Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday wishes

My good friend Jill had a birthday on the 9th of July. I knew all year it was going to be on that day and there was no chance it was going to change. I always have good intentions and knowing that Girls Camp and our family vacation would end just a day before I knew I had to think ahead to get her gift wrapped and sent. The fact it made there on time was a postal miracle. My blog post about her is on the tardy side because it is just making it's appearance today. I feel bad about this because Jill is one who really appreciates being remembered.
Thanks Jill for putting up with my crazy birthday song until I could get this done.

Here are 37 things about the girl who encouraged me to start a blog even though I said, "I have nothing to say" 1200 posts later, so much for nothing to say.

  1. Jill puts 100% into her volunteer callings in her church. This is her with her Activity Day girls. I don't know if I have ever heard of anyone who felt so devoted to this calling
  2. she lives close to the Temple and appreciates it's view
  3. Jill is very humble and does not brag about the many things she could brag about. One being her brilliant son. He is the same age as my daughter and has probably read more books than I ever will in a life time. I remember one time when I was sharing with her my concerns for my daughter academically she was very sensitive and filtered her answers to my questions as to not make me worried in anyway.
  4. She does her visiting teaching! I love that in a woman. She is the reason I do a conference basket for the girls I visit teach
  5. She is a great photographer and the only person I know who uses film She can capture reality on film like no one I know. this photo tells so many stories.
  6. She graduated from college but has never made me feel bad that I didn't, and she likes me just as much as if I had. (that's me - always a graduates friend never a graduate)
  7. She is the Queen of Good Mail, but has always appreciated mail even before there was such a place and way to document it all
  8. She is very consistent
  9. She has made the apples on Michelle's table famous as this is where she has creative Friday's. I admire that she makes this a priority in her life to spend one day a week doing what she loves and doesn't let anything get in the way.
  10. She made it possible for me to have a much needed retreat this year.
  11. I really admire how much she plays games with her family
  12. She is a master at Scrapbook Factory
  13. She came up with the best idea to organize ribbon. A shoe organizer. Brilliant!
  14. She Forgave me
  15. I enjoy her take on Valentines Day.
  16. She loves to read and I admire how she will give any kind of book a chance. I also appreciate she is the first person in my life that has called me a reader- it has made a big difference in me.
  17. She is the only person I know who cleans behind her fridge even when she is not moving.
  18. I believe she has had a big affect on the blogging world in encouraging families to document the sentimental and little things in life that we would not normally photograph. Like a Grandpa teaching his grandson to tie a tie.
  19. She enjoys going to a movie theater to watch a movie and often takes photos of her ticket to document it.
  20. I am very impressed how open she is to bloggers coming by her house to visit. She has had many surprise visits, even my parents
  21. She can often be found volunteering in her kids classrooms at school
  22. This was her first look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I checked her blog everyday while she was gone hoping for updates from her trip and loved exploring Paris through her eyes.
  23. She is an assistant Flag Football coach
  24. She is appreciative of any kind gesture that is sent her way
  25. But what is more impressive is that she does an incredible job of letting you know how appreciative she is.
  26. She has great titles to her blog posts, this was her second one and by far my favorite. I remember when I saw this and I thought I want to have a blog too. Here are some of her favorite.

  27. Documenting her children's life is very important to her
  28. She writes poems. They really get a lot of attention on her blog, I mean a lot - a lot!
  29. She made the most awesome family calendar with great photos for her family this year.
  30. This story sums up Jill. She is one of the most generous people I know and would seriously give the shirt off of her back. This is a story off of her blog when her husband was out of work.
    But moments later as I was walking down the street to join the girls for dinner I foolishly made eye contact with a man walking past me who then stopped me and told me how and he and his wife need a belt for their car and only need $17 more dollars and that it's not for alcohol or anything (he did NOT look homeless). I'm such a chump. I never know what to do when accosted like this and always feel like I can't have a wallet full of money and then say no to someone. So I dug around in my big bag for my wallet thinking I would give him the 3 $1 bills I had, but a $5 came out with it so I ended up giving him $8!! Good grief! I hadn't even made it to the restaurant yet and I'd already spent $11.
  31. My daughter Sally Jane would love her vacuum, My husband Jeff would love it I used one as much as her
  32. Her Sunday posts are blogfamous
  33. My two favorite wedding gifts were kitchen scissors and the Barnes and Noble gift certificate that Jill gave me.
  34. She lets me talk immediately when we get on the phone and will go minutes without interrupting me while I talk or cry it out.
  35. She is friends with every walk of life
  36. She loves flowers and does a great job of photographing them.
  37. She knows me very well and is still my friend
You will probably read this tomorrow when your rise
and I hope it is a surprise
Jill, sorry this is late
Happy Birthday 2008

What are the chances you will show up on Jill's doorstep this year?
Is it not amazing she gave that guy money?
I can't not wait until she is 60 because stopping the list as 37 made me sad,
I had so much more I could have said.


Tasha said...

So true! Jill is amazing in every way! Happy Late Birthday Jill!

Missy :o) said...

Thanks for the introduction. I will have to visit her now. No, not on her doorstep, just her blog. She sounds like a great friend. Happy Bday to her!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great gift, Kristi. What a fun read and I love the details you shared and that you let us in on the details of your friendship.

Jill does have the best titles, doesn't she? I'm so glad to have discovered her. She's a great example to me of the power of a good friendship.

Lauralee said...

loved that list.. she is amazing in so many ways.. and she is blogfamous!

Cecilia said...

What a great tribute to Jill!
She is my inspiration, my blog hero, she is amazing!
Happy Birthday again Jill!

Elizabeth said...

What a great list. I love seeing even more perspectives of Jill. A truly amazing person.

We travel the same way. It is more of an adventure. I hope you make it to Cinque Terre. I want to see it again though your eyes and camera lens.

Shauna said...

What a great post for a wonderful person. Jill's Good Mail is what led me to your blog. Her blog is amazing. She lives in my home town... where I have been known to drive for a burger and shake at Parkers Drive In even if I am an hour away. You never know...I could show up on her doorstep.Ha!
Happy Birthday, Jill!

tootie said...

This was such a sweet post! She sounds like an amazing lady. And you are a great friend for honoring her in this way!

By the way, I always feel so inpsired after I read your blog. The "good mail" part makes me want to send letters to a couple friends that could use some cheering up.

Liz said...

Kristi, what a great tribute to Jill! She is a very generous person, I could learn alot from her!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Jill is just as amazing in the blogworld as she is in person. I have enjoyed my two visits with her! She is kind, and warm, and thoughtful! I have so enjoyed getting to know Jill! Happy belated!

Jill said...

Imagine my surprise when I clicked over to your blog and saw a picture of me! I had to do a double-take to review where I was.

Thanks for making such a nice list about me and for seeing things in me that I don't see myself. What a gift!

Amanda L. said...

She is a great friend to you and so many who she doesn't even 'know'.

Becky said...

I love Jill and she has inspired me in countless ways...blogging has lifted up women everywhere by bringing us into contact with people like you and Jill!

carlo said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, JiLL!!!!!!!!!

what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend.

if blogging has done one thing for me it is to make me appreciate the BIRTHDAY MONTH so keep on celebrating, sister! :)

pam said...

Wow she sounds amazing, I bet your betting amazing too, hope you don't mind I drop in and took a peek into your world.