Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reason #23 of 100 why I never, ever,
ever want to move from this place

#23 The swim team

For Saturday meets they have a theme that the whole team gets decked out for.
This year's themes
Mission Impossible
Water Aerobics (the male coach wore a women's suit)
Blue and Green Pride was last Saturday.
The team comes running out in their gear and just screaming and cheering. and then put their hands in for a big shout before the meet. I love this photo especially with the green hulk and green was everywhere to be seen.
Annie Kate and I stayed up the night before making her get up. She looked through my fabric stash and found the green minkie I have had for two years in hopes to make lucky St. Patricks day soupies for the girls (nice thought). She came up with the idea of making green arms with elastic to hold them up. Then we made a ribbon skirt on a piece of elastic
(yea for cheap ribbon)
at the last home meet they honor the seniors on the team with a big kingfish crown and blue robe. they make the ceremonial walk (oh how I want Annie Kate to be a senior on this team)

The team theme this year as been "jack up the fun" and they sure did by doing a team cheer in the pool during half time.
The parents on the team are amazing! the parents who make the team movie every year are professionals and do work for ESPN, so the kids love getting interviewed with a real microphone. (they actually have 3 professional photographers as parents so when I turned in my photos from the year they said they didn't need them and had to many, I was a bit sad, when does that ever happen - too many parents helping out!)

Annie Kate swam freestyle &

breast stroke and had just a super Kingfish day!

Our last meet of the season is tonight, this summer has just flown by!
Are there swim teams like this on the West Coast, if so tell me where to soften the blow when we have to move?
I think there will be a new national landmark across the U.S. of drag marks from my feet leaving D.C., I will continue to make the most of the next two years, and in case my husband is reading this ... I really, really, really don't want to move!!!


stacy{s} said...

so fun. i'm green (& blue) with envy. AK out fit is darling as usual. seriously....don't move.

teleknees said...

wow im impressed. call me when you get a chance today.


Jill said...

Your swim team is phenomenal, I love how into it they all are and how great the big kids and coaches are about mentoring the younger kids. What a great thing to be a part of.

Natasha said...

So fun, I have never seen a team like that in the south. What a great lesson to teach the kids about having fun, participating in a team, etc.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I don't blame you. But, if I know you, you'll have a West Coast team formed and operating like this one once you do make the move!

Kristy said...

So much fun! It makes me want to join the swim team and I don't swim very well! It is so nice to find such great teams for your kids. We have had pretty good luck here with my kids and their teams!!!! Great pictures and outfits!

Jennalee said...

AWESOME! that is seriously a "texas sized" community swim is the craze here in TX, but I want my little swimmer to be on a team and it would be fun-er to have an awesome set up like that!

Melissa said...

I don't know of anything like that were I live. I know there are lots of swim teams because it's so hot here- just not like that. Are you wanting to stay in DC after your husband is done with his assignment?

Staci said...

I am so jealous. Any vacancies in your neighborhood?

Liz said...

What a fun swim team! I love how decked out they got, and AK looks awesome!

Lauralee said...

don't move! I don't know where else you would find something like that.. what a dream for any kid! lucky you!

love her get-up!

patsy said...

That's pretty darn hard to beat!
I hope you get to stay... unless that is you move to my neighborhood :)

Cecilia said...

What a great swim team!

Your kids wil cherish these great moments forever.

I hope you stay!

Tasha said...

I can totally understand not wanting to leave a place like that, especially when you aren't trekking across town to meets, you are walking up the walk to that great pool... How awesome are those kingfish crowns? AK has just had the opportunity to blossom there, it seems.

Rebecca said...

You don't want to move but you make the rest of us want to move in next door!! That team looks amazing!

Claudissima said...

oh wow....I knew of my two short years lived there...that there was a special why! I was too young to remember and back then there was not a way to document it as well as you have friend. CHerrished memories.!

wende said...

oh man, i miss virginia, and the swim team. you're so lucky.