Sunday, July 13, 2008

the pulpit from our downtown ward

Speaking in Church

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In our church the speakers each Sunday during the main congregational meeting are from the members. They are asked randomly by the local leaders of the congregation (ward).
I was asked to speak in church today. (I was asked 2 weeks ago so I had plenty of time to prepare) I was asked to talk about a talk given at our bi-annual worldwide meeting, General Conference. I can't tell you what the talk was because I actually used the wrong one, oops. I spoke about the talk given by Susan Tanner, "My Soul Delighteth in things of the Lord" They asked me to tie it in with our experiences of downtown.
Since I have been an adult I am not usually afraid of speaking in public, at one time I think I even welcomed the idea. I am not so much that way anymore, but feel like speaking in public is one of my spiritual gifts. I try to bask in the gifts I do have since there are so many I wish I had. (I wish so bad that I could sing a solo in public but can't read music or carry a tune)
I was amazed how at emotional I became while talking about such an endearing time in our families life. It wasn't that it seemed that I was any more emotional that I usually get (remember I am a cryer) but I really felt blessed to be given the opportunity to speak on the wonderful people downtown.
It was one of the first talks that I have written where I almost wrote down every single word. I usually just make 10 one sentence lines and ad lib. When I gave my 45 minute devotional at camp I had written down 5 sentences and really never looked at the paper. I also recently spoke at our Evening in Excellence for your young women and actually forget I was speaking until a few hours before and walked in not knowing what I was going to even talk about, but ended up feeling fine about my talk. This is one of the reasons stretch was my word for last year. I wanted to try to change my habit of not pushing myself and just getting by with what comes naturally (maybe stretch will have to be my word again some year)
Our year downtown was truly a gift and a blessing and I felt grateful for the chance to talk about it today.

do you enjoy speaking in public?
does your church have the members speak?
i can't decide if it is weird to put my talk on my blog
if you were to write 3 spiritual things that you delight in what would it be?

mine would be...
  1. singing in the Marriott center with Jill and Michelle after the prophet spoke at Women's conference this year
  2. whispering in my kids ears after they take the sacrament every Sunday "this is the time you think of Jesus" (it helps me remember more than them)
  3. watching my husband share his testimony


Autumn said...


I HATE speaking in church~HATE it. I don't know what my problem is but I need to get over it I know. Since I'm the same religion as you~yes, we have people speak. :)

My 3 things would be
*seeing my husband share his testimony (he did this just last week)
*having my kids tell me we are having FHE~I hope they always want to do this!
*reading the scriptures with my children then having them remember days or weeks later!

I don't think it's weird to put your talk on your blog!

Rachel & Ryan said...

could you teach me some sweet speaking skills? I do not like to talk in church, I have a hard enough time doing sharing time in primary....anxiety! SO, I miss you...when are we going to see you guys?

patsy said...

I don't mind speaking in church- it's such a great faith building thing for me. Public speaking has never bothered me.
I would LOVE to read your talk... love it!

three things-
1.hearing my sons bless the sacrament
2.hearing my children make music
3.reading my missionarie's letters home... they are the best! what a great mom reward day - every single monday when he emails!!!

Nikki said...

*I don't mind speaking in church since I've been doing it since Primary after all.. but I still stress out while preparing it.
*You should post your talk on your blog.
* My 3:
~Watching the Hill Cumorah pageant with my family- and finding out my 12 year old had said a silent prayer to know if these things from the Book of Mormon really did happened. Then comes to me with tears in her eyes and whispers how she just felt so warm inside and knows that the Holy Ghost has just borne witness to her that those "stories" are true.
~Family prayer
~Listening to my children teach each other gosple principles.

Charity said...

I have been thinking about speaking in church as well, just the last couple of days and just got asked to give the RS lesson in 2 weeks. What an interesting topic of discussion...

3 Things I delight in:

*listening to my Husband and children say their personal prayers...I especially love this when my husband has come home from a long night in the ER and doesn't know I am seems like his prayers are a little more personal if you know what I mean..

*having my 5 year old in tears because he doesn't want to "bury his testimony."...he just wanted to BEAR his testimony! I love the simple testimonies of children!

*I also love listening to that one Sunday when the primary is in charge of the program and hearing their sweet testimonies come out in song and simple words.

I think we would all love to get more spiritual never know who it's going to, I say, post your would be inspiring I'm sure!

Jill said...

I get nervous if I have to speak in church, but not paralyzingly so. I'm always fine once I'm up there.

My 3 Spiritual Delights right now would be...
1. I finished the Book of Mormon again this week.
2. Fun Family Home Evenings every Sunday at home.
3. Loving the primary kids so much.

Cecilia said...

Great post!

My 3 Spiritual Delights right now would be...

1.Teaching my kids about the gospel during FHE
2.Watching them say their prayers by themselves
3.Enjoying my new ward and making new friends.

lelly said...


there... i said it. in all caps, to! it's definitely a gift of mine, and one that i am happy to share.

two weeks ago, i gave a children's sermon in our church (Episcopal.) the Gospel was from my favorite book (Matthew), so i felt a handle on it from the get go. of course, i didn't come up with the tie in to the children until 10 PM the night before (i also thrive on last minute ideas).

i've been thinking about sharing it on my blog, because i had some great feedback on it, and though maybe someone else might be interested in using my *soccer* approach to the parables :)

3 things:
- watching jack serve as an acolyte (carry the cross, hold the Gospel, light the candles, etc.)
- singing hymns that remind me of growing up in my church
- the private eye contact that jack makes with me every time he encounters something on the television that he recognizes as a sin

Claudissima said...

Oh Kristi what a wonderful post. I think you should post what ever is uplifting and you have a gift for that, so don't think it twice, it will give others a wonderful feeling. I love to speak in public, sadly, I don't do very often. Maybe in the future? In the past, I think i have delighted in the fact that at the branch i was the translator, so I translated to english as the spanish speaking members spoke, but one thing i loved was saying the sacrament prayer...very touching to be able to say that....and repeat it every single sunday for about 2 or three years....that was very special and endearing to me, Also my 2 and a half service years as an ordinance worker at the temple. This was such delight to me, specially when I was helping new girls come for the first time. It was very moving and special, and really all ordinance work was fantastic. I think I loved teaching relief society. It has and will be one of my favorite callings ever.

Shauna said...

I actualy enjoy speaking or teaching in church or public, and I do it often and do not get nervous--unless I am assigned a delicate subject.
I rarely write out my entire talk or lesson.
I can speak for an hour with a few sentences written as cues.
Speakers like me are a nightmare for the translators because I do not have written notes to refer to and I speak too fast.
I dont think it is weird to put you talk on your blog.

My three things:
*Having my grown children in the temple with me.
*Hearing The Tabernacle Choir in Music and the Spoken Word or at General Conference.
*Attending BYU Womens Conference with dear friends.

Rebecca said...

I had to speak at church yesterday too. Mine was on Elder Bednar's talk, Ask in Faith. I do not get excited about giving talks. But, it went well and now it is over!

Missy :o) said...

I don't mind speaking in church, however, it has gotten harder to do it the more years that come between now and my mission!

My 3 things:
1 Hearing my kids bear testimony of the gospel.
2 Good family discussions, especially about the gospel.
3 Going on trips to the temple with my husband.

Robert & Tatiana said...

I'm in YW and have no problem getting in front of them to talk, but I do get nervous in Sacrament.
My 3 things would be:
1. hearing from a mom how grateful she was for the talk I gave the the Y.W. because her daughter came home and talked and talked about all she had learned about how much she was worth.
2. Having an "ah ha" moment while reading the scriptures with my husband.
3. Seeing the consequence for my actions when I've followed a prompting.

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

I am petrified to speak in church--and have to this Sunday. Yikes! Seriously, I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I even get nervous when I have to teach sharing time in primary--yes, I am a total public speaking wimp--which is ironic because I'm in PR. I can yap on the phone all day long--you want me to speak in front of people at church? Ha! I think maybe because speaking in church is sooooo personal and it's scary to share such personal thoughts and opinions with people. I also have a huge fear of being judged--which, I realize is totally ludicrous, because, well it's church after all--but, still, huge fear of judgement by my peers.... Ah, seriously, this Sunday! Help!

On that note... my 3 things...
1. The wonderful missionaries--hearing them speak, hearing their testimonies, their overwhelming faith.
2. The primary children: their sweet spirits with such innocence and desire to learn, their full hearted faith and pure ignorance to why anyone would ever stray from the gospel is just so sweet and powerful at the same time.
3. Watching my husband work with the YM in our ward. He has such good lessons for them and really takes the time to focus on what they need to hear.

*MILLY* said...

this is awesome! thank you for the spiritual uplift today!

pam said...

I hate talking in church I go way out of my way to advoid it. I love FHE and watching my give it. Having scripture study with my children, it amazes me how much they know and remember, I have to ask them what scriptures says this; its great!.
Share you talks your testimonies with us we all need all the help we can get, still learning and growing.