wrote a post for jill's birthday...come check it out!

The Pagleys said...

If the trailer can make me emotional I can't wait to see what the rest of the story does to me. Thanks for sharing this with me. Will it be all over or just in Utah?

Kath said...

Wow, a flood of memories and emotion washed over me as I watched that trailer. Can't wait to see it!

Love the version of "As Sisters in Zion".

Amanda L. said...

love, love, love that version of the song. totally brought tears to my eyes. i would love to see this movie...but doubt I can here. there are some things I miss about Utah.

totally taken the summer off spt too which makes me sad. just gotta get back into it.